How to Deal with Frustration and Anger

we often experience frustration and
anger when our expectations don’t line up with reality but the key to dealing
with your frustration and anger is making a change whether that’s making
the necessary changes to change your situation or changing your perspective
on your situation to feel differently about it for example in seventh grade I
arm-wrestled a girl half my size in hindsight it was a lose-lose scenario
for me because if I won I doubt anyone would be high-fiving me for beating a
girl half my size and if I lost it would be pretty sad because that would mean
I’m incredibly weak but I all wrestled her because she was cute and I loved the
idea of holding her hand I arm wrestled her and I lost fortunately she thought I
was being nice and let her win and I let her believe that but honestly I didn’t
let her win I gave her my best effort and she beat me I was so angry and
frustrated with myself that I was motivated to get stronger I bought a set
of free weights and started working out in my garage almost every day
fast-forward six months of rigorous training later and if that girl wanted
to arm wrestle again I’m confident I probably would take her down okay
maybe this story won’t be turned into an inspirational movie but it illustrates
taking ownership of a frustration and making changes to change the situation
as opposed to waiting for your situation to magically change but sometimes you’ll
have frustrating situations that you don’t take action to change but instead
change your perspective on them for example traffic used to make me
incredibly angry in college I live with my parents and they live forty-five
minutes away from campus after a few years of doing that long drive I was fed
up with traffic and I couldn’t take it anymore I thought about what I could do
to avoid it I could just drop out of school
I’d be near a hundred thousand dollars in student loan debt with no degree and
no game plan on what to do with my life but it would help me avoid traffic I’m
not going to do that I have to find another option
I could move out of my parents house and rent a place near campus no there’s no
way I’m doing that like I’m going to pass up living with my
parents rent free to pay $1,000 a month to rent a place closer to avoid traffic
here’s the thing traffic may have been the most frustrating part of my life
around my college days but embracing traffic allowed me to get my degree and
it allowed me a few extra years of mooching off my parents I gave you the
arm wrestling story and I gave you the traffic story to show you two different
positive routes you can take to deal with your frustration and anger
maybe it’s like me in middle school with my muscles and you make the necessary
changes to address a weakness or maybe it’s like me with traffic maybe the
sacrifice you would need to make the change your situation isn’t worth it to
you and maybe you realize you’re choosing to be in the situation you’re
in because it’s giving you some type of positive return in the present or future
maybe you change your perspective on the situation and it makes you less angry
and frustrated my friend let go of how the world should be how people should
act and focus on what you can do personally to overcome your frustration
and anger will be with new actions or a new perspective if you want more videos
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One thought on “How to Deal with Frustration and Anger

  1. What did you do to make it more tolerable or bearable? Music? Audiobooks? Talk radio? Or did you try to spot things.. like “count all the red cars” or “how many cars have dogs in them?” (All things I do to keep from getting nervous or mad at traffic)

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