Hello everyone, I’m SHRUTI. And i am back with my another video. This time I will be sharing my weird ways to irritate your best friend. ****music**** Shruti, You know what happened? What???? Why are you not ready? First tell me what happened? You know when I was on my way, I was just about to met an accident. It was a huge truck and I stopped the scooty using my both legs. I was so frightened. I swear. Shruti, Are you even listening to me? Wait. One second. Hello (on call) How are you? I’m awesome. WOW You know what? The uncle in my neighbourhood got bit by his own dog. ****useless talks**** ****sad music**** Hey Shruti, how’s my top looking? This is the same top that your ex got for you. You guys have Broken up but you’re still using his gifts. Mahi : Shruti, there’s a problem!
Shruti : What? Mahi : Be Serious! See, I’ll explain everything to you and then you have to suggest me.
Shruti : OKAY! Mahi : You know right that I was just about to complete 7 months of my relationship?
Shruti : WOW! PARTY! Mahi : What party? Am screwed up! He’s being forced by his parents to get married. Shruti : So,what should I do? Mahi : Not you.Tell me what I have to do.Please. Shruti : You were not even serious about him. let him go, catch another one . Mahi : Shruti, this is my heart not a top which can be changed. If you want to give any genuine advice then go ahead otherwise don’t talk rubbish. Shruti : See ,what we are supposed to do is
We will go all dressed up. Will hog on a lot of food. And will give them a gift and our blessings. And if even after all this you don’t feel great then you can perform on “Channa Mereya” . * Channa Mereya plays* Shruti : What are you doing? How much will you study? You are still going to score 35% .Getting pass is a tough task for you. Mahi : I have exams and I manage to score better than you.
Shruti : Oh Really? Shruti : Let’s click selfies while studying.
Mahi : No , No .I have exams .Let me study. Shruti : Come on.Let’s pout. Do it. Do itttt. Do ittttt. Shruti : Done!
Oh God, You can’t even pout properly. You’re better only at studies. Mahi : Ofcourse! Am not free like you. I don’t cheat in exams just like you.I work hard and gets pass. Shruti : Still scores only 35%.
Mahi : Atleast a lot more than you.Okay? Shruti : I got 55 %.Okay. You bitch. You bitch. Revenge completed.. So guys, in the conclusion is you’re going to irritate or annoy your best friend Don’t forget that she can also take the revenge So be careful while planning something like this. Thank You guys, for giving me your precious time. If you liked this video then give this video a Thumb-ups and SHARE it with your all friends. And don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE my channel. See you in my next video till then BYE-BYE.

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