HOW TO CONTROL ANGER: 3 Anger Management Techniques  for Biblical Emotional Healing – Anna Szabo

Have you ever struggled with BAD TEMPER? Me too. In fact, HOW TO HANDLE ANGER became my focus
during my marriage with Michel in 2016 and 2017 when I was enduring regular Narcissistic
Abuse. You know what? I felt ashamed of my anger. In this video,
I will share with a proof that your anger is NOT sinful,
it IS biblical, Jesus felt anger,
AND I’ll share with you how to control anger
with the 3 Anger Management Techniques I use in my daily life when I get angry. Coming up! Welcome to our #VulnerabilityAcvountability
Thursday! Here we embrace our humanness
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to encourage and empower you! Often in life, we are hesitant to admit what
we feel because we think certain feelings are either sinful or less than. That’s when we deny our feelings, fight
them, resists them, and avoid them. Have you ever felt that way? I certainly have. Especially ANGER. Anger management starts with anger ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. For me,
it has been a painful journey as I grew up in a very violent home
where I was abused daily and so I entered my adulthood
with my primary emotion being ANGER. The rest of human emotions I avoided
by drinking alcohol and sleeping around. You probably know
my story of sexual addiction from the channel introduction video you watched
before you SUBSCRIBED. One thing I’ve learned:
anger is THERE to be acknowledged and understood with compassion. Jesus Felt Anger. When I read Mark 3:5 which portrays Jesus
“looking around with anger” at religious leaders, I was like: wait…. WHAT? Jesus felt anger?😲😲😲😲 My shame went away instantly. My own human emotion
was validated by GOD HIMSELF feeling it. I’m not even God,
I’m just a human, so yes, I do get angry, yes. So, let’s talk about
Be angry and do not sin So, basically, the Bible
allows us to FEEL anger. BUT! It instructs us:
when you ARE angry, do NOT sleep around
do not drown yourself in alcohol do NOT use drugs to make yourself feel better
do NOT cuss at your husband and tell him to go ….. FAR AWAY
(I did that in my marriage with Michel) do NOT fight physically
do NOT gossip ect Ok. SO. What Anger Management techniques does the
Bible recommend? Let’s talk about that. First of all, what IS Anger? Anger experts describe anger as
a primary, natural emotion which has evolved
as a way of surviving and protecting yourself from what is considered a wrong-doing. Right! Spot on! I was angry with Michel because of his daily
wrong-doing: narcissistic mental cruelty,
wasting money, not paying the mortgage for months because
of his bicycle obsession, his cheating on me, his negligence,
and on and on. I know when I’m getting angry,
I raise my voice, I become defensive,
I want to scream and overall I feel self-righteous. What about you? What does anger feel like to you
and what does it look like on the outside? On the outside, in my case,
my anger came out as sending middle-finger pictures
via text to Michel, accompanied by really mean words. I started seriously thinking
where that anger was coming from and was this really how I wanted to show up in the world
as God’s child? As a Princess… a daughter of the king,
Loved and accepted, Sanctified and redeemed. BTW, you can buy this canvas on Amazon, I’ll
share the link with you in the video description. So, 4 months after our wedding, Michel told
me that he did not want to be my husband, because all he wants out of life
is to be an IronMan and compete in Kona. In preparation for our divorce jury trial
in 2016 and 2017, I knew it would be an emotional crucifixion for me,
So I was asking God to rid me of any anger,
fill my heart with compassion and grace toward Michel,
enable me to be humble and kind every day on the witness stand in our trial,
and even when I was humiliated and lied against,
I asked God to help me remain anger-free,
humble, and kind. And God gave me that. I’m so grateful. Why would I ask for such things? Because see, MICHEL’s WRONG-doing does NOT
influence my eternity or my relationship with Jesus. Michel abused me and that is ONLY influencing
MICHEL’S eternity. Now, cussing AT Michel because of MY anger
impacts MY eternity. Are you with me? I realized: nothing is wrong about me feeling
anger when the guy abuses me daily. But the Bible says:
be angry and do NOT sin. So, I started weekly Biblical counseling in
September of 2016 and the primary focus on our sessions was
one topic: how to glorify God in my adverserial marriage. So, here are my 3 Anger Management Techniques
that I’ve learned and applied to manage my own anger
in my abusive narcissistic marriage with Michel: #1. Learn to recognize when you are angry. As Ephesians 4:26 recommends, Be angry and
do not sin. So, choosing NOT to sin in your anger starts
with YOU understanding that you ARE angry. #2. Tell God about your anger and bad temper in
a genuine prayer. As st Peter 5:7 recommends,
Cast all your anxiety on God who cares for you. See, I was telling Michel
how much he hurt me, but Michel never cared for me after our wedding. Instead of going to Michel with my anger,
I learned to go to God who actually cares for me. #3. Honor God out of gratitude
for His love and your salvation and forgive the person you’re angry with as
God forgives you daily. As Ephesians 4:31-32 recommends:
Get rid of all bitterness, rage,
anger, harsh words,
and slander, as well as all types of evil behavior. Sidenote here:
(evil behavior for me was cussing at Michel in my anger) The verse continues-
Instead, be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another,
just as God – through Christ – has forgiven you. SO, there you have it:
My 3 Anger Management Techniques for BIBLICAL EMOTIONAL HEALING Remember:
the actions of others don’t impact YOUR relationship with God
or your eternity. YOUR actions do. You have a choice every time someone angers
you to either walk in the Spirit
or walk in the Flesh. How do you manage your anger? If your desire is to honor and glorify God,
reflect on how you express your anger and ask yourself:
is my behavior giving God the glory He deserves? Let me know what you think in comments below I’ll see you in my next video tomorrow. God bless! WAIT! Wait wait! Please don’t think that mastered these 3
skills already and that somehow you want see me angry. Listen, my maintenance team is watching this
video and they can tell YOU CAN SEE ME ANGRY
HI, David! Hi, Richard! Hi, Mr Kenneth! You’re the best maintenance team ever and
thank you for your patience and kindness 🤗 Bye now!

3 thoughts on “HOW TO CONTROL ANGER: 3 Anger Management Techniques for Biblical Emotional Healing – Anna Szabo

  1. Forgiveness is a tough one lol but I think its important and these three techniques are very helpful. Thank you again for always helping put things into perspective and being so honest and open my friend.

  2. This video offered a lot of clarity on the topic of anger. Anger itself is not a sin, but we can sin if we choose to deal with it in the wrong way. I also like how you pointed out that other people's actions don't affect our eternity and relationship with God. It is relieving to know that we are only responsible and accountable before God for our own actions and responses.

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