How To Deal With Anger: Turn It Into A Force For Good

Shoot is going crazy good! You know why? I’m gonna tell you. Four episodes. It’s only 11:20. What? We’re gonna get all of them done before
lunch and then green screen. Green screen. Like that. But I can’t wear these pants, because they’re
green. I’d be like in a horror movie. I’d just be like my top. A floating torso. Exactly. With amazing shoes. Yes. Let’s do it. Hey, it’s Marie Forleo and you are watching
MarieTV, the place to be to create a business and life you want to snuggle with and cuddle
with and kiss and love. Today’s question comes from Ava who writes: “Hi, Marie. I’m Ava. I’m 6 years old. My question is, why did God make the feeling
of anger? I ask my mom every day if Marie is gonna answer
my question today. Thank you. Love you. Ava.” Oh, my goodness. Ava. This, honestly, is one of the best questions
ever. Thank you so much. And I’ve got to say, huge thanks to Ava’s
mom for sending it in to us. You know, one of the things that my mom taught
me when I was just about your age is that I could talk with God any time I wanted to. You know, she said I had this direct line
to God and I could ask questions, and I’d always get an answer back. What I’d have to do is just listen to that
still, small voice inside. And that’s how I’d hear my answer.   Now, that said, I do have an A for your Q. So my belief is this. I believe that God made anger so that we could
use to to create a much better, more loving world. And here’s what I mean by that. Anger, it’s really a natural emotion. It’s not bad, and it’s certainly not wrong
to feel. Anger really is just energy, and all energy
can be transformed. Almost like magic. Just like electricity or heat. And you want to know what else? This is something most people don’t know. Once you understand anger and you really know
how to use it, it can actually turn into this super powerful and super positive force. Because it can help you do things like stand
up and speak out to help other people. So, for instance, let’s say that you saw
someone being mean to another person. Now, you might start to feel angry about that. Right? Well, guess what? You can take that feeling and you can use
it as fuel to do something positive like maybe protect that person or speak up for them and
their rights. So I really think that God gave us anger so
that we could use it to transform it into the most powerful force in the entire universe. And you know what that is? That force is love. And here are three steps that’ll help you
do just that. Step number one, first thing you’ve gotta
do is you’ve gotta really feel it. So when I say feel it, here’s what I mean. I want you to take a really deep breath and
see if you can feel that energy somewhere in your body. Just like you know how excitement can sometimes
feel like butterflies in your belly? Well, see if you can feel that anger energy
in your body. So is it in your chest or maybe is it in your
throat? Or maybe it’s in your big right toe. Because when you allow yourself to really
feel an emotion in your body, typically it only lasts just a few seconds before it changes
into something else. So when you really allow yourself to feel
that energy, then we’re gonna be ready to move on to step number two. Step number two is this: you’ve gotta question
it. Now, here’s what I mean by that. I want you to get really curious and ask yourself,
Ava, what exactly do you feel angry about? What do you feel is wrong right now? And, more importantly, why? So ask yourself, what do you think should
happen instead? This is where perhaps it would be a good idea
to talk with your mom or your favorite teacher, or you can even jot down your answers or draw
a picture about it. Because understanding what you feel angry
about and why is gonna help you understand your values or what you really care about
in this life. So some examples are things like fairness
or kindness or generosity. And once you know your values, that can help
you move on to step number three, which is this. Step number three is where we get to transform
it. And this, my darling, is where all of the
magic happens. So remember, right, anger is just energy and
all energy can be transformed. Now, you want to ask yourself, is there some
positive action that you might want to take to either help yourself or to help someone
else? Is there something that you might want to
make or share with others? Is there something that you can imagine that
you could do to help you convert or transform that energy into a loving, positive action? Now, once again, this is all really great
stuff to talk about with your mom or your favorite teacher, or really any grownup in
your life that you trust. And I want you to hear a quote on this topic
from someone who’s one of my heroes in life, Dr. Maya Angelou. Who said this. “Use that anger. You write it. You paint it. You dance it. You march it. You vote it. You do everything about it.” Now, one more thing, Ava. Do you remember in the beginning that I said
that my mom taught me that I have this direct line to God? Well, guess what? I do. So why don’t we call up God right now and
make sure that I didn’t leave anything out of my answer? Marie? You usually text. What’s up, momma? Hi, God. Really quick, I know your time is so valuable. So I am shooting this MarieTV episode for
Ava, who wanted to know why you created anger. And I want to make triple sure that I don’t
leave anything out of my answer. Marie, you nailed it. As usual. But, hey, God. We’re just shooting this. How could you see it already? Come on, girl. I’m God. Yes. I don’t know why I always forget. I think because we’re such good friends. Okay, well, thank you so much. You know how much I love you. Have an amazing day, and I’ll talk you to
soon. Bye. Bye. So there you have it. You heard the word from God herself. Your Q has now been A’d, and I really do
hope it helps, Ava. Please keep me posted. And now I would love to hear from you. So what’s an example from your life where
you took that energy of anger, you know, that very fiery feeling that we all get, and you
transformed it into something healthy and positive? I want Ava to see some concrete examples,
because I feel like they help all of us learn in a much more productive way. So let’s talk about it in the comments below. Now, as always, the best conversations happen
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76 thoughts on “How To Deal With Anger: Turn It Into A Force For Good

  1. I am Khadija and I am 14 years old . I want to ask you that I sometimes feel alone , depressed and I can't explain myself to anyone . I get depressed and I can't find a difference between enemy and a friend because I have been good to everyone but still feel empty like I think I am no more.

  2. Hello Forleo. Excuse me, please! May I? Just to say you look like a porcelain doll. Did you know it? Yeah. Linda. BRZ 😉

  3. I used my anger of being exploited at my old job to form a workers council in that company. Anger can give you so much energy when needed. Thanks again for this great positive episode.

  4. Hi Marie! Here is Lilian from Brazil. Loved your explanations, I am a 42 years old mum of 2 daughters of 3 and 9 years old and sometimes I feel a lot of anger when they start to scream with each other. But… When I realize that I am feeling anger ( and you can bet, it´s a lot ) I always ask God what should I do with this cenario??? And most of the times I transform the anger in gratitud and after that in something creative, like start to sing and song a funny and contagious song. Happiness come as a next step. Thank you once again!

  5. Well, ' the God is Your ' higher self ' 😉 😉 actually …. it is Your ' all knowing Bigger-self ' within …. ( not some ' god outside ' of u ) … hahahaha funny …. anyhow, a lot of Anger issues are related to ' childhood issues and past lives ' …. where You ' could Not defend Yourself ' and silenced ' Urself ….so, all of that ' comes up NOW in the time of ' ascension ' = the Evolution of Human Consciousness , where we are Clearing 26 000 Years of ' suppressed anger / unresolved anger ' ( triggered by ' people , family members, strangers, friends , lover or whomever it is in this NOW 😉 😉 ….. IT IS SIMPLE , YET COMPLICATED ' —– ONE THING IS FOR SURE !!!!
    ALLOW URSELF TO ' FEEL IT !!!!! …. do not suppress it ! Live through it …. sometimes it is not about ' doing anything about it at all … sometimes it is …. Allow the ' feeling to be felt by U …. best advice …. it is a ' message for Urself ' – U feel it , to be Able to Release it ' and never ' silence Urself for the sake of another …. Be Straightforward ' , authentic and open to communicate …. Do not let anything to ' Dim your light ' …. there is a message of every ' anger felt ' ….. Love Yourself ! — Speak up for Self ' ….

  6. Hello, Marie and Ava. First, thank you for bringing this topic up, little one! As a “grown up”, this is something I’ve questioned, too. But, how I have transformed my anger into good is through journaling. I write it all out, then ask myself, “what’s the lesson I need to learn?” Then, sit with that for awhile, let my inner guide come through, thank her, and release it . Then, I send a healing ball of life through meditation 🧘‍♀️ throughout my body, ridding me of toxicity .

  7. Anger, at the deepest level is fear. We use anger as a protective mechanism (we think). Go deeper to uncover the fear and heal it.

  8. One scenario when I transformed my anger into positive info is when I was in college completing my art degree. I and many of the art students in the BFA program felt the professors were way too critical and negative about our work. So, focusing my anger into something productive, I typed up an outline of areas of concern and suggestions for each, presented in a constructive way. I scheduled an appointment with one of the heads of the program, and I sat down and presented my findings and suggestions to him. Everything was spoken in a calm yet confident way, and he expressed gratitude for my helpful info to him at the end of the meeting. It felt good, productive, and satisfying ❤

  9. Marie, I really love how you talked to this little 6-year-old girl. Your answer was awesome. It's so nice to be reminded how we can use anger for positive. Thank You also to this little girl for asking the question. Wishing you all Bright Blessings!!!

  10. Thank you so much, Marie! I just love how you combine Personal Development with Business and Life… This answer to the 6-year old works for all of us, and I shared it on Facebook & Twitter… Love all your videos, work and now in B-School! To tell you the truth, I am NOW pretty good at turning my anger into LOVE and COMPASSION, but when it comes to seeing a very unhealthy codependency situation in close family… I truly don't know what to do: God on Speeddial will tell me to go on with my work with the Digital Magazines like CeroExcusas… And to express some of this in my Coaching work through MonicaFit… But I truly wish I could help directly by giving them some advice and pointers to stop enabling the abuser/victim and turn their LIFE for GOOD! Thank you in advance for your smart insights! xoxo

  11. Anger gives me power. When I address it and find the reason behind it, I’m able to change it and focus! When I’m angry, I have intense focus and when I use that productively, I can do anything. Nothing can stand in my way.

  12. That is so cute. Love your answer. It's so much better than being told it's wrong to be angry. There's power in processing our feelings. Thanks Marie:)

  13. The best way to control your anger is to lead it towards a piece of art (painting, writing). Helping people in need is also a great way to do it. Thanks Maria! 👍😀

  14. This is blasphemy, human anger is of the devil not God. when you let it control you it effects you your family and friends and leads to hate. You can't channel anger you need to get rid of it and forgive those that wronged you. When you live a life anger free then you will be free. Terrible advice, BAD Marie, bad!

  15. Great Q and great A!! I hardly get angry anymore but it comes out when people are treated poorly, bullied etc. or when I feel disrespected .

  16. I have been watching Marie TV since the brick wall, plus I'm a B-schooler, and THIS has been my favorite Marie TV episode EVER!!! Everything about it is absolutely perfect. Congratulations on your beautiful and steady growth, team!

  17. Hey Eva! Thanks for this great question. Yoga helps me transform anger to love. So does volunteering for a local grass-roots FEMALE candidate running for Congress💥

  18. oh! I love it, this is absolutely one of my most favorite, Marie and your amazing team, good on you to make this vedio

  19. Hahah the Star Wars fan in me can't help but react to the title – anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering – it's the path to the dark side!!! Little Yoda for you all <3

  20. Anger is all I’m feeling today . Angry at the society angry at the world angry at myself, angry cause I don’t think anything in my situation or any other single mom’s situation is fair. I live in a country where child care is horribly expensive and hard to find , I have two children and live on benefits or what is called in the USA welfare , and I’m trying to get a better life for me and my kids and decided to study fitness to be an instructor, and I have to do 8 weeks placement in a gym only to be told that at the hours I’m free to do this means my kids are at school I won’t be learning much or doing much cause these are the quietest hours in a gym. And it’s the same if I want to work, kids are off school every 6 weeks for holidays, how in hell any mom is suppose to deal with this. I’m sick to see moms being stuck in situations like these no mother should be going through this, it’s like we’re being punished for having kids. God it has to be a better way for us tgere has to be another way. I’m angry Marie I’m bloody angry and I don’t know what to do. Mothers should be worshipped for their amazing job devotion care…, not put down . I’m sorry for the rant

  21. Why you even use God for controlling your anger when its only yourself making decision? Couldn't you find funnier joke than showing yourself speaking to God ? I am really disappointed with this content. Whenever I see headline, I always think it would be valuable content, but none of advices here are really useful.

  22. OMG MARIE!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO USE THIS IN MY CLASSROOM (EDITED OF COURSE)!!! I couldn't "see this" before now, God sent this to me today, thanks Ma'am!

  23. I would love for Marie Forleo to talk about her humble beginnings or when she finally received her wake up call( Ya know, the one we all receive when we finally find our calling?). If she already has, then can someone please direct me to it?

  24. Sorry, but I stopped watching when Marie dialed God. As someone who knows the true Living God who created both the heavens and the earth, there are questions that Marie may not know how to answer. My pastor is a highly respected theologian and he admits that he cannot answer all the questions about God because God has hidden some things from us. In the area of anger, there is a true answer God gives us and sadly Marie got this one wrong. Will Marie always have the RIGHT answers? Clearly not. Watch with discretion.

  25. You start a biz our nonprofit to fix the problem your a angry about!!! I'm pissed about the patriarchy and i'm fighting it by giving women their power back with music!

  26. Hi Marie and team, thank you for this beautiful gem. I was so touched by Ava's question and of course your answer. I'm now 28 years old and when I was young was unfortunately taught that anger was bad and learned instead to tranform that energy into sadness. I am so grateful to have just recieved the tools to unlock this and make a more positive impact in the world. Thank you all for everything you do, lots of love <3

  27. for the Anti-Cyberbully bully. we dont have to qualify an ancient symbol to anyone,we can only try to educate history

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