16 thoughts on “How To Be Happier And Less Stressed

  1. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your channel. It's refreshing to find positivity! I work full time, but the best and most important job I have is being a mother of three. I enjoy listening to your tips and explanations.

  2. This would be a helpful distinction for somebody stuck in depression. I agree it is a skill set much more than it is a choice. I did used to feel victimised by circumstance /the universe, and if I'd known that there were skills I didn't have but could GET, that would have helped me more than the instruction to ''choose happiness''. I'm sure I did feel how you implied at the start of your clip when rolled your eyes and said ''what would those two know about hardship''. I would have thought exactly that once.

  3. one of my biggest struggles is dealing with being over whelmed. as you know I am a single mom, and I have a difficult child. he currently has to change schools do to behaviors, plus all the other million responsibilities I have to deal with alone. so I slipped up and bought a pack of smokes, another thing I try not to do. but it is all on me. these past few weeks have been crazy! I am try to use you tactics with him and myself, but………. I have to do ALOT just to get him in the right school, iep meetings etc…… all of witch I just did and I have to do again, plus like I said everything else. then I do things to deal with it I realy don't want to do. so them what? I just want a better way to deal. plus financial whose.

  4. happiness being a skill/choice, remains of one of your earlier videos where you said love was a choice. It makes me feel less guilty and more in control!

  5. How do I stay happy when being attacked by others? I tend to freeze up in these situations. I become saddened by what is being said even though what is being said about me isn’t true. After I end up hating myself for not speaking up which then results in me becoming deeply depressed. This behavior has caused me countless grief along with missed opportunities for a better my life. What should I do to change this destructive behaviors?

  6. I just started watching all of your videos and they are helping me so much thank you I was feeling depressed stressed angry and crying allot as a single mom of two and struggling with discipline but your videos have really turned things around for me thank u!

  7. I have very very unhappy friends.. i tried to help them as much as i can.. being good listener, tell them about your tips (n sending your channel links), etc.. but i dont seem to be able to get in. Its like they choose to be unhappy (despite their advantages and previlages).. Can you help with this? just as first aid for them

  8. Im from India…I watch your vdos and find them v useful.
    My problem is that i am v stressed about my son. He wants to persue an occupation that my hubby has failed to be successful at. Dey both are v similar in their personalities too. Therefore im constantly worried dreading what if my son too fails in life. Pl help its spoiling my family life n my mental n physical health.

  9. I’m so curious about this book because one of my favorites is Shawn Achor’s The Happiness Advantage, about how a Harvard researcher discovered that happiness leads to success, not the other way around (which is what people usually think – “if I get more successful, I’ll be happier”, right? Also, somebody I’m close to has been going through that same job discouragement where he can’t seem to find contentment at work and gets increasingly frustrated, angry, and depressed job after job after job. It’s heartbreaking to watch, especially as a wife, and mother of his 4 kids, as you can imagine. And he won’t go in for help, either. Maybe I could bring him this book and hopefully it might help him bust his plateau or whatever. Thank you for all your hard work on this.

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