100 thoughts on “House Impeachment Inquiry Hearing – Ambassador Gordon Sondland Testimony

  1. Notice how Trump hasn't addressed Mulvaney admitting to quid pro quo and Trump saying he didn't ask for it…which is it? Did he or didn't he?


  3. It’s time for the disgrace to the presidency, the Donald Fraud Trump to be humiliated and kicked out of White House.

  4. Listen up you liberal shitbirds. Trump gets impeached, pence takes over. Pence pardons trump, appoints him Vice President. Pence steps down trump becomes president. Fuck you liberal, you lose again

  5. I see now why the educational system (and teachers) are so important in the American system. Bring back common core education and testing! The Republican talking point & their supporters who still support their mirage is astounding!
    Explicit & implicit reasoning is a VERY important part of education… For all the deniers! We NEED to raise the critical thinking skills of America😂.
    I'm a conservative Independent, & was really conflicted on my 2020 vote; but as of today I'm done w/the Republicans (especially if they continue with conspiracies & their "nothing to see here attitude")! Either defend the president properly or bust; but do not bet that I'll be to STUPID or IGNORANT to follow along. I refuse to let a dictator rise to power & remain complicit as Trump undermine our constitution. I was skeptical, but so far after watching EVERY impeachment inquiry, I'm very disappointed in those who seek to turn our country into the "shithole" country they've sneered at.
    Furthermore, Trump himself has family & personal conflict of interest…so if he wants to root out corruption, HE SHOULD START WITH HIMSELF! Biden does NOT need to testify because this is not about HIM; it's ALL about TRUMP'S misconducts. Biden IS NOT president; he is a private citizen!
    #Impeach #AnimalFarm #IStandWithOurCountry

  6. Man you fucking suck cspan, where’s the live video?? It says this video is live and it’s not. I want to watch the callers. All of the other news channels are live right now you morons

  7. 1:32:40 Sondland: “ what there a quid pro quo ?? And the answer is YES ! “

    At this point any republicans ENABLERS should lose their seat in Congress. PERIOD !!!!!

    🇺🇸🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊voting all DEMOCRAT in 2020🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🇺🇸. AGAIN !!!!!

  8. I’m embarrassed Nunes represents california. What a disgrace !!

    It’s NOT difficult to tell the truth without a transcript in front of you.

  9. There is l lot of presumptions, suppositions with no concrete evidence offered at all by Sondland, one would need a back-hoe to wade through all the BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!., worthless.

  10. Why is the Democrat Senator threatening Sondland. Namely, the Oregon Senator. Huge financial impact to Sondland and places the employees who hold jobs in those businesses in Oregon in danger. Witness tampering?

  11. BURISMA HOLDINGS LIMITED, during a period from November 18th 2014 to November 16th 2015 transacted 45 money transfers through MORGAN STANLEY SMITH BARNEY LLC in the sum of $3.5M dollars.

  12. BURISMA HOLDINGS LIMITED, during a period from November 18th 2014 to November 16th 2015 transacted 45 money transfers through MORGAN STANLEY SMITH BARNEY LLC in the sum of $3.5M dollars.

  13. Democrats and their followers have become the most delusional fraudulent pieces of #$%& I have ever seen. I am so happy I've become an independent.

  14. If I was a Republican, I would be offended by their argument. Trump has told over 10,000 lies since he took office. I'm supposed to believe him & Rudy wasn't playing the system to get Dirt on Biden by using our tax dollars.

  15. I pray he leaves and his cronies. This is sad. Sondland was sorry too, couldn’t remember, not sure, no notes ( poor damn excuse) he has only been in office maybe 4 mos, I presume, and everything is funny, I’m not sure!!!DAMN “AH” quit the job, you bought it anyway.

  16. What part of you can't go after or know who the whistleblower is because it's against the law don't these Republicans understand.

  17. "Without seeing any evidence…?" Huh Stewart? 🤔 So when Lindsay says his mind won't be changed and he won't look at any evidence, that Trump is innocent regardless of what comes up… That's keeping an open mind, right? 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️

  18. Nunes has been relegated to whining and pushing conspiracy theories because they have no defense. Jordan is still just a smarmy loudmouth. He's a joke. Just plain sad.

  19. So in December the house is going to vote to impeach. Kick it up to the senate whose gonna kick it back down. Impeachment over.

  20. December 11th keep that date in mind to hear the "OTHER SIDE" Oh, I guess only if your have an open mind and if you don't then GFY

  21. The economy has been doing well since Obama was in office. The Great Recession came in the end of W's term, and Obama absolutely managed to build it back over 8 years. Bush burned down the house, Obama rebuilt it, and what, Trump gets credit for watering the lawn? Let's get a few of his campaign promises looked at: Wall? Nothing. Instead, he threw kids in internment camps as a deterrent. Healthcare reform? Nothing, no plan, and of course, some Republicans shot it down. ISIS defeated in 30 days? Well, that didn't happen, and we just pulled out of Syria and let those prisoners go. Education reform and end of standardized tests? Nope. North Korea Deal? That didn't work out, and if anything, gave Kim more bargaining chips. Use US steel? Hasn't managed to help on that frontier. Deal with China? We're stuck in an idiotic trade war that is gonna hurt the economy. Cut down taxes? Yeah, for the upper class 1%, not you and me. Pulled out of the Paris Agreement, he DID keep that. And guess what? We're the ONLY country, out of 195 in the world, to do that. I guess he did try to make that Muslim ban happen too, which was incredibly dumb and xenophobic. Didn't stick for long. Said he'd release his taxes, now he's the first POTUS not to do so, and maybe now they will be released after years of court battles. He also promised to renegotiate the Iran deal, all he did was scrap it entirely, with no negotiation, just like he wanted to do with NAFTA. Let's not forget ignoring the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, "grab em by the p****", not immediately denouncing Nazis in US soil, letting thousands die after Hurricane Maria (worse than Katrina!), taking money from the troops to build his STILL non-existent wall (which Mexico was to pay for), nepotism, paying off a porn star with hush money, saying John McCain wasn't a war hero, and now, we're got impending impeachment. He also said he's stop tweeting and never take a vacation as POTUS…that certainly didn't pan out. OH. And of course, he never started that investigation into Hillary Clinton he promised all of you, either. Oh but hey, he made the VERY USEFUL Space Force. And gave Tiger Woods a Presidential Medal of Freedom, didn't say "Happy Holidays" once, scaled back the EPA (founded by Nixon, a Republican) and is making ever so "clean" coal popular again. Also has a new presidential record for most resignations and members of his staff in prison or under investigation. His great and unmatched wisdom.

    And all these Trump supporters can do is cling to the old Hillary deflection. Good Lord. Benghazi was a bad call. People died. OK. That's 4 deaths on her, unintentional. How many did Trump let die by pulling out of Syria?

    He was right. He can shoot someone on 5th Avenue, a fellow American, and you fools would applaud it.

  22. It's refreshing to see Schiff not only rebuke much of what Nunes has to say but also does so in a way which sheds light on how much the Republicans are operating in bad faith when it comes to discussing their points. Each time Nunes took the mic he simply moved the goal posts back to another talking point only to have Schiff clean up his mess.

    The irony being Nunes vehemently stating the Democrats are being obstructive because the whistle-blower couldn't be interviewed (which is against the WPA) and the transcripts weren't released (which they knew will be) meanwhile Trump and the White House have been working over time to ensure any and all subpoenas being handed out to the Republicans who matter the most to create a fair and informed hearing are being ignored without consequence.

    What a circus.

  23. DIVIN N F U
    kick rocks and SMOKEM
    Subpoena this 💩 D*CK FACE
    Good over come evil
    Dems rules reps cowards and liars
    The no believe the facts party

  24. Sheez Chairman Adam Schiff- just give Maloney your 45 minutes with Sondland and this thing will be over!!! Way to go Maloney!

  25. Gordon S
    why did u lie then change ur mind because u got caught so your parents raise u to lie if u get caught tell the true you sir are fraud a crook working for ur god 💩 President
    U sir are a weak person follower not a leader
    I can’t wait to see u out of office
    Let get someone in his job that not shady crook lair!!!

  26. You hear shitts opening statement ? Their trying to steal the presidency and instill that criminal c*nt Pelosi as President. If the dems continue down that road their going to end up arrested and tried by the people directly.

  27. Pr Trump ""CAUGHT""… DEM's red handed, they're busted. So what is Adam Schiff's "intent"? Obviously spin, slander, lie, rig the 20 election?

  28. Stefanski said after Sondlands testimony and during the press interview that the GOP requested Hunter Biden to come in as a witness, but their request was denied. She went on to say that the only investigation ever done into the Hunter Biden/Burisma conflict was during the Obama administration. But the UK did investigating also. The UK also froze $23M of the companies assets. Which was eventually returned. It was also stated by numerous people that it posed a conflict of interest, Hunter sitting on the board, while his father was the Vice Pres. of the U.S. But there were numerous people from around the world sitting on the board in hopes to keep a closer watch. After the first prosecutor was fired at the request of Joe Biden for not following through with investigations into Burisma, which were exposed by the concerned board members, then another prosecutor was hired and he continued to investigate Burisma, as it was his main duty to keep out corruption in Burisma. My concern is, WHY WON'T TRUMP RELEASE HIS TAX RETURNS??? TRUMP and his family seem to have a keen eye for corruption….since they too are all over their heads in Russian and Israeli money. Another thing, Rick Perry also struck some prettt lucrative oil deals in Ukraine while he was still Trumps Energy Secretary……good thing he resigned. Corruption has no bias folks, it goes everywhere there's an addiction to greed and power.


  30. Prepare to meet God in the judgment through repentance of your sins and faith in the LORD Jesus Christ. The only way you can be saved from your sins and the payment of them is to obey the gospel of the LORD Jesus Christ. Read the book of Romans and the gospel of John and obey Romans 10:9-13, or hell will be the eternal home of your soul with all other liars.

  31. Just more of I don't know, someone told me. I assume. Maybe. Why won't Adam Schiff let Republicans call Hunter Biden as a witness? Because he cannot explain why he was getting $83,000 a month from some gas Corporation in the Ukraine while his father was Vice President. Believe me folks these people didn't give them this money for nothing they got something big in return

  32. It needs to be made illegal to act as an agent for the white house while serving in the Legislative or Judicial branches.

  33. The President was wanting to investigate Biden's SON not Biden himself! Biden stopped the investigation. It's not against the Presidants rival but the son of the rival. Two separate people

  34. Evidence: Trump told Zelensky to listen to Rudy. Trump told Sondland and others to listen to Rudy. Since Rudy clearly executed a quid pro quo, and Trump told everyone to listen to Rudy, how could anyone pretend Trump wasn't directing Rudy? Drop the partisan antics, and drink in the facts. Trump directed Rudy to set up a quid pro quo.

  35. United States Citizens are watching this! What is wrong with the a Republican Party leaving an idiot like a Trump in office? He acts like a dictator and our country has Putin in charge! Wake up smell the coffee! Our country is being run by the Russian Mob!

  36. Republicans came across as the fools they is! And clearly do not support "AMERICA or Constitution of United States of America!".. What trump did clearly was treason!

  37. I see a pattern here…talk to rudy talk to rudy…it was rudy and now if you pay attention it is rudy who will pay like the last lawyer who worked for Trump…now he don't even know Sondland wow

  38. The Dem reps are pathetic esp Hines & Sewell. Cannot express a single thought clearly. Appears they have not done any homework. The Republicans seem to be getting the better of this hearing.

  39. Shame on Nunes for assuming that we Americans are stupid! His bull shit twisting of the facts will place him squarely on the Wrong side of history; how do I know? Just by listening, comprehending, And — Remembering what was said and done by whom. Bullying someone on live TV to state that they're not being bullied…. I saw it with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears. I don't think that the American public is as dumb as the Republicans are counting on.

  40. Seems that POTUS would have the right to publicly release the deposition of the manager of Foreign Aid.
    We the people want to know!
    This whole sham is illegal in that there is no defense for the accused!

  41. i wouldn't worry too much….
    the keepers of the deep state, the ones with their hands up the likes of pelosi, schumer and schiff operating their mouths, the ones hyping all this stupid bullshit….
    turned to the ones who just produced thst last charlies angels movie to write their ridiculous narrative….
    oh, right…
    fuck nancy pelosi…that goulish cunt

  42. I'm scared fellow Americans.😱 It's a "common occurrence" for Presidents to withhold aide to a country that the congress approved? The president doesn't have to tell us or Congress he was withholding it until that suspected corrupt country announced investigations and/or investigate the presedental election rival? Omg you mean other presidents can and have done this? All this while Ukraine people were dying? 😱 So if the president can do whatever the heck he wants without accountability we are on our way to a corrupt gov't ourselves.

  43. Deputy Asst. Ambassador Cooper- female book worm- WTF does she know about aggression- military preparedness etc.
    Drain THE SWAMP

  44. Somethings never change, when it comes to shit or shovel, there’s no loyalty, everyone is their to cover there own ass, because, it’s simple, NO BALLS.. TRUMP as always has to fight al, these bastards on his own..

  45. The officials refusing a congressional supoena need to be held accountable. regardless of your politics congress is in charge. it's in the constitution.

  46. Look at his smirk. He is talking out of both holes. He wants to protect his behind. He isn't telling the full truth. What in the heck is so funny in an impeachment hearing. He really thinks he has this in a bag, with that conceited smirk.

  47. “Not only did I buy him lunch, I provided him entertainment”. What a load of shite-the American tax payer bought both you twats lunch. Disgusting slimy creatures these folk. The Swamp needs bleaching.

  48. Aid has been put on hold on several nation, honduras, el salvador, Guatemala. Lebanon but none is fighting our worst enemy Russia….Ukraine is.

  49. Here's a little nugget; The whole issue of investigating a political rival is buffoonery. This is the only reason Joe decided to run in the first place. He found out that we found out so what do you do? run.. Why do you think Hillary is toying with running again? The net is closing in, enjoy the show.

  50. Let's ignore the fact that the slush fund users are still in and we Americans don't know the whole story. So let's get a man the People voted for impeached, for with holding OUR money to a foreign country. Is that the sum of it? Telling a nation "no money from US unless this"? Cry, cry wolf. Pathetic servants need purged from power.

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