How I learn Hypnosis – Simple and effective method how to Hypnotize your Friend!

I forget one thing he has been teaching
me how to provide a deep relax meditation I cannot help but I can guide
the person and the person can find the help I buy himself or herself Joe, Are you ready? I’m ready so now I’m going to before the
hypnosis, what I’ve learned, it’s important to tell your client what’s going to happen
so okay Joe now even though you’re going to focus on the one point and I’m going
to count from three to one when you hear one you’re gonna close your eyes when I
say one two three you go to open your eyes you can still focus on the same on
the same point okay choose choose choose your point three two one relax concentrate on the
breathing one two three three two one enjoy this relaxation, inhale
exhale one two three three two one two three three two one one two three go down down and enjoy the moment and go deep and deep breathe inhale and exhale slowly enjoy I’m gonna slowly touch you on the right
shoulder and when I touch you you go deep and deep down Walkthrough you’re through
top of your head Through your neck shoulders chest arms it’s totally relaxed let your muscle
flow find peace in your body Your knees your toes everything what you need is in you
confidence happiness smile on your face Joy your power to enjoy life fully I’m going to count from ten to one When I say one, you go deep and deep still walking in the dark seven six three two one drop everything your shoulders this is
the moment when you can fully relax gain energy I’m gonna slowly touch your hand your
right hand don’t worry relax I do all the job and when you when I remove my hands it’ll be on your unconscious mind to all
the work and hand will drop on your body you can totally be fresh and be ready for the new day all the hand, the unconscious mind will do the job for you when the hand drops It’s only up to you To get out of relaxation slowly that your unconscious mind fully wake
you up you’re gonna wake a full confident full of power full of happiness in your heart hmm Wow feels nice yeah it was very… I slept In one moment, I was also a bit relaxed and relaxed but I attention I felt the tension it’s like every time I it’s like it’s a strange
sensation because you know you’re not you’re not you’re not moving your arm
down yourself you know it’s not you because it doesn’t move and then when
you breathe in and out you can feel it coming down with the wave of your body
so it’s like you’re when your body relaxes more it’s like it’s coming down
with your like relaxation so it’s so it’s a strange strange sensation
I have a question like if you’ve been doing it for two months with Eli do
you feel any difference in your life since you you’re been doing you it’s
hard to know because like you said it I guess it’s it’s it’s coming into the
subconscious so it’s not like you’re gonna go out and say hey like I’m gonna
completely change but on a daily basis I especially at work have noticed I’ve
been a lot more relaxed and a lot more comfortable under stress and under
pressure so even just just this just helping myself to to relax and and just
to kind of control my stress on it on a daily basis it’s definitely it’s
definitely helped so now that’s a bit tension but thank you for the watching
thank you Eli for life for all showing our hypnosis and make our life more relaxed
and this video I’d like to show you this is this is for you and take it or leave it, you can even if you are in Danang or if you are in in Czech Republic Malta
all around the world I think hypnosis calms you down it there
is a value behind behind it so don’t be afraid I was afraid I was like the first
time that right hypnotized me I was like what the fuck them so in fact
what I’m doing gloomy here you always do the stuff and you you hear it’s like now
you are here and you need to do it and that’s it and now I’m more confident
between people even even that I feel more relaxed
so enough talking you find out the link below for Eli’s page and if you have
any questions you can comment it or directly towards a more towards me or
even Joe if you know Joe so enjoy your day and see you around!

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