How to Control Your Temper

How to Control Your Temper. Controlling your anger requires a desire to
understand its source, and to take action to tamp it down. You will need Time Quiet A notebook Visualization
techniques and a sense of humor. Step 1. Declare a “time out” when you feel anger rising. Remove yourself from the situation. Counting to 10 can buy time to defuse your
temper. Step 2. Take a brisk walk or go for a run to exhaust
an angry impulse. Swim, dig in the garden – anything that
may interfere with the rush of negative feelings. Step 3. Log your thoughts in writing when anger intrudes. Recording these moments limits the effects
of your rage. Yoga and meditation can also temper the effects
of rage. Step 4. Correct patterns of thought through deep breathing,
or visualize pleasant memories. Use a mantra or a private word that triggers
a peaceful reflection. Listen to relaxing music. Therapists and anger management professionals
are trained to help you defuse anger. Step 5. Practice expressing anger to a neutral party. This allows you to clear the air before exhibiting
behavior you might regret. Carry small objects or pieces of paper with
advice. These items can serve as cues to avoid sudden
eruptions. Step 6. Think carefully before you speak. Use “I” statements, such as “I feel as if…,”
so that you don’t offend someone by placing blame and escalating tensions. Step 7. Use humor to defuse friction. But be careful not to overestimate your charm. Step 8. Analyze what look, tone, speech, action – even
breathing – you exhibited in anger. Return to the original situation and attempt
a different approach. Did you know Stress from anger sparks electrical
changes in the heart that can lead to heart attacks.

88 thoughts on “How to Control Your Temper

  1. i find to controlling my anger is to punch the wall because i dont feel the pain but it still calms me down. but now i have a bruse

  2. I USED to pump weights and work on tha punchbag

    Now Ive been banned from my fucking gym, aswell

    Fuckin dicks, theyll see. Theyll ALL see!


  3. i go KIMBO SLICE when im mad !

    this doesn't help at all …. i have my own way .. i just go to the gym and beat the hell out of my trainer !

  4. hmmm… i am never that angry. people have tried, but.. i just cant seem to get mad? i mean like snap. what i do is think to myself, i am above this person, if i go to violence then i am less evolved than the person who is going to anger me. just weird shit.

  5. I work in a restaurant people make me angry all the time because they're rude. Is it just me or was this video not as helpful as it should be?

  6. omg! all so true! except the part about the 1887's. those have been patched. still, they have ruined my baby that is the Call of Duty series. Glad to see other people have the same outlook as me

  7. My father literally dropped dead during a heated argument with my older sister, he was 51 with no history of cardiac problems but he had a terrible temper.

  8. I have a really bad relationship with my mother! I have huge anger around her everyday. Because she is stupid, don't show me respect, always bugging me when i just want quite to myself, and no trust or lets me do things for myself. My anger is so bad around her that it leads to hitting, yelling, and cussing. I really wish i can get help.

  9. if i had the chance, i would really damage or kill someone but no, i choose to do the right thing and just be normal, like a normal person. ive gone from very angry to just angry i just beat the hell out of my dummy at home so much that its ripping

  10. Take care of your THOUGHTS because they become WORDS.
    Take care of your WORDS because they become your ACTIONS.
    Take care of your ACTIONS because they will become HABITS.
    Take care of your HABITS because they will form your CHARACTER.
    Take Care of your CHARACTER because they will form your DESTINY, and your DESTINY will be your life. AND There is NO religion higher than the '' TRUTH ''

  11. That's what I'm trying to find out its worst when its at the beginning of class I know how that feels I just want to flip the desk over and say Fuck this shit but I will get in trouble

  12. what the heck do you do when the issue is actually not so bad but you feel really angry and have exams to study for? Fuck this shit.

  13. When I'm angry I listen to relaxation music/tapes. If ur angry about a test or exam just say fuck it and don't study, or if u want to do it the logical way. Tell your parent/guardian to quiz you and awnsering all the questions right will make u feel good about yourself before the test ik it's hard to understand but it works lele

  14. I have a really bad and short temper, but it depends on who it is and what mood I'm in if I'm going to blow up on someone.

  15. Hope this article helps[search_id]=57875cf6-bef6-4599-af19-d6f9f6617ca3&insight[search_result_index]=1

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