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Hi everyone. Eric Känd here. Today we’re
going to talk about how to find a hypnotist in your area if you’re
interested in booking live sessions for personal improvement, or to resolve a
problem. Here’s what we’re going to cover today. Number one, how to quickly find
consulting hypnotists working right in your own neighborhood? I’m going to
give you the links to some hypnotist directories. Number two, what types of issues can be
addressed by these hypnotist professionals? And number three, how to go about contacting a hypnotist for your first session, what kinds of questions to
ask, and what to expect. First, I want to clarify some terms you’ll be running
into when you start searching for hypnotist professionals. You’ll likely
hear the terms “certified hypnotist”, “consulting hypnotist”, and “hypnotherapist”.
A professional hypnotist is usually referred to as either a “consulting
hypnotist” or a “certified hypnotist”. These titles are actually
interchangeable. They essentially mean the same thing, and it’s often
represented by the initials “CH” after the hypnotists name. For example, Erick Känd, CH.
Generally speaking, Certified Hypnotists are NOT therapists. While
some practicing hypnotists still refer to themselves as “hypnotherapists”, this term
seems to be getting phased out because it’s potentially misleading because unless they
are actually a LICENSED therapist that also happens to be practicing hypnosis, it’s
really incorrect to refer to a consulting hypnotist as a “hypnotherapist”.
Most consulting hypnotists are NOT licensed therapists, and therefore
not authorized to perform services that are appropriately
performed by licensed mental health professionals. Also unless they’re
actually a doctor that happens to be practicing
hypnosis, consulting hypnotists are NOT doctors. Because a consulting hypnotist
is not a doctor, they’re not qualified to diagnose or treat medical issues. That
would be practicing medicine without a license, which is illegal. However, a
consulting hypnotist can work with your physician under the authorization of a
medical referral to provide complementary services that support your
doctors treatment with you. This is very common, and your hypnotist can arrange to
get this referral directly from your doctor before your first session. So, why
do people go to a hypnotists office anyway? The mission of a consulting
hypnotist is to help real world people resolve real world problems. Here’s just
a few of the typical issues that you can address with the help of a hypnotist
professional: weight loss, smoking cessation, stress management,
self-confidence, pain management, sleep problems, fears and phobias of any type,
test anxiety, habits and behavior modification. For example, a hypnotist can
help you stop biting your nails, if that’s a problem for you. Now, hypnosis is
not a magic bullet. However, if you’re highly motivated to make specific
behavioral motivational or emotional changes in your life, hypnosis sessions
are a great avenue for you to explore. Well, how do you find a hypnotist office
near you? If you live in a good sized city, I’m betting that there are probably
several hypnotists working in your area. Of course, I’d start with a general
internet search for “hypnotist in (your city)” to see what you find. Here’s
something you probably wouldn’t know… There’s a few national hypnotist
directories that can help you find a local hypnotist right in your city. I’m
posting links to these directories in the blog post that goes with this video,
so be sure to check those out. You’ll definitely want to take a look at the
National Guild of Hypnotists referral service, The National Guild of Hypnotists,
or NGH, is the largest association of practicing hypnotist in the world. They
have an easy-to-use hypnotist referral service that emails you the names and
the phone numbers of professional hypnotist working in your area. To get a
referral, you simply spend about just one minute filling at a simple online form,
and the NGH will consult their vast international membership directory to
find hypnotist working near you. It’s absolutely free, and you’ll typically get
their referrals emailed back to you within 24 hours. Now, some of the top
hypnosis training schools in the country also maintain their own directories of
qualified graduates from their programs. These directories are organized by
state. and it only takes a minute or two to see who’s got an office near you. I’ve
posted the links to the directories that I think are worth checking out. If
you find any other directories that I should know about, please let me
know about them because, I’ll consider adding them to the list. Let’s talk about
contacting a professional hypnotist for your first session. While email is fine for
an opening contact, I do recommend that you actually pick up the phone and
contact that person for a live conversation. If you attend a hypnosis
session with this person, you’re going to be hearing a lot of their voice, so make
sure it appeals to you. The hypnotist will be happy to talk with you
personally to discuss their experiences working with your type of presenting
problem, an estimate of the number of sessions you’ll probably need, and the
total investment required. Take the opportunity to share with them
specifically and exactly what you’re hoping to achieve if you choose to work
together. Be as specific as possible. They’ll let you know if you have realistic
expectations. And, not all hypnotists are created equal. Let’s get that right out
of the way. There is a huge variation in the quality of training, experience levels,
and even the techniques being used. So, if possible, try calling several hypnotist
professionals to find out who makes the best impression for you. A little bit of
research could really pay off with wonderful benefits for you in the long
run. This could be the beginning of a productive long-term relationship. After
all, if you consulting hypnotist is able to help you achieve the goal that’s
on your radar for today, why not continue the working relationship into the future?
Most people visit the dentist at least once a year to get their teeth cleaned.
They visit the doctor at least once a year for their annual checkup. You may
want to consider adding your consulting hypnotist into that rotation as well.
Think of the other professionals in your life that you consult periodically as
needed: doctors, dentists, optometrists, lawyers, CPAs, plumbers, handymen, real
estate professionals. Your consulting hypnotist is just another professional
on your team of valued service providers. There are thousands of practicing
hypnotists working today to choose from, and just like finding any
professional service provider, you’ll need to do your own homework. Well, that’s
it for today. If you enjoyed the video please hit the like button down below. I
really appreciate that, and if you do have any questions about the process of
finding a consulting hypnotist near you, please post them in the comments section
below. I’ll answer those questions personally as best I can. Thanks for
watching. I’ll see you next time!

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