How To Cope With Stress & Control Anger – 3 Simple Techniques To Handle Stress & Calm Down!

have you ever noticed that intellectual
knowledge very often isn’t enough but when you actually notice it in yourself
when you have experienced something all of a sudden it becomes very real well
this sort of thing happened to me yesterday and I wanted to share this
incident with you in the process I want to share with you some of my favorite
ways of getting rid of stress and getting rid of anger without hurting
anybody else so if you don’t know me my name is Stephan Erdman I’m looking forward to
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videos about now this thing happened to me yesterday it was really unpleasant
actually so I was coming to the tube station here in London to my local tube
station I was standing looking at the board and then somebody pushed me quite
forcefully out of the way to get through the machines and I wasn’t standing
exactly in front of the machines but it was really very deliberate I reacted
very strongly I started basically shouting after the guy and said if he
wanted to have a fight which was just a reaction that I had and I was obviously
really angry with him he just still walked on and just ignored me and I felt
really wronged by him anyway I was on the other side of the barrier so I went
to the platform grumbling to myself and you know having had a very very nice
morning I was in an immediate complete state of anger and it was really
interesting when the train comes and there were a couple of people around me
as well I thought I’d kind of calmed down by then
and got it out of my system we go onto the train and a few people were but slow
getting on and the train was still getting ready to leave and I noticed
myself actually pushing through to people quite forcefully to let the
people behind me get on and at the time of doing that I was thinking kind of
aggressive thoughts to be honest and then I walked through grumbling to
myself in my head and then I realized I had done exactly almost what this dude
had done to me five minutes ago I become so aggressive from being exposed to
aggression that I had behaved in ways that weren’t really typical for me at
all now I’ve had a pretty nice life overall I have to say if that one push
can turn me into such a maniac myself what happens to a person that
experiences that of abuse on a daily basis for example at home at work at
school what if you live in an environment like that all your life I
know this sounds really ridiculously like naive or something but you know you
can know these things logically but when you notice it in yourself you really
really get it you get the idea that people are products of their environment
unless you really experience that and notice that in yourself it’s really hard
to empathize so what if you grow up in that sort of environment what if you
live in that sort of environment it must be absolute hell I hope I will always
remember that so I don’t just write people off as assholes who are angry or
frustrated with the world or they’ve just experienced or horrible things in
their lives and then I thought well how do I get rid of this angry state I
thought for a few moments and then I thought okay let’s go to number one
number one technique for me when I have experiences that I don’t like that make
me angry frustrated whatever is usually I try to smile at the whole thing
the whole thing see the funny side that sounds very basic but it really really
is a perspective taking for anything alright you can can see the funny side
in anything and it gives you such a great step back and such a great
perspective on things so I did that I live for wealth it’s hilarious I’m
acting like a prick frankly because some other prick just acted like a prick to
me I mean that’s like do you surprise yourself there oh and look at you when
you were doing all that pushing through the people and all that stuff oh that’s
ridiculous look at you you know short guy with a big head you better do not do
that again though you get lamps by somebody right so I did that and it kind
of worked but didn’t work enough because I was really in quite a strong state so
what’s the second step I usually take if I really need to get myself out of the
state well I do the following I picture myself a year in the future
and picture myself looking back on this incident
if ever you want to get a new perspective one from a perspective of
chilled Ness and wisdom just imagine yourself a year in the future and look
back at yourself at the time nothing nothing
seems that important to stay upset and that really helped me actually that
really helped and the last thing I did actually to get myself into a great
state and this is my go-to one now to be honest it’s so quick and intuitive I say
to myself well I’m still alive that’s good news
I’m alive I should be grateful for that yeah so that’s what I did and after that
I felt great again so number one find a way of smiling at the situation laughing
at the situation number two picture yourself a year and in the future and
look back at yourself and look at the whole situation and you know think about
how significant it seems to you right now and the last thing just you know be
grateful you’re still alive Frankie you should be and I should be
old all day every day because hey it is a gift if you’d like to learn more from
me about some of the things that I have also discovered on my journey
from being a pretty shy guy to a pretty confident guy then go to my website
there’s a link here there’s a link here there’s a fantastic report waiting there
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out what it is but it will help you to get more confident develop my
self-esteem have more success in your life and more happiness in your work and
your life and with the people you’re with I see you soon

5 thoughts on “How To Cope With Stress & Control Anger – 3 Simple Techniques To Handle Stress & Calm Down!

  1. This is great advice! Thanks!
    As a introvert, I sometimes need a break or recharge from interacting with people, for example bar hopping (I don't like going to bars, but friends do).
    How do you do a "quick recharge" between situations as a introvert? Especially when it comes to business meetings?

  2. I think I can relate to these strategies this is helpful now I can focus more on these strategies very helpful thanks

  3. This is why we "need" these kind of negative experiences. To think. To humble down, to understand our own dark side, to understand other peoples' possible motives, and to understand (as you said) that in the "big picture" these kind of small events don't really matter. Life is a happier place than that! 🙂 Stay humble, look at the big picture, learn from your experiences. Enjoy life! 🙂

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