home remedy nausea | 17 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Nausea

home remedy nausea | 17 Natural Ways to Get
Rid of Nausea 0:00:00.000,0:00:04.830
Nadja is something most people are 0:00:01.979,0:00:06.600
familiar with it is never Pleasant and 0:00:04.830,0:00:09.320
can arise in a variety of situations 0:00:06.600,0:00:11.880
including pregnancy and travel 0:00:09.320,0:00:14.700
anti-nausea medications are commonly 0:00:11.880,0:00:17.130
used to help relieve it unfortunately 0:00:14.700,0:00:18.690
such medications can have negative side 0:00:17.130,0:00:22.020
effects of their own including 0:00:18.690,0:00:24.150
drowsiness here are 17 home remedies 0:00:22.020,0:00:28.289
that help you get rid of nausea without 0:00:24.150,0:00:30.660
using medications 1 eat ginger ginger as 0:00:28.289,0:00:33.630
a popular natural remedy commonly used 0:00:30.660,0:00:36.809
to treat nausea the way it works has not 0:00:33.630,0:00:38.940
yet fully understood however experts 0:00:36.809,0:00:40.950
believe that compounds in ginger may 0:00:38.940,0:00:43.860
work in a similar way to anti-nausea 0:00:40.950,0:00:46.950
medications one trusted source – trusted 0:00:43.860,0:00:48.690
source in fact several studies agree 0:00:46.950,0:00:51.930
that ginger is effective at reducing 0:00:48.690,0:00:54.090
nausea in various situations for 0:00:51.930,0:00:56.160
instance consuming ginger may be an 0:00:54.090,0:00:58.980
effective way to reduce nausea during 0:00:56.160,0:01:02.120
pregnancy 3 trusted source for trusted 0:00:58.980,0:01:04.680
source 5 trusted source 6 trusted source 0:01:02.120,0:01:07.080
ginger may also be effective at reducing 0:01:04.680,0:01:09.030
the nausea people commonly experience 0:01:07.080,0:01:11.850
after chemotherapy treatment or an 0:01:09.030,0:01:13.439
operation – trusted source 7 trusted 0:01:11.850,0:01:16.229
source 8 trusted source 0:01:13.439,0:01:18.750
9 trusted source some studies even 0:01:16.229,0:01:20.670
report ginger to be as effective as some 0:01:18.750,0:01:23.070
prescription medications with fewer 0:01:20.670,0:01:26.549
negative side effects 10 trusted source 0:01:23.070,0:01:28.799
11 trusted source there is no consensus 0:01:26.549,0:01:30.420
regarding the most effective dosage but 0:01:28.799,0:01:34.680
most of the studies above provided 0:01:30.420,0:01:38.070
participants with 0.5 to 1.5 grams of 0:01:34.680,0:01:41.070
dry ginger root per day ginger use as 0:01:38.070,0:01:42.930
safe for most people however you may 0:01:41.070,0:01:44.820
need to limit your ginger intake if 0:01:42.930,0:01:46.890
you’re prone to low blood pressure or 0:01:44.820,0:01:49.920
low blood sugar or if you’re taking 0:01:46.890,0:01:51.990
blood thinners one trusted source some 0:01:49.920,0:01:54.420
experts also questioned the safety of 0:01:51.990,0:01:56.969
eating dry ginger during pregnancy one 0:01:54.420,0:01:59.369
trusted source while there are only a 0:01:56.969,0:02:01.680
small number of studies on ginger the 0:01:59.369,0:02:04.740
ones performed on healthy pregnant women 0:02:01.680,0:02:07.049
report a low risk of side effects thus 0:02:04.740,0:02:09.750
most experts consider ginger to be a 0:02:07.049,0:02:12.740
safe effective remedy during pregnancy 3 0:02:09.750,0:02:15.830
trusted source 12 trusted source 13 0:02:12.740,0:02:18.200
did source 14 trusted source to 0:02:15.830,0:02:20.240
peppermint aromatherapy peppermint 0:02:18.200,0:02:23.450
aromatherapy as another alternative 0:02:20.240,0:02:25.490
likely to help reduce nausea one study 0:02:23.450,0:02:28.520
assessed its effects in women who had 0:02:25.490,0:02:30.800
just given birth by c-section those 0:02:28.520,0:02:32.600
exposed to a peppermint smell rated 0:02:30.800,0:02:34.460
their level of nausea significantly 0:02:32.600,0:02:37.430
lower than those given anti-nausea 0:02:34.460,0:02:40.130
medications or a placebo 15 trusted 0:02:37.430,0:02:41.960
source in another study peppermint 0:02:40.130,0:02:45.920
aromatherapy was effective at reducing 0:02:41.960,0:02:49.250
nausea in 57 percent of cases 16 trusted 0:02:45.920,0:02:51.380
source in a third study using an inhaler 0:02:49.250,0:02:53.540
containing peppermint oil at the onset 0:02:51.380,0:02:55.460
of nausea reduced symptoms within two 0:02:53.540,0:02:57.740
minutes of treatment in forty four 0:02:55.460,0:03:00.470
percent of cases seventeen trusted 0:02:57.740,0:03:02.360
source some propose that sipping on a 0:03:00.470,0:03:05.330
cup of peppermint tea may have similar 0:03:02.360,0:03:07.370
anti nausea effects yet while you have 0:03:05.330,0:03:09.530
little to lose by giving peppermint tea 0:03:07.370,0:03:11.380
a try there are currently no studies 0:03:09.530,0:03:14.180
that confirm its effectiveness 0:03:11.380,0:03:15.620
peppermint oil taken in pill form has 0:03:14.180,0:03:18.380
shown mixed results 0:03:15.620,0:03:21.710
some studies show benefits while others 0:03:18.380,0:03:24.650
find no effects 18:19 trusted source 0:03:21.710,0:03:26.830
what’s more little information exists on 0:03:24.650,0:03:29.540
the safety of ingesting peppermint oil 0:03:26.830,0:03:31.130
for this reason more studies on 0:03:29.540,0:03:34.130
peppermint pills are needed before 0:03:31.130,0:03:36.230
strong conclusions can be made however 0:03:34.130,0:03:38.390
smelling peppermint oil should be 0:03:36.230,0:03:42.140
perfectly safe and seems to work in 0:03:38.390,0:03:44.000
about half of people 3 try acupuncture 0:03:42.140,0:03:46.190
or acupressure acupuncture and 0:03:44.000,0:03:48.530
acupressure are two techniques commonly 0:03:46.190,0:03:51.020
used in traditional Chinese medicine to 0:03:48.530,0:03:53.060
treat nausea and vomiting during 0:03:51.020,0:03:55.510
acupuncture thin needles are inserted 0:03:53.060,0:03:58.160
into specific points on the body 0:03:55.510,0:04:00.170
acupressure aims to stimulate the same 0:03:58.160,0:04:02.990
points of the body but uses pressure 0:04:00.170,0:04:05.390
instead of needles to do so both 0:04:02.990,0:04:07.550
techniques stimulate nerve fibers which 0:04:05.390,0:04:10.490
transmit signals to the brain and spinal 0:04:07.550,0:04:12.650
cord these signals are thought to have 0:04:10.490,0:04:15.950
the ability to decrease nausea twenty 0:04:12.650,0:04:18.380
trusted source 21 trusted source for 0:04:15.950,0:04:20.570
instance two recent reviews report that 0:04:18.380,0:04:22.460
acupuncture and acupressure reduced the 0:04:20.570,0:04:25.410
risk of developing nausea after an 0:04:22.460,0:04:27.540
operation by 28 to 75% 0:04:25.410,0:04:28.620
twenty-two trusted source twenty-three 0:04:27.540,0:04:31.560
trusted source 0:04:28.620,0:04:33.120
what’s more studies show that both forms 0:04:31.560,0:04:35.490
are as effective as anti-nausea 0:04:33.120,0:04:37.470
medications of reducing symptoms with 0:04:35.490,0:04:40.860
virtually no negative side effects 0:04:37.470,0:04:42.870
twenty-three trusted source similarly to 0:04:40.860,0:04:44.850
other reviews report that acupressure 0:04:42.870,0:04:46.850
lowers the severity of nausea and the 0:04:44.850,0:04:51.360
risk of developing it after chemotherapy 0:04:46.850,0:04:53.220
24 trusted source 25 there is also some 0:04:51.360,0:04:55.320
evidence that acupuncture may reduce 0:04:53.220,0:04:58.590
nausea during pregnancy but more 0:04:55.320,0:05:01.080
research is needed on this 26 most 0:04:58.590,0:05:02.940
studies that report a benefit stimulated 0:05:01.080,0:05:05.730
the knee guan acupuncture point also 0:05:02.940,0:05:08.850
known as the p6 or inner frontier gate 0:05:05.730,0:05:11.070
point 27 trusted source you can 0:05:08.850,0:05:12.930
stimulate this nerve on your own simply 0:05:11.070,0:05:15.030
by placing your thumb two to three 0:05:12.930,0:05:18.090
finger widths down from your inner wrist 0:05:15.030,0:05:20.010
between the two prominent tendons here 0:05:18.090,0:05:23.430
is an illustration showing how you can 0:05:20.010,0:05:25.980
find this point yourself for slice a 0:05:23.430,0:05:28.170
lemon citrusy smells such as those from 0:05:25.980,0:05:31.800
a freshly sliced lemon may help reduce 0:05:28.170,0:05:33.930
nausea in pregnant women in one study a 0:05:31.800,0:05:35.910
group of 100 pregnant women were 0:05:33.930,0:05:38.160
instructed to inhale either lemon or 0:05:35.910,0:05:40.950
almond essential oils as soon as they 0:05:38.160,0:05:43.110
felt nausea at the end of the four-day 0:05:40.950,0:05:45.660
study those in the lemon group rated 0:05:43.110,0:05:47.550
their nausea up to 9% lower than those 0:05:45.660,0:05:50.550
given the almond oil placebo 0:05:47.550,0:05:52.770
twenty-eight trusted source slicing a 0:05:50.550,0:05:54.840
lemon or simply scratching its peel may 0:05:52.770,0:05:57.000
work in a similar way because it helps 0:05:54.840,0:06:00.210
release its essential oils into the air 0:05:57.000,0:06:02.430
a vial of lemon essential oil may be a 0:06:00.210,0:06:05.670
practical alternative to use when you’re 0:06:02.430,0:06:08.400
away from home 5 control your breathing 0:06:05.670,0:06:11.210
taking slow deep breaths can also help 0:06:08.400,0:06:13.050
reduce nausea in one study researchers 0:06:11.210,0:06:15.330
attempted to determine which 0:06:13.050,0:06:18.300
aromatherapy scent was most effective at 0:06:15.330,0:06:20.250
reducing nausea following surgery they 0:06:18.300,0:06:21.990
instructed participants to breathe in 0:06:20.250,0:06:23.760
slowly through the nose and exhale 0:06:21.990,0:06:26.520
through the mouth three times while 0:06:23.760,0:06:29.490
exposed to various scents 29 trusted 0:06:26.520,0:06:31.830
source all participants including those 0:06:29.490,0:06:34.590
in the placebo group reported a decrease 0:06:31.830,0:06:36.330
in nausea this made the researchers 0:06:34.590,0:06:37.889
suspect that the controlled breathing 0:06:36.330,0:06:40.830
may have provided the relief 0:06:37.889,0:06:42.719
twenty-nine trusted source in a second 0:06:40.830,0:06:44.490
study researchers confirmed that 0:06:42.719,0:06:46.919
aromatherapy and controlled breathing 0:06:44.490,0:06:49.229
both independently relieve nausea in 0:06:46.919,0:06:51.629
this study the controlled breathing 0:06:49.229,0:06:54.779
reduced it in 62 percent of cases 0:06:51.629,0:06:57.180
sixteen trusted source the breathing 0:06:54.779,0:06:58.949
pattern used in this last study required 0:06:57.180,0:07:00.900
participants to inhale through their 0:06:58.949,0:07:03.120
nose to a count of three hold their 0:07:00.900,0:07:05.279
breath to a count of three then exhale 0:07:03.120,0:07:08.939
to a count of three sixteen trusted 0:07:05.279,0:07:11.340
source six use certain spices several 0:07:08.939,0:07:14.189
spices are popular home remedies often 0:07:11.340,0:07:16.050
recommended to combat nausea most of 0:07:14.189,0:07:19.439
these spices are supported solely by 0:07:16.050,0:07:21.599
anecdotal evidence however the nausea 0:07:19.439,0:07:23.689
fighting power of these three spices is 0:07:21.599,0:07:26.580
backed by some scientific evidence 0:07:23.689,0:07:28.979
fennel powder may reduce menstrual 0:07:26.580,0:07:30.930
symptoms including nausea and help women 0:07:28.979,0:07:32.120
experience shorter periods thirty 0:07:30.930,0:07:34.740
trusted source 0:07:32.120,0:07:36.719
cinnamon may reduce the severity of 0:07:34.740,0:07:39.169
nausea that women experience during 0:07:36.719,0:07:42.240
menstruation thirty-one trusted source 0:07:39.169,0:07:43.889
cumin extract may help improve symptoms 0:07:42.240,0:07:46.800
such as abdominal pain nausea 0:07:43.889,0:07:49.469
constipation and diarrhea in individuals 0:07:46.800,0:07:50.069
suffering from IBS thirty-two trusted 0:07:49.469,0:07:52.650
source 0:07:50.069,0:07:54.389
although these three spices may help 0:07:52.650,0:07:57.210
relieve nausea in certain individuals 0:07:54.389,0:07:59.279
very few studies exist and more are 0:07:57.210,0:08:02.250
needed before strong conclusions can be 0:07:59.279,0:08:04.620
drawn it’s also worth noting that the 0:08:02.250,0:08:09.240
studies above used doses ranging from 0:08:04.620,0:08:11.189
180 to 420 milligrams per day these mega 0:08:09.240,0:08:14.610
doses are difficult to achieve through 0:08:11.189,0:08:17.279
normal everyday use of these spices 7 0:08:14.610,0:08:20.129
try relaxing your muscles relaxing your 0:08:17.279,0:08:21.839
muscles may help relieve nausea one 0:08:20.129,0:08:24.029
technique people have used to achieve 0:08:21.839,0:08:25.229
this effect as known as progressive 0:08:24.029,0:08:28.949
muscle relaxation 0:08:25.229,0:08:30.870
PMR it requires individuals to tense and 0:08:28.949,0:08:33.000
relax their muscles in a continuous 0:08:30.870,0:08:35.959
sequence as a way to achieve physical 0:08:33.000,0:08:39.360
and mental relaxation 33 trusted source 0:08:35.959,0:08:41.459
one recent review found that PMR is an 0:08:39.360,0:08:44.190
effective way to reduce the severity of 0:08:41.459,0:08:47.069
nausea resulting from chemotherapy 34 0:08:44.190,0:08:49.540
trusted source another way to relieve 0:08:47.069,0:08:51.730
muscle tension as through massage 0:08:49.540,0:08:54.190
in one study a group of chemotherapy 0:08:51.730,0:08:56.560
patients were given a 20-minute lower 0:08:54.190,0:08:59.290
arm or lower leg massage during their 0:08:56.560,0:09:01.540
treatment compared to those given no 0:08:59.290,0:09:04.390
massage the massage participants were 0:09:01.540,0:09:08.980
about 24% less likely to get nauseous 0:09:04.390,0:09:11.470
afterward 35 trusted source eight to men 0:09:08.980,0:09:13.060
b6 supplement bita men b6 as 0:09:11.470,0:09:15.010
increasingly recommended as an 0:09:13.060,0:09:16.870
alternative treatment for pregnant women 0:09:15.010,0:09:20.140
preferring to avoid anti-nausea 0:09:16.870,0:09:22.840
medications several studies report that 0:09:20.140,0:09:25.390
supplements of vitamin b6 also known as 0:09:22.840,0:09:28.660
pyridoxine successfully reduced nausea 0:09:25.390,0:09:31.600
during pregnancy 36 trusted source 37 0:09:28.660,0:09:34.690
trusted source 38 trusted source 39 0:09:31.600,0:09:37.090
trusted source for this reason several 0:09:34.690,0:09:38.830
experts suggest taking vitamin b6 0:09:37.090,0:09:41.020
supplements during pregnancy as a 0:09:38.830,0:09:42.670
first-line treatment against mild nausea 0:09:41.020,0:09:46.990
40 trusted source 0:09:42.670,0:09:49.060
41 vitamin b6 doses up to 200 milligrams 0:09:46.990,0:09:51.700
per day are generally considered safe 0:09:49.060,0:09:53.040
during pregnancy and produce virtually 0:09:51.700,0:09:55.810
no side effects 0:09:53.040,0:09:59.280
therefore this alternative therapy may 0:09:55.810,0:10:01.840
be worth a try 41 42 trusted source 0:09:59.280,0:10:04.000
nevertheless there haven’t been very 0:10:01.840,0:10:07.090
many studies on this topic and some 0:10:04.000,0:10:11.200
report no effects 12 trusted source 43 0:10:07.090,0:10:13.540
trusted source 9 to 17 additional tips 0:10:11.200,0:10:15.790
to reduce nausea in addition to the tips 0:10:13.540,0:10:17.740
above a few other recommendations may 0:10:15.790,0:10:20.350
decrease the likelihood of nausea or 0:10:17.740,0:10:24.730
help relieve its symptoms the most 0:10:20.350,0:10:27.310
common include 4445 avoid spicy or fatty 0:10:24.730,0:10:30.310
foods a blander diet made up of foods 0:10:27.310,0:10:32.740
such as bananas rice applesauce crackers 0:10:30.310,0:10:34.600
or baked potatoes may relieve nausea and 0:10:32.740,0:10:37.090
decrease the likelihood of an upset 0:10:34.600,0:10:39.760
stomach add protein to your meals 0:10:37.090,0:10:42.070
protein rich meals may fight off nausea 0:10:39.760,0:10:45.550
better than meals high in fat or carbs 0:10:42.070,0:10:47.950
46 trusted source avoid large meals 0:10:45.550,0:10:50.170
opting for smaller more frequent meals 0:10:47.950,0:10:53.080
when you’re feeling nauseated may help 0:10:50.170,0:10:55.420
reduce your symptoms stay upright after 0:10:53.080,0:10:57.880
you eat some people are more likely to 0:10:55.420,0:11:00.070
experience reflux or become nauseous if 0:10:57.880,0:11:03.350
they lie down within 30 to 60 minutes 0:11:00.070,0:11:05.420
following a meal avoid drinking with 0:11:03.350,0:11:07.670
meals drinking any liquids with meals 0:11:05.420,0:11:10.060
may increase feelings of fullness which 0:11:07.670,0:11:13.100
may worsen nausea in some individuals 0:11:10.060,0:11:15.920
stay hydrated dehydration can worsen 0:11:13.100,0:11:18.440
nausea if your nausea is accompanied by 0:11:15.920,0:11:20.570
vomiting replace your lost fluids with 0:11:18.440,0:11:22.670
electrolyte rich fluids such as flat 0:11:20.570,0:11:26.150
mineral water vegetable broth or a 0:11:22.670,0:11:28.370
sports drink avoid strong smells these 0:11:26.150,0:11:31.280
may worsen nausea especially during 0:11:28.370,0:11:33.320
pregnancy avoid hiring supplements 0:11:31.280,0:11:34.730
pregnant women with normal iron levels 0:11:33.320,0:11:37.160
should avoid taking iron supplements 0:11:34.730,0:11:40.040
during the first trimester because they 0:11:37.160,0:11:43.370
may worsen feelings of nausea 47 trusted 0:11:40.040,0:11:45.860
source exercise aerobic exercise and 0:11:43.370,0:11:48.500
yoga may be particularly helpful ways to 0:11:45.860,0:11:52.010
reduce nausea in some individuals 48 0:11:48.500,0:11:54.050
trusted source 49 trusted source it’s 0:11:52.010,0:11:56.330
worth noting that most of these last 0:11:54.050,0:11:59.270
tips are only supported by anecdotal 0:11:56.330,0:12:01.210
evidence that said they pose little risk 0:11:59.270,0:12:04.009
and may be worthy trying 0:12:01.210,0:12:04.009

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