How I DESTROYED My Social Anxiety (Animated Story)

– [Narrator] In this video,
I’m going to share with you exactly how I overcame my social anxiety, and I’m gonna do it by sharing
with you a personal story. About four years ago, I was the guy who was incredibly awkward around girls. I remember I would always see these guys who seemed to be so
naturally good with girls, and I really didn’t understand
what they were doing that was so different
from what I was doing. I didn’t know what to say, how to say it, I didn’t understand how to flirt, or even what flirting was. Whenever I saw a girl that I liked, I had this confused
feeling right in my stomach where I just didn’t know what to do. About halfway through university, I started to watch people
like Elliott Hulse, and I also started to
read some self-help books. And doing this exposed me to
some very interesting ideas. The most interesting idea
that I was exposed to was a very simple one, and it was you have the power to
change things in your life. So I sat down at my
desk, and I said out loud I am not happy with my dating life. And then right after
that, I said out loud, but I can change this if I want to, and I recommend you do the same thing. Also around this time, YouTube
pranks were very popular, and I would see these YouTubers go up and approach girls during the day, and they would say all these crazy things, and no matter what they said, it always seemed like they
were able to attract the girl. So after I watched about
10 or 20 of these videos, I decided in that moment
that I wanted to learn how to be that confident. So at this time, there was
no way I was gonna be able to approach a beautiful
girl during the day. I had to start off with something
much, much, much smaller. So instead, was I would
go out on the street, and I simply would ask
people hey, what time is it? And they would reply it’s 10 a.m., and I would say thank you. And believe it or not, at first this was a little
bit difficult for me, which is honestly kind
of depressing to admit, but it’s the truth. And I did this until I became
100% comfortable doing it. And then after that, I would
ask them how’s your day going? And then I would make
more and more small talk. I kept pushing myself
outside of the comfort zone. So for a couple months, I kept
pushing myself more and more. And then I woke up one day, and I decided that this was the day when I was going to approach a girl, and I was gonna say to her hey, I thought you were attractive, and I just wanted to say hi,
just like those YouTubers. So I left my apartment, and I told myself I was not allowed back into my apartment until I had approached someone. I left my apartment, and I started to walk
around on the street. And whenever I would
see an attractive girl, I would make up some stupid excuse about how I could not approach her. I would say stuff like she
looks like she’s in a hurry, she looks mean, she looks
like she has a boyfriend even though that makes
absolutely no sense, she looks like she’s
about to get a phone call, literally any excuse
that I could think of, I would tell myself, and then
I would just wouldn’t do it. So five hours later, I am still
wandering around the city, but I had made the commitment to myself that I could not return to my apartment until I did this. I needed to honor this commitment, because I understood that
these types of commitments are what make you succeed. I’m walking along the sidewalk
watching the sun go down. I see this brunette girl
walking ahead of me, and for whatever reason in that moment, I told myself it’s either now or never. You can either live your life like a wimp or go up and face your fears head-on. So I run up to her, and I
tap her on the shoulder, and then when she turned around, I realized that I had just approached one of the most beautiful
girls that I had seen all day. The first five minutes of the conversation were a bit awkward, but
I pushed through it, and very quickly we both
became very comfortable with one another, and we even
talked for about 20 minutes. I got her number, we hugged goodbye, and then I could finally
return to my apartment. And when I returned to my apartment, I had such a tremendous
feeling of accomplishment, because just months ago the thought of approaching a girl during the day gave me so much anxiety to the point where I could physically
feel knots in my stomach when I really imagined going up and approaching a girl during the day. What are the takeaways of my story here? There are five main things
that you need to understand if you wanna overcome your social anxiety. One, sit down and say out
loud that you want to change. Two, say out loud that you
have the power to change it. Three, set a goal of what you want to do. For me, it was simply
approach a beautiful girl during the day without
having a heart attack. Four, start taking very, very small steps that push you a little
outside of your comfort zone and closer to your goal. And the fifth and final,
most important step is constantly course
correct your way there, meaning identify the things
that you could do better and fix those things. A really easy example could be someone who’s really afraid of public speaking. And to correct that, the best thing that that person can do is say something in front of one person. Then talk in front of
two people, three people, four people, and just keep increasing it. And do it until you’re comfortable. If you do this, it’s
pretty much impossible for you not to reach your goal. But it will take time. If you enjoyed this video, please share it on social media like Reddit or Twitter, as that really helps the channel grow. Or just simply like the video. Thanks for watching, and
I’ll see you in the next one. (light music)

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  1. I really did walk around the city for 5 hours because I was so nervous, and I did keep coming up with excuses as to why I could not approach people. I know the idea of approaching a girl during the day can be perceived as one of the scariest things ever, but once you do it a few times, it becomes easier and even normal.

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  2. "hey, what time is it?"
    "Don't you have a smartphone dude?"
    "Oh sorry, my bad"

    A simply questions to destroy your social anxiety 😂

  3. I wish there were places like this around me to do this. Nobody walks in my area (suburbs), as there’s no where to actually walk… just neighborhoods and corn fields). It’s also usually either 100 degrees out or there’s 3 feet of snow or severe weather lol. And it’s an hour drive to the downtown area, but people still don’t walk unless they have to. It’s all office towers, fine dining, and the slum areas. Even the malls aren’t promising. It’s either soccer moms with their screaming kids or a gang of high school girls. I love living here in the Midwest, but people don’t “mingle” or really “talk” to strangers. That weirds them out. Like, who are you and why the F are you talking to me. I’m just running errands and now you’re trying to bother me for something. People are much different on the coasts. Much more open and communal. Here, we have farmers and businessmen. Neither have the time or inclination to talk to a stranger unless they absolutely have to. We don’t do small talk here lol. It’s a waste of time and I’m never going to see you again anyway so why even bother lol. That’s us.

  4. I’m talking to my crush for the first time tmmrw if I see her no matter what! No excuses doesn’t matter if she is with her freinds I will still go up to her!

  5. I have no problem geting to talk but girls in my town are strange, if you tell her hey you are attractive etc. She will turn her head and move on or if you talk with her she will just say bye. So what to do then?

  6. Nobody is gonna talk about the story that is clearly made up. Like 5 hours later, just said hello, suddenly he could talk with her for a lot of time. Come on.

  7. I dont really believe person can change much about their dating experience. I mean there are people that everyone likes and then there are…well, u know those that are not liked by anyone.

  8. I skipped the time question and just said hi or good morning, and nothing else. Quick and painless, even more so when they (men or women) ignore you. That makes the ones that respons, or initiate the greeting first, more memorable.

  9. Anyone who actually has social anxiety knows it can't be overcome. What you had was a little shyness. If you're a hikikomori and have been for decades then you have social anxiety.

    I spend on average 23 hours a day in my bedroom and have been this way for over 15 years and I've come to terms that it will never improve. I have social anxiety you don't!

  10. Bad advice for shallow freaks being encouraged to Street harass in the hope of picking off a fellow shallow freak. Surprised he didn't plug at the end to buy some shitty product

  11. What if I do something that scares me like talking to an attractive guy or speaking in front of a group and then I keep thinking in my mind that I'm making a fool of myself? I think I judge negatively an experience far more than it actually is… this is also a side effect of social anxiety

  12. Fuck off Mitch, she didnt do that.
    Random girl on the street, you tap on her shoulder (and for some abrupt reason she didnt yell rape), you were awkward for 5 minutes, and she just stood there and get along with it? And you talked 20 minutes after that? And she give you her phone number? And hugged you goodbye?

    Really, just fuck off.

  13. Well try doing that in India might end up in jail for rape or something more terrible

    From a person who got suspended in school for saying a girl was cute

  14. You didn't have social anxiety. Social anxiety is much worse. Talking to people or being outside, seeing people from a far distance, makes you feel stressed.

  15. I am transferred to a new school,it is my very first time meeting new people.but i cant seem to relate to them and i dont know what to talk about to. It is difficult when i want to talk but I don’t know what to say. That is why i am always alone.i just go with them during breaktime but i dont talk.i felt that i am not that interesting

  16. Being somone who used to not have social anxiety and never cared about anyone’s opinions was a extravert, all changed one day after feeling at the time I didn’t recognize as social anxiety, this isn’t social anxiety this is normal anxiety that can be overcame what I have stoped me from talking to anyone in the world even sometimes my own family, I have a complete realization of the irrationality if talking to ur own brother or best friend but no matter who especially strangers I feel as if I am giving a speech to millions of people at a stage, if u can relate to me lmk, and just know that if I can say all this in a YouTube comment but not irl there’s a real problem.

  17. Bro social anxiety is something that your afraid of when your around new people and afraid to be judge with or even worst bullied

  18. okey this is me I can't appraoch or look into handsome men, Like I feel I am incompetable for them… but I am going to change

  19. Why does he keep saying "during the day". Before did he walk up to girls in the street in the middle of the night.

  20. About a year ago I told myself that I couldn’t get back into my car unless I talked to the girl (most gorgeous girl I’ve ever met)
    But then I realized that the guy who banned me from my car was definitely not gonna walk home and was therefore full of shit lmfao

  21. the greatest info that i've had was by following the Seans Shy Program (just google it) – without a doubt the most incredible idea i've tried.

  22. Great video, I’m going to try to apply this advice tomorrow. Something that this made me realize is that (cringe analogy but it works so bear with me) socializing is like an RPG, and you’re the player. When you start, you may have shit base stats (like most of the people here lol) so leveling up is a huge priority. If you do start with a low level, you need to level up by fighting weak monsters [ur not gonna fight the final boss (asking a girl out?) with shit stats]. Weak monsters include asking people what time it is… Then basic small talk, maybe asking a dude to play LoL with you or some shit. Successful interactions will increase your stats (confidence, charisma etc), and at that point, it will start to come a lot more naturally. With this in mind, if you go a long time without socializing, your level will decrease back to default and you will need to restart the process. So keep at it!

  23. This video is not about general social anxiety, it's about getting over a fear of approaching women if you're a straight man.

    I am a straight woman, and I've approached both guys and women (for friendship). I try to push through the awkwardness stage but people are always off-put by it and try to get away from me as soon as possible. So being awkward is a completely different experience as a woman, I wish you would've addressed that in the video.

    Like imagine an awkward female trying to push through an uncomfortable conversation with a man, it's not going to work. Being awkward works out better for men than women.

  24. I honestly thought he meant like “fuck your anxiety.” And the thumbnail made me think “wow anxiety does look ‘do-able’”

  25. want to love myself but i am struggling bc of social anxiety and it’s really hard for me because i want to hangout with my friends and be social and like not care what anyone thinks but when i do i come off as awkward and idk how to start a conversation, or what to say on how to get to know a person, or when i’m talking 1v1 with them, i’m scared they get bored when they hangout with me, and idk how to fix this my friend asked me to hangout i haven’t seen her in SOO long and i want to but at the same time i’m scared of what to say and those stuff and i don’t any her to have a bad time and not say anything and yeah. i’m working on my self love journey but it kinda went downhill idk what to do now🥺. any advice?

  26. You had me until "The first FIVE MINUTES OF THE CONVERSATION". I can't have a five minute conversation with people I know let a lone a random girl who will immediately think I'm a creep.

  27. Read the confident gap by Russ Harris. People with social anxiety have fused with a negative thought such as a judgement. The book will help you realize that these are just words you mind created because our mind is like a fear producing and judging machine. Youn need to defuse from those negative thoughts

  28. When you said “i wanted to approach a girl without having a heart attack” I laughed so hard oh my god!!! 😂 and the same time it is sad that’s the truth going on for me right now

  29. it sucks that so many girls will get annoyed with boys who kindly go up to them to say they’re pretty or something. i think since so many guys catcall and all that, it makes (some!) girls just totally opposed to people coming up to them at all to be innocently and kindly compliment them. especially not knowing if someone like the guy in the video have such a hard time saying hello.

  30. It’s not social anxiety. It’s much worse ( speaking out of my own experience). You were just to shy/scared to talk to attractive women. Still good and helpful Video. Just a different topic

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