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Hey this is Omar from,
where I show you how I beat depression, and I think you can too, using the same techniques
that I am going to show you. Today, actually, I was going to make a whole
bunch of videos for you. And it turns out that, well, for the past
week actually, that the neighbors next door are building a house. It is a new house. So they have been all day, they have had this
massive machines and bulldozers and all kinds of stuff just moving earth and pounding it
down, and it is been driving me nuts for the last week. Here we go again. My whole house is vibrating, and this whole
week, even on Saturday morning at 8 oclock in the morning, they were doing something. I have no idea what it was they were doing,
but there was this massive vibration. It was like my whole brain inside my head
was shaking like this. And even now, my windows are shaking. I actually had some plates on the walls downstairs,
and I removed them just in case the vibrations would cause them to fall. So why am I telling you all this and what
does this have to do with depression? Well, the whole idea about this video and
this video series is to look at everyday life. And to see what we can learn from depression. And a lot of times in our lives, we try and
control the environment around us. I am a control freak. I admit it. I try to really control what is happening
around me. I have tried not to allow things to be a certain
way, and I really want them to be a certain way. And of course, life is not like that. Life does not allow you to control it. Life is in charge and it is my job to adapt. And again, we become back to this adaptability. I was sitting at my computer and I was getting
really upset, pissed off. I was fuming. I was walking back and forth. I was looking at the neighbors. As if that was going to help. It was just something to release my anger. So rather, than just sit there and stew about
it, I am making this video for you about it. Again, it has to do with control. And the whole lesson here is that when we
get depressed When I was depressed, I was depressed because certain things happened
to me that were beyond my control. And since I am a control freak, and I want
things to be in a certain way and they are not in a certain way, I got depressed. And then, of course, the conversation starts
in my head about, oh because things did not work out the way I wanted them to work out,
I am a loser.’ Which is a complete, absolute fallacy. It is wrong. But my mind has a way of convincing me that
my perspective, my point of view is the only point of view and it is the correct point
of view. So when life happens, which it does, life
happens. And it happens in opposition to what I think
life should be and how life should be happening, I was getting depressed. For example, as I have mentioned before many
times, I lost 2 million dollars. I suddenly went from being completely free,
traveling all over the world, literally doing whatever I wanted; to suddenly being in debt,
being in this very ugly lawsuit. And in my mind, I was thinking to myself,
I should not be in this situation. I should not be in this situation. And this SHOULD come out. And suddenly my mind goes off in this path
of negativity. And this negativity, I am not sure if you
can hear this vibration, but I can feel it in my whole body and even this desk because
it just totally vibrated. And that is the reason I am making this video
for you right now as they are doing this vibration. Because like when I lost that money, like
even other things that happen to me, it was not how life was supposed to be in my life,
in my mind. And yet, that is reality. So I was getting angry at myself. I was getting angry at life. I was getting angry at everybody. I felt like the whole world was out to get
me, because life did not turn out the way I wanted it to be or the way I expected it
to be. This is a perfect example of that, that is
happening right now and I was able to catch myself. I was like, oh, man! These guys are driving me nuts. So I was fuming. I was walking back and forth. I sent my girlfriend an email saying, these
guys are driving me nuts. And so then, I said, you know what? I am going to use this. This is a lesson. Because the whole thing about life is to learn. That is my thing. Everything is a test. You are learning from life. You are adapting. If you do not learn, if you do not adapt,
you become rigid. And when you are rigid, you cannot move, you
cannot enjoy life. You are not alive. The only time that you are rigid is when you
are 6 feet under, and that is not our purpose on life. Life is to live and to enjoy, and to experience
and to be alive, and to move your body, and to move your brain, and to move your emotions
and just see what is happening and learn from it. That is my perspective. So I was getting angry and I decided I caught
myself. And that is the whole thing. You have to learn how to become aware of what
is happening inside of you, how to become aware of when your thoughts just start taking
you off on this very, very negative road. Because when you have negative thoughts, suddenly
your emotions become negative. Suddenly my emotions became negative and I
was getting angry and upset, and I became completely unproductive, you know, working
at the computer, doing my work. And I was completely unproductive. I was just angry. So I decided to adapt. So my thought process was, how can I use this? And here is the video. And as you noticed, maybe you did not, but
the vibrations just stopped. So that is the other point I want to make,
and I was hoping that they were going to do it earlier, but they just did it now. And here is the other point, nothing goes
on forever. Nothing goes on forever. These people were driving me nuts. They took some breaks and started again. Now they are taking another break. It is not the whole time. Of course, in my mind, it was the whole time
but it was not actually. There were moments when they were taking a
break, and that is the whole thing. It is really important, it is vital for you
to get this lesson. It is never forever. It is never forever. It lasts for a short amount of time. You have to learn to get the lesson. You have to learn to adapt, because if you
have got a mountain there, the mountain is not going to move for you. You have got to go around it, climb over it,
build a tunnel. There are different options. Or take another road, route, road. The thing is, adapt,learn, become aware, of
yourself, of your body, of your thoughts, especially when they just get carried away
and realize that it is not going to be forever. But in the mean time, in that moment, you
have to adapt. Move with it, flow with it. Another thing I could do is actually go outside
and do my errands. I have a whole bunch of errands to do. So that is another thing that I could be doing
instead of getting upset. It gives me an excuse to leave the house. It gives me an excuse to go out and get a
bunch of things crossed off my to do list. So that is the video for today. Adapt, learn, and realize that nothing goes
on forever. Okay? So if you have any questions, just let me
know. And go to if you want to
get more videos like this, and I look forward to talking to you in the next video. Take care!

31 thoughts on “Help with Depression – Tips on How to Deal with Anger by DepressionHero

  1. So true. It's as you say, situations sometimes goes out of our control that it's literally driving us nuts. Nothing goes forever so we either learn to adapt or be consumed in a state of anger ultimately leading to depression. Which to choose? I would say ADAPT.

  2. I am so grateful to you for making these videos,they help me to understand what is happening to some of my friends that are suffering from depression. I am able to help them by using your advise. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Z

  3. Hi Zee,

    It's good to hear that you were able to apply some of my advice in helping your friends. Stay tuned with my other videos and leave me more comments on what worked for them. Better yet, let your friends see my videos and tell me what they think.


  4. Hi Zee, I just released a new YT video. Check it out and let me know what you think. /watch?v=xiHSaFTu9TI Thanks, Omar.

  5. I appreciate your feedback! Have you seen my most recent Depression video? Take a look and let me know what you think! /watch?v=xiHSaFTu9TI

  6. I have to bust out laughing, because so fast do I forget that the world does not need to be controlled. Ha, even with the thinking Im not alone! It is a good reminder that others go through the ups and downs. I love your process the truth, the openness your really very inspirational!

  7. Thanks for your comments Badbhex Hex!
    Yes, we get so caught up in trying to control our world that I sometimes do exactly that – bust out laughing – and that breaks the tension i feel within so i can let go. Remember even the rich and famous are susceptible to ups and downs! We're all human!

  8. you are the only one I managed to listen to without getting upset and starting swear.
    Thank you sincerely.

  9. I put this video on my favourites to watch every single day… maybe several times per day would be good for me. A million thanks.

  10. That's awesome Nina. Once you understand what is happening inside, it's easier to deal with! It's important to become aware, adapt, flow and learn and not become rigid. Let me know what insights you got!

  11. I've been having issues with my roommates at college and i want to stop getting angry at them but i don't know how. What should i do?

  12. Your life us nice in all but I don't care about your life I just don't want do be depressed every day of my life I was in this bid for 1:30 and then left

  13. The people that end up either exploding, having a breakdown or sink into depression are people that don't talk it through.  I say talk with your friends and family about things that bother you.  It isn't a good idea to go off half-cocked and yell at someone but if you are angry- that's normal. If you are disappointed- that's normal but talk it through.    Just talk- friends want to be of help.  They care about you.  If you don't have friends- go to a therapist.  Bottom line is that when you voice your doubts, concerns, etc. you hear sometimes how silly or irrational you are for having these thoughts. Or if you are constantly depressed about something- change it.  If it's marriage, weight, a job…take those baby steps to get free of the bondage of these things.  It might not happen this second but if you have a goal- divorce, weight loss, a new job… then you know what you have to do.  It might not be easy but it's liberating.  Staying in a sad situation causes depression.

  14. Love your vid. Way to chanel feelings in positive way to inspire others. Thanks for sharing your personal experience. You made some really powerful points.

  15. Thank you so much for this video. I can relate so much to how you feel. I want to control things, and I guess I feel entitled to a fairness in life and I let it bring me down and get me depressed. I have isolated myself a lot…I've been on the high like you and lost it all, and I dwell on this. I need to learn how to cope…I am being negative and letting every little issue bring me down further and further. I am seeking out help…started seeing a therapist, but she just listens to what I say, and I don't think I'm hearing a lot of answers, which makes me feel more hopeless, but videos like yours are helping. I need help/views/inputs/ideas from others. I'm seeking that. I need to learn to cope and get over it.

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