100 thoughts on “How Stress Affects Your Body

  1. I am stressed af and that always but everyone is like "Nah your good it's a normal thing" I don't think it's normal to not live your life because you always have stuff to do.
    I Literally have most of these symptoms.

  2. I cry more easily than I did before and I always feel like I have a knot in my stomach, when I'm warned of being punished in any sort of way I break down in tears, any ideas?

  3. I can't breathe well,I can have trouble digesting and have stomachaches all the time and my heart rate increases randomly

  4. Omg some of those happened to me…bc i stress alot bc of school…i stress that i will not get an A but almost everything about school makes me stressed…..seeing this video and seeing what stress does to my body i want to try not to stress so much

  5. Lmfao yeah let's take medication that makes you a zombie with no emotion and sluggish behavior. Nope rather suffer

  6. My mom lost her hair due to stress….since I stress a lot now I think I will lose my hair. I even had a dream about it.

  7. My country's citizens avoid to get treatment because lots of companies don't hire person who visited mental clinic before. That sucks. So lots of citizens keep having mental disorder, that makes me sad.
    Btw, I have anxiety, depression, insomnia, hair loss issue and easy to be stressful, seriously I need help

  8. They missed out the fact that daily hassles create more stress and can have worse effects on the body due to the fact that we go through them every day

  9. Ever since my parents divorced I have really bad stress all the time mainly cause I know more behind the divorce and they don't know I know that

  10. Wow this made me more stressed because now I know I'm at a greater risk of heart attack….wow 😕😑😞

  11. something bad happened a while back, I get very stressed out very easily. I'm always worried, stressed.
    I barely get any sleep, ever since the event occurred. I had no clue my insomnia was caused by that, but it makes since now.

  12. Great video!! Gets the facts straight which is so true. Stress does major damage to the body and anyone who is stressed needs to take time and find a solution!!!

  13. Aww crud, got all of these. I should get some major stressors out of my life before I get to any of those consequences from chronic stress. 0.o

  14. You know what fucking sucks? I've had chronic stress since I was five. I told my parents about it everyday for eight years and no one ever believed me. My dad thinks that I'm not losing hair. He thinks I'm pulling it out for attention. He says stress isn't real. I will never be able to get help, because if I do, everyone will tell me to stop being dramatic. To them, I don't need help. I need to stop "looking for attention".

  15. Hope this article helps

  16. When I get really stressed out I feel like crying I don't know why but I can't control it. Being stressed also makes me very anxious

  17. I thought 2017 was supposed to be a better year, but I was faced with never ending Performance Tasks which led to stress. I already know it's gonna be a bad year.

  18. some one help me please i have stress 24/24 7/7 i can't even sleep normal . ican't relax no matter what i do

  19. I'm in so much stress. I have all of this symptoms from last 4 yrs…specially hard breathing, and poor digestion, weight loss. Pls tell me how to get rid of tress.

  20. When you have to read a video even though the makers of the video have the ability to talk to you, since it's, you know, a VIDEO!

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