Here i would like to discuss views of my father He is an industrialist Person always understands the language he speaks more often i understood from that story He told me Jitesh it dosent matter how many factories you have But you should have these 3 factories I asked him which kind of factories he was talking about He told: Firstly you should have an ice factory in your head. Second factory should be sugar factory in your tongue. Third is love factory in your heart Your life would be very satisfying if you have these 3 Its True that people understands their language better. If we analyze its a very simple thought but its tuff to relate with this thought Like this your life would be very saisfactory if you use your subconsious mind because Sub concious mind gives you emotions it gives control over your emotions Here, I would like to give you a key point which you should apply to your own life Whenever you feel angry When u feel angry…. ASK Where is the anger I repeat Whenever you are angry find it out where it is Is it in your head, tongue, legs, where ? Ask that question and see the result Thats a tip i m giving you which we all will be doing in the workshop Just ask: Where is the anger ? I want to find it out Anger will go Sometimes it is the desire Drinking, smoking Ask where is the desire How it looks like ? Just try to look at its emptyness This is not my psycology its not my theory Its a buddhist theory Dalai Lama’s theory Even Dalai Lama follows it We all know he is a wise man Right ? So i am going to share a story related to him Just ask the emptyness Where is it ?? How desire looks like When u will start doing it Anger will go It helps to remove any destructive or negative emotions Where is the greed, desire, etc Just ask and see the result We believe in results Never believe strangers, try to test yourself

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