How not to be Angry all the Time

Angry people sound like gloomy types. We certainly don’t usually think of them as optimists, and yet beneath that gruff surface, they truly are much to their cost. Here is Fred. He is often furious. He’s been married to his wife Jane for 15 years. He’s often told her not to interrupt him when he’s reading the newspaper. She finds this prohibition annoying for some very good reasons. So tonight she’s asked quite frankly when he’ll get around to cooking dinner. Now fred is shouting because he is deep inside so hopeful. Fred often loses small household items. Today he has lost his car keys. He is furious. “Where the hell have they gone!” He asks his family in fury. Fred is shouting because he is deep inside so hopeful. Fred arrives at the airport. His flight is delayed by four hours. It’s an outrage especially as he’s one of the airline’s premium passengers. He goes up to a young woman at the check-in desk and tells her exactly what he thinks. Fred is shouting because he is deep inside so hopeful. Despite all the evidence Fred keeps encountering, he stubbornly and devotedly maintains a faith in a world in which his partner understands him, small household items don’t go astray, airline schedules are more than a fiction. All his experience stretching back many decades has not dampened the intensity of his crazed hopes and every time they’re dashed, he screams. Fred will never be able to remove the frustrations of his life, but he could perhaps if he were wise with the help of philosophy learn to change what they mean to him. He might learn to accept reality for the sadder thing it truly is. He might take on board a series of dark truths about existence; that partners never understand one another very well, that we’re constantly losing things that matter to us, and that travel is filled with delays. more broadly he might realize that life is outside of the odd brief sunny patch a sequence of disappointments, misunderstandings, sorrows, griefs, and eventually catastrophes. Fred could learn to get a lot less angry if only he learned to stamp on all his hopes more effectively. Most of us are in many ways a little bit like fred, but our agitation isn’t permanent or unbudgeable. It’s only the result of the sudden defeat of our expectations. So in order to grow reliably calmer, we need to get a lot less optimistic about how life might go. Pessimism is the cure for anger.

100 thoughts on “How not to be Angry all the Time

  1. Well, Freds a fuckin twit isn't he. Fred makes me angry. So basically Fred wants shit to go right all the damn time😂 but that ain't life sis.

  2. Sounds like a lot of crap. I WAS married to an angry man who was also a terribly pessimistic. For myself hoping life will go smoothly and finding not leads more to frustration and possible despair than any raging anger. My motto is put it in perspective. Misplacing your keys is minor compared to some person crashed into your car in a parking lot and being left me the mess. Put it in perspective and don't let any emotion surpass the energy it is worth. Over the top emotion; most often not flattering and not only uncomfortable for others but damaging and wearing to ourselves.

  3. For the first time in my life, Shool Of Life has been wrong. With this kind of philosophy there is no more fuel for fighting for what is just, for undoing an unjust system, for fighting for people's rights, or against global warming for instance. Or maybe you should specify that your advice only applies to everyday life's little vexations, in which case it might be relevant…

  4. AH. THANKS! The truth at last! It answeres my life long question about myself: why am I so hopeful and so angry all the time???!!!

  5. I liked the mood of the video. But lol,you dum-asses striking people with depression,make another video where you teach about acceptance and inner peace now. I hope people don't take this deceptive video way too seriously,have a nice day,everybody,and remember – breathe,don't be such egoists,accept and make peace with that which is out of your control. Take care of yourselves! <3

  6. This is so true. In my 19 years of living things have never turned out the way I expect them to. No day is the same and every encounter is different. To be hopeful here doesn’t mean optimistic it means putting faith in a world that is constantly proving you wrong and it shows you it will never live up to your expectations of it. And yet you still somehow don’t accept this reality and make the lives of people around you harder than they need to be. But an addition: Don’t be pessimistic, be realistic and patient. Always

  7. I am literally one of the most pessimistic people out there. I am angry all the time. What kind of fucking bullshit is this? Piss off! Depressed people often are easily more irritable. When you're depressed, I'd say you're anything but hopeful. Dumbasses

  8. Kent my boy im chillen next to water fountain with this awsome weather. Hope y are in traffic, or a cubicle. But not peeping in on any body useing the bathroom like use to too me.

  9. I don’t know about that I know a person that idealistic but very pessimistic and negative and the one the angriest people I know

  10. The key is to look and accept life for what it really is and look at it in a pragmatic way and not sensationalize it with human ideologies that only aim to sugarcoat it (doing this is a delusion of the mind)

  11. Bruh I'm mad all the fkn time!
    From someone calling my name unnecessarily to some random person talking loudly to little things like the weather. Even being late to wake up also pisses me off. Almost everything but mainly when someone says my name, even if they need help. Just pisses my soul off

  12. I honestly don't think I've lived a day without being pissed or angry at least once in my life.

    I'm just so. Fucking. Annoyed.

  13. I have no idea why people are so inclined to the words optimistic and pessimistic as if it is relaying the meaning of happy and sad. All this video is trying to highlight is to not have your head in the clouds and ground yourself on this imperfect Earth. As soon as this angry person sees that life isn't so perfect, he isn't becoming dead inside or sad, he is simply seeing things as they are without any emotional attachment or judgement on how they "should" be or how he "wants" them to be. Ultimately through this seemingly "pessimistic" choice of thinking, he finds inner happiness.

  14. In video games the life is so perfect, farming is as easy as a tap on the screen, everything is colourful and beautiful.
    Same thing with some social media sources (obviously not this one :D)
    If children think life should be that bright, they get angry – why isn't food made in 30 sec etc.

    People should live more in reality so that the pain wouldn't come as a surprise.

    Edit: typo

  15. Gotta love how accurate the substance of this video is but the conclusion is just dead wrong; wtf?

  16. "Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies" — Shawshank. But it wasn't Andy Dufresne that was hopeful. Adam Lanza was the real hopeful one? Why destroy definitions of words? What a ridiculous video.

  17. God dam it Im so angry but I still an optimistic piece of shit to this video just angered me more

  18. Look my friend got me mad I changed my name to XxEPiKxX Bot it could be bad my friend was on the phone with who was in the party with he figured out what my name was and said ur name is shit it so bad u act like a nine year old I hope u hear me ur name is shit. He gets so petty that he ask how to spell my name just to put it in a Snapchat group chat so everyone can see it is that not dickriding when we used to play fortnite I buy a skin with the money I earned he would say my opinion is shit every game whatever I do and then he said trash boat is a better name I’m tired of this fucking shit can I get some air and everyone always says my grammar is fucked damn I’m sorry I don’t spend all my fucking time trying to talk to someone maybe the internet will help like damn they don’t criticize me like the only person I can talk to with blowing my shit is my fucking dad he won’t tell all my friends that don’t know who I like he would respect my opinion like damn the only person that actually love me is him and then I got to do all this shit because I have no one to talk to I joke around about death but like damn this shit really killing me

  19. Just stay fucking negative just give the fuck up right who gives a flying fuck about life just look low don’t dream high because u will never fucking fly

  20. Have no hope, don’t expect anything to work, always expect problems and disappointment you will always lose in life what a joy it is to be here!

  21. Lol what?? Just swallow the Blackpill? Heres a thought – dump the bitch – get a bowl – Go to the bar and get shit wrecked for 4 hours and then sleep it off during the flight. Shit 😂

  22. This vid makes me want to stick a grenade in my mouth. You don't move forward with your life without raising some hell. It would be better advice to be mindful of where the frustration is directed.

  23. Maybe the angry person could stop thinking the world works for them and start trying to be a part of the normal world where there is balance for ups and downs

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