How to Fix an Angry Child – Overcome Anger with These 6 Virtues

You’re watching this video because you are
wanting to know how do you fix an angry child? And in this video, I’m going to give you six
things that you need to teach your child to do if you want to fix their anger. Welcome to Waypoint Parenting. My name is Jared. And I’m a full-time Discipleship Pastor. And I want to encourage you to subscribe to
our channel so that you can get videos that are crafted and designed for Christian parents
that deal with raising Godly kids. One thing that you need to understand before
you even begin to try to correct or fix your child’s anger issues is just how the whole
change process works according to the Bible. If you click right here, we’re going to have
a video that we released awhile back about the Biblical process of change. And in that video you’re going to learn three
fundamental tips. And that is number one: In order to fix your
child’s anger, you need to help them put off their sinful anger. Number two, in order to fix their anger you
need to change the way that they think and number three, in order to fix your child’s
anger you need to teach them a new habit. And in this video we’re going to be talking
about really number two: changing the way that they think. And number three: changing the things that
they do so that they can become more like Jesus. The number one character trait that you want
to try to start developing in your child is the virtue of patience or being slow to anger. If you look in the book of Proverbs and all
thorough out the Bible, an angry person is described as somebody who is quick to anger. We often use the phrase, this person has a
short fuse to describe a person who is angry. And so one of the very first character traits
that you want to try to develop in your child is the ability to be patient. You may be asking, how do I develop these
things in my child? Or what do you mean? How do I do that? Well, I’ll link to another video that we did
about the power of practice and also the power of praise, that will be another video right
here. But, those are two ways that you can help
your child develop these skills in case you’re wondering how to do that? The second skill that you really want to teach
your child how to develop is the ability to overlook an offense. How often do your kids get upset and angry
about little things that really don’t matter that much. If you look in the book of Proverbs again
Proverbs 19:11 says, “Good sense makes one slow to anger and it is his glory to overlook
an offense.” And so teach your child what it means to overlook
an offense. There are some things that you don’t need
to get mad about. And you can teach your child and encourage
them to get in the habit of being willing to overlook small offenses. A third skill that you want to help your kids
develop is the ability to answer gently. A lot of times things escalate real quickly
because you are just kind of getting in a verbal sword fight. One person says something and the other person
feels like they have to say something back and it goes back and forth and back and forth
then it just escalates the situation. But, the book of Proverbs says that, “A gentle
answer turns away wrath.” So, if you want to teach your child how to
not get angry and how to not escalate the situation, you want to help them develop the
skill of responding gently. And using gentle, calm words when somebody
is engaging them in a verbal sword fight. Now, a forth skill that’s going to be really
important for a child to learn as they deal with anger in a way that you’re going to fix
that is to teach them how to ask for forgiveness. You know that if you’re living with an angry
child they’re sinning and hurting people a lot. And so it’s important for them to develop
that habit of asking for forgiveness when they hurt somebody. The book of Ephesians tells us that we shouldn’t
even let the sun go down on our anger. And so if your child is hurting people in
the family and they are saying things that are mean, they’re having these outbursts and
just acting very hateful towards people in the house. You need to get them in the habit and walk
them through the process of asking for forgiveness. This is going to be a skill that’s going to
help them throughout their entire life. Because whether you are a child or whether
you are an adult and you’re married you’re going to be fighting and arguing with people
occasionally. You’re going to loose your temper occasionally
and you’re going to need to have the ability to ask for forgiveness. A fifth skill that you’re going to want to
teach your child how to develop is just the ability to have self-control. Now, I don’t know if you’ve caught your child
saying this a lot. But, often you’ll hear them say that you made
me get mad or what they did made me mad. Well, what they are saying is that it wasn’t
me, I’m not to blame for that. They made me mad, it’s their fault, I didn’t
have a choice they are making me get mad. And that’s not true. According to the Bible in the book of Ephesians,
it is possible for us to get angry or be angry and to still not sin. So, it’s important for you to teach your child
that they have a choice in the matter. There is nothing that says that they have
to get angry just because somebody does something that they don’t like. At the end of the day, they have a choice. And at the end of the day, they are going
to be held accountable by God for the way that they chose to respond when people did
things that they didn’t like. The sixth skill that I think is very important
for an angry child to learn if you’re going to fix the anger issue is just a dependency
on God through prayer. Dealing with anger is hard. It’s hard for me as and adult, it’s hard for
me as a pastor to fix my own anger issues. And so it’s really important for me to pray. And the same is true for my children. If they are having an issue with anger or
a problem with anger and they’re having a hard time changing they need to pray and ask
God. Because the Holy Spirit of God is able to
do things in their heart that they cannot do on their own. And God can do something in their heart that
we as parents can’t do either. So, we need to be praying for our children
as well. So, if you’re trying to fix your child’s anger
issues, know that it’s not just about getting them to stop being angry, but, it’s about
getting them to start learning how to do these things that we’ve talked about in this video. And if they can develop these skills, then
you will see anger begin to minimize over time. If you have any questions about anything that
I’ve talked about today, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to respond
to each and every single one of those. I’d also invite you to subscribe to our channel
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