How to Deal with Passive-Aggressive Behavior

How to Deal with Passive-Aggressive Behavior. People in your life can make you feel bad
or wrong by saying one thing to you and meaning something else. You can avoid falling into their traps. You will need Self-acceptance Honesty Dignity
Realistic attitude Self control and anger management classes (optional). Step 1. Accept yourself and enjoy life. Look at your own habits of avoidance and manipulation
and be honest about your need to feel guilty or responsible when someone wants to get a
reaction out of you. If you act like nothing is wrong, you could
end up imitating passive-aggressive people by deflecting your own needs. Step 2. Discuss objective facts, not feelings. You will reduce conflict and the nagging self-doubt
that follows. Step 3. Use “I” messages to confront the person. Let them know how their behavior makes you
feel. Maintain your dignity and communicate faith
in the other person’s ability to solve what is actually their problem. Step 4. Encourage passive-aggressive people to take
on more tasks so they can’t blame others by opting out of participation. Step 5. Be realistic about the passive-aggressive
person’s ability to change and don’t delude yourself into thinking you can solve their
problems. Such “caretaking” may only solidify their
behaviors. Take anger management classes with a passive-aggressive
partner to show support. Step 6. Handle your stress whenever you have to deal
with a passive-aggressive person. Don’t complicate things by dwelling on your
frustrated expectations. Did you know In 2009, almost 121 million people
worldwide were depressed and almost 10 percent of the American public was taking anti-depressants.

18 thoughts on “How to Deal with Passive-Aggressive Behavior

  1. I learned to deal with my passive aggression. I just turn it in to full blown aggression and start cursing like a sailor. Then people learn what aggrivates me.

  2. My girlfriend has this issue so we had a chat and came to a mutual agreement that we should seek out therapy. Lol just joking, I tossed that bitch over the bridge. They say there is plenty of fish in the sea, so I pitched her back.

  3. This video has awful advice. Passive-aggressive people are truly the scum of the earth. You shouldn't meet them with acceptance or tolerance. As soon as you sense passive-aggressive behavior call that person out on how foul they are behaving immediately and explain to them how their behavior is toxic communication. And if they don't listen, which they probably won't want to, keep beating them to death with logic and don't let them guide the conversation away from your valid points.

  4. Smile and laugh at them whenever they try to get their evil claws in you- works a treat- sometimes just "ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" as you walk away…

  5. I've been dealing with passive aggression my whole life. My father was a huge negitive influence on my life. But know this, passive aggressive people are just scared to confront you, so let them know that it is ok for them to talk to you and let them know how it hurts you.

  6. People in Washington, and Oregon states, and in places like Ann Arbor, MI have PRIDE in being 'entitled' passive aggressive alienating, mean bigots towards anyone that is 'different' >like most places in this fake country, work ethic, cooperation, accountability, and skills have ZERO value.

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