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  1. Thanks for Watching. Please comment below and share which Hormonal Migraine preventative or relief strategies you are most interested in, so I know what to focus on in later videos.

  2. This is great my appetite has been none existent during my periods so I haven’t been eating my head aches are horrible it’s all pressure in my head and jaw I smelt burning last month this month very sweet orange I’m so dizzy and as soon as my bleeding is done I feel better

  3. I'll try willow bark next month. I'm using ice compress on temples & base of skull along with peppermint essential oil to same areas

  4. Hi Deborah..i’m a 48 year old woman taking BCP Yasmin which in every aspect I love taking EXCEPT for the migraines I get during the week I’m off. Some months I’m good. But for the last few months it’s been getting worse and worse. Would the pill under the tongue work for me? Any other ideas?

  5. I’ve noticed in the last year my migraines have returned and typically just before and then a couple days after my period. I used to get them when I was younger (pre teen teens) but they’re baaaaaack 🤕 great knowledge, thanks for the video 😁

  6. Oh my God, this video helped me have my eurika moment, after 20 years of trying to figure out my migraines. Last period I noticed that my migraine nearly went away after eating and kept coming back and going away (briefly) after a meal. And I crave sugar like crazy when I have a migraine! And that is at ovulation and before&during period.

  7. Thank you! This is the most concise, best answer I have received and it makes total sense. My headaches were so I bad and I would be dizzy and shakey and nauseous. I realize now it was because of estrogen dropping and my blood sugar because I wasn't eating regularly. I started eating healthy fats and fiber that keep me full longer and taking natural supplements and whole foods vs processed foods, and it has helped. I have a little headache at the moment so I may try some dark chocolate…i don't have any Willow bark.

  8. As soon as I got to the menopause, as soon I got the migraines. instead of my periods, I have migraines, every month. I tried almost everything….I haven't got an answer yet….if anything more that I can learn for it, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

  9. O….Wow! It be one bad smell what triggered my migraine headaches My symptoms I vomit the whole time of my migraine before my period & after my period It be like I’ll Pregnant. 😰Thank you for All the information you sharing.

  10. I’ve been stressed all my light that idk how to not be stressed. I get headaches a lot and I have PCOS

  11. Without further videos, I must say I can really connect with what you are saying! Not only that I feel migraines in my case had been caused by messy hormone cycle but I can tell it had been triggered by coffee, and also by a different mental state ! As you probbably have in your other videos, alternative ways of changing oneself without any medication are definitely real. I haven't had any migraines for many years and I still drink alot of coffee…but so much about my well-being has changed that I can tell, there's more to it than just female hormones, it has to do with energy, frequency, space and mind barriers that we have to crush. Keep on doing great work! And, to the public with migraines, I believe in you, you can also change and decrease or even eliminate your horrible pains forever! ❤️🍀

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  13. What if We I eat food that raises the estrogen level? Would that help? And what are the types of food that do that? I get horrible headache with vomiting and nausea before the headache that I am not able to eat anything

  14. Does this lack of blood flow to the brain right before menstruation cause a lightheaded feeling. I've been having this for about 6 months right before menstruation and now along with light headaches. I am almost 43. Thank you.

  15. Thank you, I was looking for a way to avoid those terribles migraines which take 4 to 5 days off my life every cycle. I am going to try the willow bark combine with cafeine to see if I can manage to gain some time for other things. May I replace willow bark by "tylenol" ?

  16. My headaches are brutal. It was right before my period now it’s during my period. I start getting these headaches after my tubal ligations

  17. U only talk about women who are menstruating but what's about women who are not and suffering from migrain headache pains? you didn't say anything about them.

  18. Ok, so as a 52 year old male if I miss a meal I get a migraine. I follow a strict schedule. Breakfast between 7 and 8, lunch 11-12 and dinner 4-5. Outside that, migraine! I didn't used to be this way. Also I have to eat lots of protein. 3-4 eggs. double burger. If not, migraine. I liked your video, it resonated with me, but being male, it doesn't fit me exactly. Do I need testosterone? I have most of my hair, decent libido etc. How do I get back to the way I once was, when I missed a meal I was simply hungry, not a 3 day headache with nausea. (Maxalt and Zofran help, and Topomax etc) But it'd be nice if all that went away. Any thoughts?

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