How to Forgive Someone. Holding a grudge holds you back. Without forgiveness, you can’t get on with
your life. Learn how to forgive and forget and you’ll
be a healthier, happier person. You will need Acceptance Understanding Focus
Stress management and commitment. Step 1. Accept the facts of your situation. Be objective without pointing a finger or
making yourself a victim. Step 2. Understand the reasons why the person hurt
you. People are rarely malicious without reason. Most conflicts arise from misunderstanding. Step 3. Look back on a time when someone forgave you
and remember how that made you feel. Understand that we all make mistakes. Step 4. Focus on all that is positive in your life. Step 5. Manage your stress to help suppress anger
and resentment. Step 6. Commit yourself to forgiving the person that
caused you pain. Step 7. Let them know that you accept their apology
and be genuine in your forgiveness. Did you know A decrease in heart rate, blood
pressure, sweat levels, and facial tension occurred in people who imagined receiving
an apology after feeling wronged.

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