How I Finally Got Relief for My Headaches!

My headaches started when I was in the
5th grade. I was only 10 years old. They started affecting me when I wasn’t
able to look at the blackboard anymore. I wasn’t able to focus on what the teacher
was saying, so I wasn’t paying attention and my grades were going down. Before my headaches started, my childhood was great. I was an average kid playing outside.
When my headaches started I was very scared. Very frustrated… because I thought I had to live with this my whole life. My biggest fear was that I wouldn’t have a
normal life. Little by little, my headaches started interfering with my
life. All of my relationships were affected. Everybody was outside, all the
kids from the block, and I was inside. I was no longer playing with anybody. I was isolating myself. I was getting daily headaches and I was taking painkillers
for it daily just to get by. They were temporary relief, but my headaches were
still there and I didn’t know what else to do. I first heard of Intouch
Chiropractic and Dr. Young through a job post on Craigslist to which I applied.
Little did I know it was gonna change my life around. My first impression of the
office was super high energy, super friendly and welcoming. When I first
started, I was very skeptical. I had never been to
a chiropractic office in the past and honestly I didn’t know what NUCCA was. What surprised me the most about NUCCA was the adjustment itself. There’s no popping, no twisting, no cracking. The adjustment itself is very
non-invasive. Actually I didn’t feel anything. Now I feel great. I’m a new
person. I smile. I’m outgoing. I have my life back. Looking back I suffered with my
headaches for more than 10 years and it was a daily ongoing thing. Everything has
changed since I started chiropractic care. NUCCA has helped me be myself again. I now go out with my friends. I can now have a conversation. I don’t feel tired. I am no
longer taking painkillers. My life has turned around completely. I’m looking
forward to the future being a better me. I’m no longer skeptical. I now know what chiropractic is and I have learned that NUCCA has been able to help me in so many ways. I think it’s hard for people to wrap their head
around the fact that NUCCA can help with headaches and other symptoms not related to neck pain or back pain. I totally recommend Dr. Young and Intouch
Chiropractic. I wish somebody could have told my parents or me that there was
something out there that could help with my headaches, so I wouldn’t have to
suffer every single day. My name is Joselyn. I’m an outgoing person. I love
animals, fashion and anything beauty related. I’m the office manager at Intouch Chiropractic and I’m a proud patient of Dr. Young’s. San Diego NUCCA Upper Cervical Care Experts

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