How to Get Angry a Lot

How to Get Angry a Lot Forget that you might ever had done anything wrong yourself. Take things personally: that computer broke down to be mean. Constantly compare your existence with that of the happiest, most fortunate people you know. Expect that there cannot ever be traffic, and that household keys simply can’t go missing. Build up isolated frustrations into giant interconnected narratives of persecution. Become very sensitive to noise, then move to a city where a lot of people are taking advantage of rising property prices to redo their homes. Start to notice fingerprints on walls, chipped plates, and towels on bathroom floors; see these as personal insults. Be sure not to get enough sleep, but never attribute your moods to tiredness. Expect children to be grateful. Compare your relationship to the happiest couple that the media is choosing to tell us about at the moment. Attribute most issues in your life to the mendacity and shortsightedness of your partner, and their family. Avoid perspective. Never look at NASA images of distant galaxies. Find a YouTube channel or news outlet that you are almost certain to dislike. Watch some videos and read articles, and feel very irritated by the presentation of views you strongly disagree with. Never watch others getting angry; fail to see how absurd they can seem. Develop a faith that fury is in some ways quite impressive, macho, and makes stuff happen. Take yourself seriously, and yet, deep down, hate who you are. Think of laughter as a luxury you can’t afford.

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  1. Yep that is me. I have anger by default. Sometimes it's from passion other times it's from blind rage. Though I'd never let it turn physical I can't let me mind be at ease. This is what being a thinker can do at times. And it sucks..

  2. life is nothing but anger deal with it act as if you are john wayne and they just thawed you out you know what thats like? imagine a cold shower and multiply that by 15 million times thats how pissed the dudes gonna be

  3. I love these videos. They have really helped me a lot in life.. I often find myself coming back to this video to gain perspective whenever i'm in a trying situation.

  4. basically dont be entitled to anything and be able to laugh at yourself and dont take things personally or seriously and realise that dank memes cant melt steam greens

  5. this made my eyes well up. this is me. i feel either nothing or anger anymore, because life is so hard to enjoy. I hate others, but myself even more, and I bury all of it. I am extremely envious of others' happiness, and don't care what happens to anyone as long as it doesn't affect me. In my dreams, I attempt to kill my friends, and in real life, I can hardly stand being touched. Everything is loud and horrible and I want to end it.

  6. Ok,ok..but how to express the anger?If i ll spend another some years keeping all inside,allways being chill ,i think in one day i will run out on people from streets with a bazooka in my arms :))

  7. Ok I need sereus help. I am on a trip to becoming an actress. I am very good at acting, but I have one huge problem. I feel like I simply do not feel and cannot feel angry. I get sad or nervous on situacions that would make other people angry. But I just dont ever feel amgry I dont know how. I dont yell or slam the dors or break things or get red faced i just dont. Therefore I am simply bad at acting angry i just cannot do it. They say i look cute when im acting angryness and that is not a compliment. Someone please if you have any advice help me.
    Btw ik my spelling is bad, English is not my first languge.

  8. exactly to the point. not only the content but also and very important the way you show it! bravo!


  10. I love getting triggered. People think getting triggered is pathetic, but it's actually so relieving for ones self.

  11. Gooood…. Now that I know how to enrage myself I can finally complete my turn to the dark side of the force. I have found the strength to reach out, go beyond…. Your feeble skills are no match for the power of the dark side…

  12. It’s so hard for me to get angry. I want to motivate myself using my inner anger, but I don’t have any. I’m very optimistic and calm. If something does tick me off, I either brush it off or get sad. Idk what to do whoops

  13. I had a very interesting situation yesterday. Next to me at a bar/pub were two men probably in their fifties drinking quite a lot, i didn‘t really notice them but they were talking about women in a very crude way so i was internally rolling my eyes a bit. But then they started laughing extremely loud, looking exactly at me. They were whispering while staring and then laughing. At first I was confused then I started to get really angry. I could feel myself starting to sweat thinking „What brings these two stupid people to laugh about me?“ I was so mad and even more when they didn‘t stop once I looked at them. I was still mad 10 minutes later when they were ordering another beer and talking quietly about something else. I then decided to let it go, and not make a scene. I wanted to tell them „What gives you the right to laugh about me? Look at yourself sitting drunk in a pub at this hour at your age“ Mind you, I was there with a dear person and we were getting cuddly and laughing, having a good time and I forgot about them. Then I noticed the louder of the two men always staring in our direction. He had the most melancholic and sad look on his face that I have seen in a very long time. His eyes looked hollow and I could physically feel the jealousy in him. I noticed that while It was okay that I felt angry, he had his reasons to feel this way. And I would have probably stabbed in some very deep wounds had I said what I wanted to say. People are often mean because of personal experiences. Doesn‘t make it okay to be mean of course, but it was a very vivid, sad and changing experience.

  14. I have anger issues but it's the opposite. I can't get angry or Express my anger and I don't know how to do it. Even if I burn in anger inside, all I say it "look I am really angry right now don't do it again" and they don't take me seriously….

    Here I am looking ways to get angry in a healthy way but….. I feel like I shouldn't get close to what this video says….. .d

  15. I don't know…it's kind of a very negative video, like something you never expect from a channel like The School of Life.

    Although it is Channel about Life and philosophies, and learning about emotional anger is important.

    Maybe if they had presented it in such a way, like how easy yet complex it is to get anger and it's consequences, it would work. Cause at the moment it just looks like more of a guideline to be angry and eventually miserable.

  16. I don't have angry in my life , so all people think me as joker so I want to get angry for any reason to overcome that

  17. Everybody calls me i get angry easily when i'm the most person with patience in my house. Everytime i got angry once they said i got angry easily. smh

  18. this honestly pissed me of but it hit right in the feels! Now's just the journey of getting of of this so called circle!.

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