How A Dancer Choreographs A Dance Routine

Hey James, what’s one genre of music that you like? R&B Alright, I guess I’m gonna have to choreograph to R&B and you guys will get to experience my various problems throughout the process It’s recording. Hey, y’all. It’s Clay aka ClayDohBoon, and I’m the director of video at STEEZY But I’m also a professional dancer and choreographer! One of the most common comments that we … common common common One of the most common comments that we get on our videos is: how do you choreograph a dance routine? This is such a simple question that happens to have so many unique answers. But today I’m gonna take you through mine I’m gonna choreograph a dance routine and overall just taking you along for the ride So I hope you guys enjoy! When I’m finding music, generally I like to use Spotify, SoundCloud, or Hype M I think these three sites are all very good for finding different types of music There are plenty of others but this is just what I do. I keep hearing hot girl summer What is hot girls summers? It’s cool. Shoot! I have a good friend. His name is Nieman. I absolutely love his music. This song: Tell Nobody So the next step is to find where in the music I want to choreograph to Hi-hats are super dope and there’s a lot of fluctuation of pitches in the voice. I love that. That’s a lot to work with! Awesome, I think I know where I want to choreograph to. Let’s get started! First move to me is one of the most important things in dance. Its what captures an audience’s attention and also just the hardest part for me. Five, six, seven eight. I think it’s on and-a seven eight. Guys counting is good, if you don’t know how to count. let us know if you want us to make a video on that. Whats like a striking beginning? Honestly, I revert to a lot of my basics which would be like waves, broken waves. I love the segmented waves, but this doesn’t have enough beats to go like I need something like bigger. I need something like more intense. When I’m stuck, first thing I do is just freestyle and see what happens. I feel like the roll is too easy. Five, sex and-a seven I’ll stick with it. Worst case scenario: I just take it away later. Well, I need arms.. I see on the computer screen: Neiman I see the first letter of his name ‘N’ so maybe I can make like an N with my arms. Oh thats pretty cool! I’ll just hang like a basketball. But I don’t ball, ball is not life fam, tears. So, I think what’d be really cool is if I do place place Knock it up and then throw my leg. Gonna toss it. No, I don’t want this other hand. Yeah this looks a little bit more like, a little bit more finesse. Drippin’ in finesse And I’m gonna just do a simple one I’m gonna just do like a lean over here and maybe now I’ll curl this in and then I’ll get a Almost lowrider position. One and two and three and four and-a five Maybe like a flick flick flick. Okay, let’s listen to that. Let’s just listen to that. Let your kids listen to me Let your kids listen to me. One two three four five six and-a seven Great that worked! Shoot! There’s another triple in there. Hi-hats are hard man, dancing fast is hard. I’m gonna write this down. One and two and Two hours later. I don’t know if its focused but it’s so silly. But if it works, it works! One and two and three and four and-a five and six-e and-a seven and eight-e and-a It takes like so long sometimes just to figure out the beats of a song and It’s okay to just sit down and figure it out and just write it out if that works for you. It works for me. No, that doesn’t work. Maybe I’ll just keep doing this. I feel like this is like a fun little theme Maybe I’ll just like do this consistently like it’s like two people. Sometimes a concept like that will just randomly pop up and it’s not like I’m trying to place extra meaning behind something that originally didn’t have meaning. Any sort of thing that you can use that’s kind of like a base or like a central point in your dancing is really really helpful for like guiding the rest of your dance. So I don’t know. Maybe this two thing will be a theme That might be cool that is the one Gosh it’s so fast for me guys. I’m like, not that fast Wrong leg again!! Hop on your right leg Clay, hop on your right leg, right leg back. Oh shoot I dropped my phone Is that cool with the leg? I’ll just go uh, I feel like so much time has already elapsed. I’ve only choreographed I choreographed ten counts! Oh gosh. Okay. Let’s just listen. One and two three and four and the five and six-e and seven and eight-e and-a one There’s these two beats back there: “what’s left to take?” Boom-boom. I think it’s boom-boom one and two Yeah I gotta like emphasize the heart because I can’t just like Cant just like, no one’s gonna know what that is. 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 5. Yeah. Yeah, that was right. If i’m gonna choreograph the piece, can’t be lazy. I got to just get up and make my body remember it. not depend on my head to remember everything. Okay. Come on clay. I gotta go full-out gotta go full out Overall my executions pretty wack. Like it’s sharp, It’s powerful but it looks like super undecided and I don’t really like that. The first few moves are not effective. So revision! Reverse reverse! No arms for that beginning part I think I like where we’re at. Now I’m gonna flow, because all this stuff is all like the complicated things I like to grab attention in the beginning, but I think like now it’s time to chill it out and let the audience absorb, what just happened. So chill it out. I like that whole like Jackie Chan drunken master type of feel like I dont know what else to say. Ooh, I feel like I’m always facing the right. I’m gonna end it to the left. I’mma do it remember how I said that wanna do that two again? I’m gonna do that on the mouth because I don’t know what to say Two! I don’t know what else to to say. Maybe I’ll drift it. Ooh! Little waves! Nothing ever stayed the same. Oh, oh nothing ever stayed the I’ll do some kind of like kill off there. Yeah The energy was like thrown into my head. I kind of like spit it out That’d be tight. Let’s try it Okay, I feel like now I kind of want to be a little bit vulnerable again, and I think I’ve always been kind of directing things forward So I’m gonna try to use my directions better and look to the side And maybe like my legs I can create a good shape there Maybe? I don’t know what looks like?Kinda like a frog and then I’m gonna go head body head body I’m so tired guys It’s a slow process, but I think I’m happy with what I have so far I think I want to play with the idea of heaviness of the situation so maybe it’s like You know the heart that I pulled out as if it’s kind of like back in my hand and that’s like weighing me down let’s see where my body ends up going and as if that was like really heavy You know what guys? Imma call it a day there and I’ll just kind of finish it off with a freestyle I want to play with breaking free. I want to play with weight. Just kind of close it off. Let’s see how this goes guys! Overall guys, I think that choreographing is not an easy thing to do. It’s it’s definitely not easy for me Maybe just for other people just because you can’t finish a choreography in 1 hour, 2 hours, 2 weeks, A month Doesn’t mean that you should stop choreographing. I hope this helps a little bit guys! It’s a very different format let us know if you liked it, even though it’s very vlog-like, and less structured than our normal STEEZY videos, but Let us know if this was valuable in any way Maybe we can do with other choreographers too! Thank you so much for watching make sure you subscribe for more awesome dance videos and tips and Toodaloo. Bye bye!

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