How to control anger // what is anger?

anger is a normal emotion that we all
feel from time to time the problem occurs when anger turns into aggression
or the anger overtakes us and has us doing things that we normally shouldn’t
do things that we regret doing or things that we know are actually wrong that is
why in this video I’m going to share with you what anger actually is and how
to control anger welcome I am Vivi, my channels all about
guiding you to an exceptional relationship with yourself of your
partner and a beautiful life full of emotional freedom so that you can do
whatever you want without being hold back by your emotions so if that’s what
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notified whenever I release a new video being emotional intelligent doesn’t mean
that we never feel anger or that be directly push the emotion when you’re
pretending to be happy and excited about life which were actually not because
we’re still surly and we being emotional intelligence means managing and
controlling the anger that we’re feeling because anchors are normal emotion that
all of us feel has been accorded emotion so we share feel it from time to time so
what is anger anger can come from three different things a person someone else
making us angry this can be someone from your family your boss an old friend
someone that triggers you and that you just can’t deal with your attitude with
whatever they’re doing something they’re saying how they treat you how they treat
others it can be a million things but it comes from the special person it can
come from a special thing or place which for example airports that trigger people
traffic rush hour that makes people like super nervous and angry or it comes from
an internal event that can be either imaginary or a memory
drama or some worry that we have in our head so what do we do when we feel angry
is the only thing that we can do but the easiest things are starting to breathe I
don’t talk a lot about like 3 being and taking the press but it’s so important
there’s a lot of people talking about presberg and like health rhetoric
changed your mind this is not something complicated I just
want you to breathe and take a deep breath and just really relax and let the
air flow through your body when we are angry normally our muscles tend to tense
our life thirdly cleansing and really I’m just freakin angry so the best thing
to do is relaxing our muscles which my proof my favorite thing is to just like
open my hands because we normally clench our fists open my hands or just like
pumping me fingers like this so you’re actually not tensing your muscles you’re
opening them up or stretching your fingers keeping your muscles open like
rolling your neck trying to get the tension out of your body out of your
neck out of your body standing up straight breathing and trying to relax
while you’re breathing and trying to detention muscles it’s always good to
repeat a man where to calm ourselves because we all know that affirmations we
will work so the same things like I’ll be okay everything is okay I don’t need
to be angry I’ll be okay I’ll be okay is one of my favorite and things to say
when I got because we all know that we’ll be okay
we don’t really need to react we know that things are gonna work out in our
favor if that’s what we believe so just say I’ll be okay everything is gonna be
okay everything’s gonna work out in my favor let me know in the comments below
what you normally do when you are angry and what your favorite emotion is my
favorite emotion is excitement and gratitude if that doesn’t help and we
really can’t get our mind off that person or the situation then I love
playing some music because music like this track those many don’t put on like
the most dramatic and saddest music that you can find right now
oh don’t some really cool music something that makes you dance enjoy
yourself just have a good time and try to distract yourself mentally if you’re
not really that much into music you can also grab a pen a paper a journal or
just open up an email or a plan document and start writing but I definitely
prefer and recommend writing if you had it’s much more powerful than just
sitting in front of your computer and writing it’s a lot more fun as well and
it really gets out your emotion if you if you’re writing an email to a person
you can’t address the email to the person but please don’t send it the
power is in writing your emotions out I’m not actually in sending the email or
sending the letter it’s just has intention to get the emotion to feelings
whatever you’re feeling inside why ever you are angry out and on paper so it
gets out of your body and it’s not like stuck inside here and my last tip is
practice gratitude and empathy we all go through different things in life
never know what kind of battles our neighbor our friend or that person that
made us angry is going through we never know what kind of other challenges other
people are facing so let’s just give them love sent them empathy and
gratitude give them love and acceptance and the more we love we give to others
and give to ourselves the more we notice we don’t actually need to be angry if
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