29 thoughts on “How to cope with stress: 4 Tips to deal with stress

  1. I have 5 days to master Concerto No.1 K313 for the flute since I just realized that 5 months of practicing was actually nothing since I was not playing fast enough. My band instructor overestimates me and thinks I can just play something like that with only 4 years of experience, and like barely half a year to practice it. Its a lot harder than it sounds, and it even sounds hard to do. He's coming to watch the auditions, and I'll probably embarrass myself sick… My mom doesn't understand that I literally can't learn this song, and also overestimates me. There's nothing I can do so the best thing is, is to make it easier on myself and fix this stress… I hope this does help

  2. Hi Andrea,
    Your videos is really nice and helpful to manage stress, and the way you told every thing is very pretty …I really like your important tips ….thanks for creating positive tips on stress….last thing your looking very sweet ….God bless You…

  3. Hey I just graduated from high school and I've been stressed out about a lot and I have a few panic attacks for stressing out too much and of course I went to the doctor and they checked me out and stuff and said it was anxiety. I don't have panic attacks anymore because now I have a better understanding about it. But I still stress over stuff that won't happen and I keep freaking myself out. I really like this video and if you could message me back to talk about stress and how to overcome it I'd really appreciate that.

  4. Hey Andrea, your videos are great! I love watching them!! I also make similar videos helping busy women with advice on stress, confidence, happiness, etc. I am your subscriber. Hope you subscribe me in return? Many thanks!

  5. Look. The information given is actually pretty good and useful. However, I couldn't focus on them because I was too perplexed with the "special effects" and "funny jokes". Come on, you don't need this to get your message across. Thanks and no hard feelings 😉

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