How To Defeat Anxiety | Pastor Steven Furtick

look at the word anxiety look at how
it’s spelled in English look at what is in the center of the word. Do you see it?
(Show them on the screen) At the center of your anxiety, if you really trace it, I’m not
talking about a medical condition. I’m not a pharmacist. I don’t know about all
that. I’m not a neurologist. I’m saying spiritually speaking that the Lord told
me at the center of your anxiety is your pride the reason that you’re so anxious
is because you’ve got you at the center and you can’t sustain it because it’s
not your throne. I mean even listen to your language the Lord said I don’t know
if I have what it takes I don’t know if I can do it I don’t know if I can make
it if I, if I, if I.. if I, you can’t spell anxiety without I
it’s right in the middle and you know what other word I is in the middle of
pride and maybe the reason that you’ve been carrying anxiety that
you can’t get rid of is because you’ve been bearing weight that you weren’t
meant to bear you better humble yourself under the mighty hand of God because if
you stay weighed down with pride you’re gonna be weighed down with anxiety and
God can’t lift you up casting all your anxiety on him see it’s not a command to
cast your anxiety on him it’s a result the command is to humble yourself under
his mighty hand and when you do the anxiety goes with the pride if you would get
yourself out of the center and get God on the throne and lift your hands to
him and say I need you Lord. I’m a sinful man. Can’t step without you. Can’t
breathe without you. Can’t eat without you. Can’t pray without you. Can’t parent
without you. Can’t preach without you. can’t work without you can’t live
without you no peace without you no joy without you God said now I’m ready to
lift you up above the wind above the waves above your pride it’s the reason
that you’re so anxious because of your pride maybe the anxiety is the fruit and
the pride is the root if you would pluck it up by the root fruit couldn’t grow
get yourself out the center get yourself out the center humble yourself under the
mighty hand of God well what if I look stupid some of you are about to try
something right now that you never tried before what if I look stupid I got good
news for you everybody else is thinking about themselves not you, so they won’t
even notice but if i i i i i who better to teach us
about humility than peter and now peter writes decades later to a church under
attack humble yourself under the mighty hand of god for your enemy the devil
what’s he like he’s like a roaring lion he’s looking for somebody to devour he’s
looking for somebody who he can shred to pieces with doubt and fear and
selfishness he’s looking for somebody that he can get to walk away and as a
pastor i’m just sick of having to make phone calls and visits with people every
week who are being devoured by the enemy so peter says this is a time for
resistance this is not a time for you to run this is a time for you to resist
yeah but he’s a lion okay he is a lion and he might be licking his lips and his
fangs might be sharp and he might have you in his sight and you might have
failed and you might have done it and you might be going down but you need to
know one thing about this lion Peter says is that after you have suffered a
little while God himself will step in and restore you and make you strong he’s
a lion but the lion is on the leash he can only go so far
he can only do much he can’t keep you down forever
humble yourself under the hand of God and in due time come on this is somebody’s due time this is it anxiety stops here depression stops here fear stops here
in due time he will lift you up and the enemies that we’re afraid of
today will be our testimonies in our tomorrow I must say that again the
enemies that you fear today will be your testimony of triumph in your tomorrow
God said it’s just a little while the God who has called you into his eternal
glory what lasts forever after you’ve suffered a little while he himself will
restore you Peter said I know about it cause I’ve been there I’ve had me at the
center I failed so bad I didn’t know if I could ever bounce back I went back to
my fishing business cuz I figured God didn’t have any more use for me but when
I was going down that’s where I found his hand when I was going down that’s
when he reached out to me just when it looked like the lion had me in his
sights that’s when the God of all grace the God of all provision the God of all
power do I have a witness that immediately he reached down and picked you up

100 thoughts on “How To Defeat Anxiety | Pastor Steven Furtick

  1. Lived so long under the insecurity and anxiety that goes with it….it's become such a stronghold…so much failure…and suffering…I hang on to the promise…that Jesus will lift me up.

  2. I have been going through a difficult time right now and I found this I fell in love with this church! You pastor Steve you are a blessing sent from God. Not only that but I just happen to live an hour away from the church ❤️ Never felt so blessed in my life 😭🙏🏼 Thank you Jesus, God & the Holy Spirit ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Everyday when I pray to God, I cover God's servants and their families with the blood of Jesus. Pastor Furtick you are always in my prayers. God is really using you. I am learning to be a preacher, I am learning so much from you and other servants of Jesus.
    Love from Tanzania

  4. Holy Spirit I hear you, Oh, my word! I have been feeling anxious lately, especially at work. I need you, Lord! I am sorry for not involving you in my day. Help me, Lord.

  5. The day will come when the mystical generation of Jesus, by the Supreme Being as His father, in the womb of a virgin will be classed with the fable of the generation of Minerva in the brain of Jupiter..

  6. Now i know why God lead me to you, you've helped me restore my faith && my anxiety has been healed. It still tries to hit sometimes but I've learned to kick it off. Im so thankful for you


  8. I thank God for Pastor Steven. I thank Pastor Steven for allowing God to use him. I'm forever blessed these sermons.

  9. I have had severe anxiety for many years and I suffered much..and I did not get healed..until God healed me. This is not something we can do matter how many bible verses we read.

  10. I will admit that a lot of the anxiety I have is self-induced. I went through a divorce, lost my family, was homeless, etc, etc. But I picked myself up, dusted myself off and got to work. However, there is a physiological side of anxiety where your adrenal gland becomes over-active. I have been to the hospital 4 times in the last three years due to heart attack-like symptoms. It was panic every time. Out of nowhere, panic comes. The only thing I can do is breathe at the time.

  11. SOOOO TRUE for me. I have suffered anxiety, since i became a teenager, and i always used to compare myself to other people, and thought that i'm not good enough, i had fear of failure, and wanted to be somebody, and God truly humbled me. He removed the pride in my heart through all the hardships i went through and realized that it was all along Him who sustained me and i've got nothing to boast. Jesus got my back. And it's all about Him

  12. yooooooooo i have never heard it like this, so i know JESUS GAVE THIS MAN THIS I GET IT LORD I PRAY SMH WOW! THEIR GO THAT I AGAIN LOL WOW! LORD HELP!

  13. Amen! I've seen this message before but it is a reminder at the perfect time. I love these short clips of the messages. I love to listen to these while I'm getting ready for work 🙂

  14. Bro I love you and respect you. Always have, but your sermon has done nothing for people that physically struggle with depression and anxiety. That is no joke. Some of us have been through so many things in our lives and it's not our fault. Some of us where abused and conditioned to hate ourselves and to believe that we are stupid and will never amount to anything! This is happened in my life. Do you think that by whooping and hollering in church is going to make those feelings go away? The feelings of worthlessness, unworthiness and deep hatred of yourself because of the way you were conditioned to believe about yourself as you grow up? Yet you say that the root of anxiety and depression is pride? Yeah I agree that if you don't want to listen and you're anxious about money or you may be anxious about food or something like that or anxious about a grade then yeah I can understand Pride being the center of that. When you're trying to see God and feel like you can't when you try and to believe that you are somebody in the eyes of God but deep inside you believe you're nothing because of how you were trained to believe growing up, that anxiety and depression doesn't come from Pride it comes from a deep-rooted hatred of self planted by the Devil Himself. Please have some compassion on people that struggle with this. We see things, we feel things, we think things and 90 percent of the time, we have no idea sometimes why these thoughts pop in into our heads This is a serious condition and I would never wish it on my worst enemy. I'd rather struggle with a drug addiction honestly than the struggle with the anxiety and the horrible effects of depression that I do. The way I see God, the way I see people, the way I think people and God see me is a horrible, horrible, horrible way to live and you have no idea what it is like. I wish I could just turn it off like a switch, but I can't. Trust me I have spent many years praying and begging God to take this feeling away. It doesn't go away.I hope you never have to struggle with it, but sitting in church and whooping and hollering is not going to make the depression go away, prayer doesn't make the depression go away, trust me I tried I tried tried for many years! The only thing I can do is learn to live with and cope with it doing what God asked me to do which includes denying myself which is what the Bible says. Depression and anxiety are very serious conditions….. I asked you to have a little bit more understanding and compassion on this subject if you going to preach about it. Maybe you'll read this text and respond to me, maybe you won't, but if you do read it, I really hope you reconsider how you feel about people that struggle with anxiety and depression because it's not always about Pride.


  16. Wow he's even like a roaring lion not even a lion. While our Lord Jesus is the lion of the tribe of Judah…praise God, what a revelation.

  17. How does the devil work 1st doubt ,2 worry , 3 panic fear ,, secret when doubt starts time to call 911 God before it to late ,,,

  18. Can u please translate or dub in Hindi please every sermons please it's a request please because u share a strong word n u r so direct in saying that it touches the heart so I m requesting it so

  19. As I was driving home from work about a month ago. I always turn on the my playlist music of praise. I take this time to talk to God and sing to him. This day going home as I was praising God, I crashed into the car in front of me. Ever since then I’ve had anxiety to the point where I bought pills to calm me. I did realize that I wasn’t praising God as I was before or even talking to him. After watching this I came to see that I removed him from the center of my attention and I’ve let everything else bring me to the lowest I’ve been since I have accepted Christ. I hate this feeling and I need you lord. I need your help father God I don’t want to feel this way anymore. Yesterday was the first time in a while since I’ve praised God. My phone was on 1% for literally 30 minutes. I knew then that God didn’t want me to stop singing 😍

  20. Great video as always and humbled I have been trying to get YouTube to work on my phone and kept freezing. Tried every thing I was gonna watch weight lifting ,gun videos and such did not work but God's awsome I usually watch a few of your videos or other preachers as well. I said fine I'll pick this one and guess what played straight threw with no issues lol ironic no God's amazing he wanted me to watch this video minutes before bed humble the heart in all termoil and struggles in front of you

  21. God is Good Anxiety made me Feel Like i was in a Hole That I would never be able to Get out of. I felt as I Couldnt Breath I Could Think I felt stuck But there is no situation he cant bring you out of. Trust the process Have faith For he is with you all the time and Has you through you whatever. I love you God .!🥰

  22. Im having panic attacks anxiety as soon i get message from my mom.😂😖… im struggling with loneliness my job afftected ..fighting spiritual warfare daily. But what i can do to remove fear when curses coming from whatsaapp. Telling to repent hell is waiting. And im crying with stronghold depression as well fighting war in my head. I cant sleep. Fear gripping me so much… I just want Jesus. I just want Jesus. I cant sleep till morning late. I need prayers. I love Jesus. I love my mom. Everyday i forgive all for her messages. Yes im a Sinner. But the Blood of Jesus cleansed me. Yet im sad………..with critics reminding me past sins……the panic attacks i hate them. I feel dizzy. I just want to be in the presence of Holy Spirit. I want holy life. Lead me to the cross….The battle is strong……

  23. Thank you. This sermon is truly encouraging. I was so anxious but as soon as I watched this video, it diseappeared. Praise the Lord. Send you warmest regard from Indonesia. Gbu all

  24. “The enemies am afraid of today will be my testimony tomorrow “ in Jesus name.
    I thank God for using your messages to bless me.
    God bless you abundantly my Pastor.

  25. When you allow yourself to be self-centered, you get stuck in yourself, you can't see the good in other people, you can't see God, you can't escape your mistakes because you're stuck being absorbed in yourself. If you are not your whole world, then the end of you is not the end of the world.

  26. The enemies you fear todaywill be your testimonyof triumph in your tomorrow…amen..thank you Jesus for speaking through Pastor Steven Furtick

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