how to avoid anger By Bhupesh Srivastava

Hello friends! This meditation will free you from anger. See anger is our biggest enemy. Your anger gives you more losses than your enemy gives. When you get angry, many such hormones get released by your body which are very much harmful for you. And when you stay happy, such hormones get secreted by which you get health. You get mental peace. So prevent yourself from anger at any cost. And believe me if you are not getting angry, you will always keep moving forward towards your life. Always. Observe all the successful people. Look carefully. They are free from anger. And those who are failures, they always show anger. Always. So what should you do to prevent yourslef from anger? Do a small meditation. What will you have to do? You have to stay aware that you are getting angry. The moment you get angry, get aware. The moment you get anger, what you need to do? Take left hand’s small finger. Press your left hand’s small finger with right hand’s thumb and index finger. Press it strongly. Press it strongly. Close your eyes. Take deep breath. Take deep breath. and make a sound like this. Listen to this sound very carefully. This isn’t brahmni pranayam sound. Make this sound and immediately anger is gone. Mood 100% fresh. Do it 3-4 times in a day. Make it your habit. Make good things your habit. Do good things again and again and make it your habit. We learn bad habits very fast. Very quickly we repeatedly start doing them and they come into our habits. And then mechanically it happens automatically. So by doing good things again and again forcefully, make them your habit. So you will automatically remember. As soon as you get angry, your hand will go on to your small finger. On it’s own mechanically. The software will get uploaded in your mind. Anger is coming, mind will get the instruction to meditate. Hold the small finger. Listen to this sound carefully. This sound needs to be removed. Anger came, held your small finger, Then rub your both the hands and move it around your face. Anger vanished. Surely do it friends. And seeing my website, do any meditation from it. My website is You can get connected to me on Facebook also. You can chat with me on Whats App also. Thank you very much friends.

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