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  1. Thank you Teal for this generous and very helpful gift. Continue to Be an invaluable gift to humanity and beyond. <3<3<3…1/11/2018 (or 1/11/11)

  2. Took Notes! – How To Deal With Anger – Teal Swan:

    Anger is where your boundaries exist.

    Anger is saying: “This was a no for me and it happened anyway.”

    You can’t live into your personal truth with no access to anger. You have to go through it.

    Anger results in movement. You gotta use the energy of anger to take action.

    Anger is only a recovery emotion for a powerless state. You’re avoiding the powerlessness – you have to get to the anger first before you can go down. Anger shows you he way. Powerlessness says 'I can’t do anything about it’ and anger goes “you can’t do that forever”.

    When you feel angry:

    * Name it
    * See it as valid and important
    * Take care of it as a crying child
    * Affirm that it’s okay
    * Understanding it requires bravery
    * It’s about admitting to vulnerabilty
    * Anger is about feeling threatened
    * Ask yourself
    * What do I feel so threatened by
    * Why do I feel so threatened by that thing
    * What about that hurt me so bad
    * What am I really afraid of in this situation
    * What need do I have that’s not getting met in this situation
    * When we feel threatened, we feel vulnerable – the question is to what?
    * If your boss yells at you, its fear that you’re not going to progress maybe
    * Just the awareness of the pain hiding underneath the anger takes the edge off the anger
    * Willingness to consciously feel the emotions of anger and go into the vulnerability of the hurt and the fear
    * That is allowing – Anger is a state of resistance and cannot survive in that state
    * Be unconditionally present with whatever arises with these previous steps – sink into them
    * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3V_Gtfr_YA
    * Deep breathing technique:
    * In for count of 4
    * Out for a count of 8
    * Add a holding of your breath in between for count of 6
    * Do this 12 times before resuming natural breathing
    * Put pen to paper and write your anger down expressing your anger completely – helps you get clear about your anger
    * Writing helps mind and emotion unite
    * Catharsis?
    * Anger doesn’t need to be expressed in order to not be suppressed as long as you’re addressing the emotions underneath the anger – the hurt and the fear
    * You don’t need to channel your anger to something else like exercising or working towards a goal – you can release the energy, but you’re avoiding dealing with the feeling of hurt and fear
    * Catharsis is not healing unless it is done in tandem with addressing the real cause of the negative emotion
    * When you address the cause, you don’t feel the need for catharsis
    * Don’t bother with catharsis unless you also plan to address the underlying cause of your anger and create cognitive change
    * Catharsis doesn’t do anything for long term change
    * Can be done in healthy ways
    * Art – when you create art from angry place, it has the potential to pull other people who are in lower states than anger, to a higher place of anger
    * Running
    * Smashing plates and cups
    * Punching punching bags
    * Talk, dance, stretch
    * Cry
    * You’re looking for release
    * Don’t clench your muscles and obstruct the energy – it needs to flow and release
    * When you channel your anger, make that the goal, not channeling to achieve a goal
    * Only you know if you’re avoiding anger or releasing it
    * Only you know if it works for you
    * Turning anger into motivation?
    * Anger is a state of resistance, it clouds our judgement and intuition
    * We make terrible choices from this place of pain
    * We need to act on inspiration – the result of positive emotional states
    * Develop empathy and compassion
    * Try to find similarities between yourself and the person who’s making you angry
    * Try to understand them completely
    * Try to understand the fear and the pain that exists below whatever they’re doing to make you so angry
    * Use music
    * Music is pure vibration
    * By being around it, we’re forced to entrain with the frequency of it
    * If you’re having trouble feeling it – you can play angry music – it gives us permission to let that anger move through us
    * When you’re ready to move past it, listen to music that makes you feel empowered
    * Seek out water
    * Doesn’t matter what form – shower, ice, ocean, river, tap water lake
    * If anger feels like fire within, water is the antidote
    * It purifies us
    * It neutralizes negative energy
    * Pick something that feels better to focus on
    * Something that makes you feel safe and empowered
    * Writing down positive aspects, thinking about aspect of your life that’s going really well
    * Negative emotion is indication that you’re deprived of something you need and want – what is that?
    * What have you realized is unwanted? Knowing this can tell you what is wanted.
    * Sometimes it’s okay to express emotion directly to people
    * Be clear as to why you’re going to do this
    * If its for validation for example, not a good idea
    * Doing this can give ourselves the message that we’re completely there for ourselves, and that we have our own back
    * If this is the case, it’s a very good idea to express it
    * Once we figure out the deep pain and deep fear, we express that to the people we’re angry at
    * It requires bravery
    * It’s the difference between swearing at someone and telling them that what they did made you feel betrayed, etc.
    * Bring someone in to help you process your anger if you can’t do it yourself
    * Make sure that person is experienced with anger
    * Make sure that they see anger as valid and not wrong
    * They have to approve of anger as an emotion to help you work through the emotion
    * You can also bring in a non bias person between you and the person you’re angry with
    * There’s a beauty to anger
    * There would be no anger without free will
    * In anger, there’s an acknowledgment of choice – the best choice is to deal with the deep vulnerability that exists below anger
    * Its not bad and not wrong
    * It’s just a symptom telling you that something is out of alignment
    * It needs love and care and unconditional attention

  3. I wanna say two things. If you grew up with a critical and strict parent you will be told that you shouldn't hit your sister, that it is Wrong to throw your things across the room and I'm saying this because it would be installed in us from a very early age because then you will grow up suppressing anger. Think about it, some kid torments you at school, takes your book away from you and laughs at you after, when you go to hit back because what has happened is just wrong you then get punished by teachers because to hit another person is wrong and then the bully has more or less got away with it. Secondly, I feel that it's more women who have to bottle or surpress anger, because socially it is more acceptable for a man to get angry and people say when a man gets angry he is just angry, whereas if a woman is angry, she is out of control. Its a horrible misinterpretation between the two sexes. So women are more than likely to experience depression as a result of confining to the social norms of how a woman should be perceived

  4. I dont agree at all. Anger is always on behalf of the separate self, the resisting illusory one. Dissolving contractions and tensions in the body is the key for liberation.

  5. suuuuure, she talks about anger management when she gets all the attention just because she is a woman (pretty). Wanna see how she deals with it when no one is there.

  6. I was never an angry teen !!???? WTF ?? I was always sooo happy and laughing so much that I broke my ribs quite a few times.. I was naive and spent much time laughing at stuff. we had so much fun. spent much time outdoors in nature. no anger for me. as an adult I learned anger. I used to move on when a stumbling block or frustration came about. not all teens are angry.

  7. "Heated, buzzing, desperation, feeling of that anger"……TEAL, you are sooo symbolic of my 'Higher Self'…..I cannot express my absolute appreciation and gratitude that I feel to The Great Mystery that you exist!!! 😄💜❤

  8. I needed this today, mindfully tracing the root causes of your thoughts and feelings in each moment can be so exhausting, especially if you haven't done it enough, cause you could stumble on something like an abyss of failed expectations, I truly give you props Teal, I've been feeling all my survival mechanisms getting triggered lately and I've been doing my best to give them each the attention they deserve as they arise, though I still have much to learn about how to properly handle them, I know so many people, myself included who spent so much time relishing in being wounded and trying to see as something beautiful and unique without thinking it as something that could actually heal and change for the better, and I am so sick of not being healed and not giving all those things the attention they deserve, your knowledge is so vast and has already helped me alot, and even helped me out a deeper funk I have been in for years, in such a short amount of time it astounds me, and with real lasting good feelings, when I'm not in internal turmoil to figure things out lol, I don't even know how to thank you for what you have provided, but I want to say thank you none the less, and if you ever needed anything I would try to give it to you, on a side note limp biscuit and tool are totally awesome bands

  9. "The Law of Attraction" belief is a way to self protect as well. The world is scary. But it's just a belief. Good video though

  10. That statement about anger creating higher vibration is sick (as in cool). But can't those vibrations create disturbing vibrational shockwaves or attract similarly angry people towards you – in the dangerous way?

  11. This is why limp Bizkit is so critized because being angry are judged by society as bad and unworthy of love.

  12. Death and decay is powerlessness. Anger can save you in its separation. Our societies and institutions are too large for their own good. So you must separate and seek wisdom through anger, but not disgust. If you wish to harness anger for power you must see yourself as a sort of district attorney of the universe.

  13. I don't deal with anger well. When I get angry with someone I considered a good friend (like I'm going through now). I cut off all contact without telling that person why I'm angry with them. It's easier for me to cut them off then to explain to them why I am angry with them in the first place.

  14. I'm honestly SICK of understanding the rest of my family when they think ive submitted and they wont try to understand me. But they say they do, which I feel is just gaslighting… This is my whole family now and its out of control.. I can be crazy happy all the time but I'm still severley missunderstood and everytime I try to be emotionallyconnected in a way that gives me love they just call me crazy.. 🙁

  15. Min 25: it is so hard to express what is beneath it without getting manipulated into something that I don't want. My boundaries are just too loose

  16. I always felt it was too big of a feeling. It always made me afraid like I would become the Incredible Hulk :p Learning about the lower vibrations are critical. It seems to be by accepting emotions and setting the boundaries is the way to process all emotions and triggers. Thank you for this video 🙂

  17. I agree with everything she said. I used anger as my protection. As my Armor. Until I learned it did not protect me, it alienated me from myself and others. I started connecting to my heart and accessing my true emotions. This began my healing process. please watch my video on how to overcome anger by Lori Kayser Life Coach.

  18. Prior to discovering Teel’s great videos, I was an angry tennis player, but then said I had enough of being angry. I integrated her techniques for removing and replacing beliefs and i have seen the most profound improvement in my tennis, and life in general. This woman’s knowledge is astounding!

  19. Thank you so much. I'm crying because you are the first person that ever told me that my anger is valid. Thank you, you have helped me more than words can express. I'm ready to let go of my anger. ❤️

  20. Wow thank you! This helped me so much to understand my anger and ways to practice how to express it in a healthy way! 🙂

  21. Game changer video. What an absolute angel. One very very special beautiful insightful lady. Thank you for this. Made my day, week, month, year and hopefully life. X

  22. Watched this video a couple of years ago. Thought I was a chronically angry person with no way out of it. Then I took a look at my life and understood that I was violating my own boundaries over and over. I changed my way of viewing myself, learned to recognize my feelings and started to respect my boundaries. I haven't been angry for a year. Thanks for this video, Teal!

  23. After all the BS articles i've red on the subject, this video is gold! When everybody wants u to suppress your anger (including the so-called experts!), Teal is the only one i've encountered who's tackling this with such raw authenticity. Brilliant !

  24. This is by far one of the most transcending videos about innerstnding anger. I absolutely thank you and cheer you on wherever you are and all that you do 💓

  25. I don’t understand people who dislike this video. She said everything 100% true. She disolve the esence of anger on every single peace. I thought all my life that I am not aloud to express anger, bcs I am the “good” person, thats why I was beang depressed most of my life. Thank you Teal, you saved me

  26. Thank you so much, Teal Love, you. Just want to add a quick thought in there about using music for Anger, A lot of music is still in artificial Frequency of 440 Hz , standard concert pitch, a frequency design to cause stress in th human body. so be mindful of what music you listen to, alot of new music is now in 432 Hz a natural frequency.

  27. 3 things:

    1) thank you for this upload.​

    2) today I did a hard thing. I had a difficult conversation.​

    and my learning from that conversation can be summed up so perfectly in the following quote from ACIM:​

    (which just happens to be the very first thing I read when I got home after the conversation!)​

    "and so you learned that what seemed hardest was the easiest".​

    3) I have an impossible time with forgiveness.​

    I can never forgive others. I can never forgive myself.​

    so moving forward, ​

    I'll do my best to be just 10% more forgiving,​


  28. A skewed explanation of anger. Anger can be used to empower oneself through love. Sounds contradictory, but the reality is that all emotions can either come from a space of either fear or love, including anger, including ‘powerlessness’ – which in its empowered state is better referred to as surrender. Misleading video.

  29. I feel better when I take the anger out on something or someone or myself. I hate the frustrating feeling inside as if a feather was fluttering inside you and it's so annoying, and it gets worse when you try to LET IT GO, it's as if its saying how dare YOU try to forget about this anger I'm going to make you feel frustrated inside even more

  30. I went for most of my life feeling low key depressed due to suppressing my emotions. I'm finally getting angry and feel better.

  31. what do i do if someone is angry at me? sometimes i fight back but it just gets worse and i get really angry too. if i don't want to deal with it i just go into my room and lock the door behind me, but then that person feels disrespected and i can still hear the shouting and hitting against the door. very rarely i manage to get it to a serious conversation that is not a fight but trying to understand each other. but that takes time and me being in a better mood than coming from school hungry and with a headache. i'm so done with it. i feel like i get nothing back if i try to help that person because that person never respects my emotional state either. i mean i know she feels awful but i just sometimes have no space for it, i have problems too.

  32. She must have used up her whole "stock photos of black folks looking upset" folder for this video. I hope you do a video on "unconscious bias" soon. 🙄

  33. Oh this explains my love for Eminem's music when he first hit the charts… His music is like therapy…. Awsome video so informative.

  34. I feel so angry as if it is not humanly possible to become more angrier!!!!! I feel powerless like other people always get their own way and they get to feel like they are apart of young people and I am always pushed to the side and made to be someone I'm not

  35. I have a problem … I have a very bad relationship with my little sister , you might think it's normal between siblings but it is not as simple as that , we fight over everything! Ant it always seems like my parents git her side in every situation … maybe it's because I'm the eldest ? So I always get angry at her and end up doing things that are NOT like me at all … I feel like … I'm turning into a monster ! And I am scared to be rejected by people because of that …. but unfortunately I don't think about that when I'm so angry! Please give me some advice if you can … I don't know what to do

  36. I'm so angry and sad and irritated by my family and friends and I want to be happy and I just don't know how to be happy anymore.?

  37. I dont fear my anger I just dont like the Demon that takes control of everything when it happens I dont like to be angry its horrible things that cause anger to me really are not trivial they are important, valuable or my beliefs or what Id fight for or have in the ways I did under those times. These days I am not that hostile kid who will intentionally go fight people or be that way because I have been there and done that and the Monster that that version of me was has evolved onto someone else. I WILL ALWAYS RUN TOWARDS BEING ABLE TO EXPRESS HAPPINESS AND BEING NICE cause things just work better no matter who you deal with it could be anyone….hostility does not work it embeds a distaste it holds grudge & it decays the vibrant person that now you truly are the amazing person you truly are……….its just so hard at times and honestly some scenarios I faced in my life I wish I could reverse time and deploy the new me there the "learned" me version and take ultra control of and handle the people that were causing trouble this is something(s) that occurred in NYC when I was there growing up all I know is I did what I could without compromising myself or like getting into legal issues but I cannot even tell or decribe to you what I really truly wanted and still would do because its a evil thing and I still feel nothing about it because those people were out to hurt people myself including. With other things I just want happiness, even with authority figures I think happiness and like niceness and understanding is what builds relationships or now like allows a seamless process its as simple as that. I am not perfect but I wish life was where I could just be happy and my loved ones too everything else I got this. And you are right you are angry when threatened now. Yes but you can be controlled and just handle things too. Depends.

  38. Much trauma… integration of a dread priest… past life regressions… you bet there has been a massive amount of anger. Going through all this while mundanes are kicking you while you are down the whole time… I am amazed I did not go full Destroyer. It is good to have friends.

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