How to Deal With Anger – Sadhguru

Namaskaram Sadhguru My question is, what are we supposed to do
when we are angry? And how to deal with deep-rooted anger? Sadhguru: It depends, who is the victim?
(Laughter) You (Laughs)… please. Suppose you are angry with your mother,
you behave one way. You are angry with your friend, another way. You are angry with your professor (Laughter),
completely different way. Yes or no? So, who is your victim right now (Laughs)? Accordingly, you should do. But now you are asking this question
as if anger is a natural part of you. Are you angry right now? What’s your name? Questioner: Rohini. Sadhguru: Rohini, are you angry right now? No. Then why are you bothered about anger? Once in a way you get angry, tch, yes? You get angry, anger doesn’t happen to you,
you get angry. You like it? You don’t like it, then why do you do it? See, around us so many people will do so many things
that we don’t like. Yes or no? So many things in Mumbai happening,
things that we don’t like are everyday happening. But at least within you, only what you want
should happen within this, isn’t it? Hmm? I cannot decide that only
what I want should happen with you, but I can definitely decide only
what I want must happen within me, isn’t it? If you could decide only
what you want should happen within you, would you choose anger or joy? What’s your choice? Please choose,
I am going to bless you. Participants: Joy. Sadhguru: Tch, see you want the highest level of
pleasantness for yourself, isn’t it? Then why such a thing not happening? As I said earlier, you never read the user’s manual. How this functions has not been looked at. Do not go by the example of people who
came here a few years earlier than you, that “No, no, my mother also was like that,
my grandmother also was getting angry, so I am also getting angry.” They should not be the leading lights of your life. I want you to look at it. Your thought, your emotion,
your body must happen the way you want, isn’t it? Hmm? If somebody else can decide
what should happen within you, this is ultimate slavery, isn’t it so? What happens around you maybe we can decide, but nobody should decide except yourself
what happens within you. If you decide, you would keep this in the
highest state of pleasantness for sure, you wouldn’t be battling with anger. It’s not just about anger – fear, stress, tension,
don’t address them separately. Essentially your mind is
not taking instructions from you. Why? Because you don’t know
where the damn keyboard is, yet. We gave you a super computer,
you do not know where the keyboard is, so one day you did this (Gestures) something worked, another day you did this (Gestures) something worked – You know, Have you seen people? The radio doesn’t work boom and it works sometimes (Laughter). That’s not a technology, that’s chance. Have you seen this? If something doesn’t work,
people think tap tap tap, it’ll work. And a lot of people are using this for human beings also (Laughter) Something doesn’t work, tap tap and it’ll work. In Tamil Nadu there is a saying –
“Naalu kudutha ellam sari ayidum” That means if you slap them four times,
everything will get fixed (Laughter). Doesn’t get fixed like that (Laughs).

53 thoughts on “How to Deal With Anger – Sadhguru

  1. he is so wise,lovely and funny.
    i love listen to himπŸ™β€πŸ™
    with love&respect❣
    those who really listen, can learn so much from him.

  2. You are always in control even if it doesn't seem like it but what happens within you is your own doing, you just need to learn how to tap into it!

  3. Many times, anger stems from internalized sadness and hurtfulness. For years, I lived in pure rage caused by extremely horrific things that my ex husband had been doing to our son since he was born. Things that led to my son's death at the age of 19. I could also choose to be angry at my mother, as she is emotionally brutalizing my 80 year old father who has Alzheimer's. She refuses to let anyone see him or speak to him without her being present, if she allows any contact at all. She suffers from extreme narcissism,a as well as severe depression. She was raised in an orphanage for the majority of her life. One day out of nowhere, I stumbled upon this saying: Forgive others not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace. Something so simply put changed my life, and opened my mind and heart allowing me to understand what had caused the extremity of my anger in such a way that further allowed me to be able to deal with the cause(s) of that anger in a healthy and spiritual way. I will admit that the sadness & helpless feelings poke at me often, and that's a normal and necessary thing. I have finally come to understand that it's simply a part of a my journey in this life. I don't have to like it or agree with the negative actions of others. I can only continue to try to rise above the things that intentionally wish to keep my emotions shackled to negativity. Sadhguru has been a blessing and inspiration in my journey, and I am beyond grateful for the wisdom that he shares with all of us. Much love πŸ’•

  4. Okay so he defined it well and its good, but how do we deal with anger then? Question not answered. He did say about learning how to use "This" and pointed towards his body and I assume that is it but he did not show us How To Deal With Anger. I assume he would have said to my doubt. "Just don't GET angry period" but I would like to have that one manual of his.

  5. I with my deepest feeling , if I can touch in myself with..I want to express that , sadhguru is the precious gift of my life …and his auspicious presence I am in fortune to witness in the similar lifetime , me and him have got….I was not born before him , or after him when he would not have been along.
    I bow down to the Lord with tears and reverence with poise.
    That through him, I will be able to abide by the reality to touch my life with divine, to enhance the true path to my parents.., to celebrate real empathy with my countrymen and world men.

    So that I will be able to recognise the pain and joy of every being with utmost simple ness.
    And I will be able to deliver what is needed, where ever it is needed, beside me.
    And that is all my life , by now I can just see to have.
    But may be there is more.
    May be more magnificent..
    More additional meaning full.
    More with a heart.

  6. After awhile….of tracking this path of soul searching….a wider birth of people will understand…joy more as not something to comprehend….as it is not activated by any conscious actions ..persΓ© ….out of nowhere…have you ever experienced fulfillment…or happiness…or joy….or did you activate it by will …. every time it happened is what the people are thinking about….you need to now put yourself in the place of a cancer patient….a pregnant woman….a tyrannical dictator…a newborn baby….and an anarchist with a political carreer …..remove your life experience….and grow yourself as these characters….as if you where cultivating yourself in . meditation to confront kilesas of Buddhism

  7. ΰΉ„ΰΈ£ΰΉ‰ΰΈͺΰΈ²ΰΈ£ΰΈ° ΰΈ‰ΰΈ΄ΰΈšΰΈ«ΰΈ²ΰΈ’ ΰΉ€ΰΈͺΰΈ΅ΰΈ’ΰΉ€ΰΈ§ΰΈ₯ΰΈ²

  8. First let us identify what anger is
    Is it an act of thoughts unto self

    Is it an act of words said out loud
    Is it an act of action be performed

    Anger first tell me what you see it as
    And i will tell you if anger is justified

    Not let us assume control of inside us
    Now lets assume control of our voices
    Now let us assume control of all actions

    Riddle me this where does anger reside
    If i understand what evils are on to me

    Tell me what limiters should be [[[set]]]
    To tell another what lines not to cross

    The lord is slow to anger?
    It doesn't say never angry


  9. Angry,hapinnes sadnes is human reactions to their mood and mostly not avoidable i think the guru way of dealing is unsceintific and only sceintific proven facts should be followed

  10. Supposed someone finds him/herself in heavy traffic and usually there are ppl who are sitting in and using a machine in a situation with which they are completely over challenged as well as overwhelmed, take this further to one's life… and you get the point made! That why it is of utmost importantace to read the "users manual" of this body!

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