partied hard last night and had a little
too much to drink last nights fun has resulted in a pounding headache and a nauseated feeling well not to worry you are just one of the many who have woken up with a hangover a hangover is just a severe headache caused due to axcessive alcohol in addition to a headache other symptoms are dizziness
dry mouth drowsiness extreme tiredness and nausea a decrease in the body fluids
can affect the brain and the senses which means trouble concentrating being
sensitive and irritated to light and sound you may also experience sweating
flatulence anxiety and excessive hyperexcitability here are some home remedies to give you
a cure from hangover lemon in the form of lemon tea or lemon juice can be a
cure for a hangover do not add sugar if you are having lemon tea but you can add
sugar for having lemon juice the vitamin c in lemon juice effectively deals with the queasiness dizziness irritation to light and sound and muscle aches that
accompany a hangover take about half glass of water add 2
teaspoons of lime juice and add about 1 teaspoon of sugar mix this well drink the solution slowly as soon as you wake up in the morning alternatively you can have some tomato
soup or have some tomato juice with the dash of lemon juice the fructose in
tomato juice helps metabolize the alcohol in your body and gives you
faster relief raw fruits are also very effective for treating hangovers eating
an apple on an empty stomach can give you a quick relief mash a ripe banana
and put this in a blender and to this add about 1 cup of milk and 1 tablespoon
of honey and now you can drink this in the
morning always moderate alcohol consumption not just to avoid unpleasant
hangovers but for your overall health is wealth eat sensible drink sensible and
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