Homemade Essential Oil Roll On Headache Stick

– See this? This little thing costs me $9.00. It’s an expensive, little
migraine roll-on stick. You put it on your temples
when you have a headache, and it really works. The thing is I don’t wanna pay $9.00 every time I get one of these. Hi, everyone, I’m Wardee from
Traditional Cooking School. And this little thing only contains essential oils and a carrier oil. It is so easy that you
can make it yourself, save a ton of money. Let’s do it right now. This is an empty
10-millileter roll-on bottle. And I’m gonna take
Peppermint Essential Oil and put about 30 drops in here. Now stick with me to the end because I’m gonna show you how to get this Peppermint Essential Oil for free. Thirty drops. And then you’re gonna add a liquid carrier oil of your choice. This is Avocado Oil. Kind of hold it up to the light when you put your oil in so
you don’t overfill the bottle. Add the roll-on cap. Press it in a bit, and
then you use a towel to get it the rest of the way. And it doesn’t always go all the way, so then you apply the
cap and screw it down. And that pops it on the rest of the way. Now you’re gonna shake gently. And now you have your own
roll-on migraine stick. So you apply it to your temples or other pressure points anytime you have tension headaches,
or aches and pains. It really works and you’ll save a bundle. Wanna know how to get this 15-millileter Peppermint Essential Oil plus a 15-mill Tea Tree Essential Oil for free? These are two of my
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