Healing Yoga – Season 2 – Episode 2 – Anger

For years, I thrived in the high
pressure business world, but the workaholic life
finally caught up with me. I was 35, very overweight,
and in chronic pain with severe mobility issues, a terrible diet
and no exercise. My health was a
complete wreck. Then, I went to a
gentle yoga class and felt truly relaxed. The stress just melted away. I went from a
size 18 to a size 8. I stopped getting sick. Pain disappeared. I learned to open my heart, and I felt happy for
the first time in years. So, I said goodbye
to the business world and started teaching. Yoga doesn’t
have to be strenuous. The easiest movements
can trigger major relief of chronic symptoms
no matter your age. Healing Yoga. Yoga for Real
People with Real Problems. Hello. I’m Deborah Devine, and that was my problematic
life without gentle yoga. Unhealthy life choices were
causing negative emotions and I was becoming so angry. Holding onto anger
is very dangerous. It’s bad for the heart, bad for the
immune system and more. If we don’t deal with it now
it can lodge in our organs and nervous system as we age. So,today we’re going to be
saying goodbye to resentment and anger with a simple yoga
sequence of standing and floor poses. You don’t have to be
super fit to do this with me, and if you’re busy even
one or two poses will lighten your mood. Let’s start the healing. Joining me today, Sarah, who has been dealing with
a hot temper that comes up sometimes while
running her own business, and Anita who is also
dealing with workplace anger. Okay, let’s begin with a warmup,
Tadasana, with Sun Breaths. We’re going to take the feet a
little bit wider than the hips. The heels are coming out,
the toes are coming in, and we have elevens as
the outside edges of the feet are parallel with
the outside edges of the mat. Come back on the heels
and feel the quadriceps really engaging. Go to the gluts
and the pelvic girdle. Squeeze and hug. Feel the in breath coming
out the frontline of the body lifting everything in its path, cresting like a wave at the
crown of the head and cascading down the backline of the body
taking the shoulder blades down, sit bones down, and grounding
through the heels. Now, we’ll take our hands
in front of the heart. We’ll inhale the
arms out and up reaching. Spread the fingers. Push down with the heels
as you rise up through the fingers and exhale. Hands to heart center. Inhale. Arms out and up touching
the fingers at the top of the inhalations and then exhaling. Haaa. Lion’s Breath. Inhaling, arms out and up. Exhaling audibly using
the Lion’s Breath here. Haaa. These movements are excellent
for releasing a lot of pent-up energy that we feel
when we are angry. We’re moving that energy
down into the ground and we’re keeping the upper part
of the body free as well. There can be a lot of
digestive disturbance going on in the belly and we want to
keep the belly nice and open and stretch out. Move the ribs
away from the hips. Exhale completely and feel the
belly come to the front spine. Inhaling one more time. Exhale. Haaa. Wonderful. Now, we’ll let the arms
come to the sides. Now we’re going to be moving
into some Half Sun Salutes. We bring the hands in
front of heart center. We come back on the heels. Really feel grounded. Energize the
legs and the gluts. Inhale the arms out and up, and then we’ll
exhale forward. Bend the knees. Take the sit bones back. Reach down toward the ground. Inhale. Halfway lift. Lengthen the spine. Exhale. Forward fold. Inhale all the way back up. Energize the legs and rise. Lift the arms high. Exhale. Hands to heart center. Inhaling out and up. Expanding. Exhaling, coming down. Bend the knees. Be kind to the hamstrings. Inhale. Halfway lift. Extend the spine. Broaden the collarbones. Exhale. Forward fold. Inhale. Arms out and up
reaching, expanding. Exhale. Hands to heart center. One more. Inhaling out and up. Feel how wonderful you feel
as you release all of this tense energy that has been
built up from our emotions. Inhale. All the way back up. Exhale. Hands to heart center. Please continue to enjoy
these Half Sun Salutes and Sun Breaths, and we will be back in just
a few moments with more yoga solutions for anger. Healing Yoga. Yoga for Real
People with Real Problems. For more yoga,
go to visiontv.ca/healing-yoga Healing Yoga. Yoga for Real
People with Real Problems. Hi. My name is Sarah Gayer. I won’t tell you my age.
I am over 50. One of the challenges I have
is handling my anger. I’ve always been a person who
loses it very easily and it does impact my work life and
also my personal life. I also run my own business, and one of the things that I
have is become very impatient. If people don’t follow up with
what they’re supposed to do or they don’t meet
deadlines I just lose it. I am hoping that yoga will
teach me some techniques on how to be able to handle anger so
that it doesn’t impact my life. Welcome back. In this episode we’re
dealing with yoga solutions to manage anger. So Sarah, when you feel a little
bit hot under the collar what are some of the strategies
that you’ve used that worked? Normally I put my
runners on and go for a run. Ahh. Or I just walk away. I sit down in front of
the TV and just relax. Mmm. Or go for a nice long walk. Those are all
really good solutions, and we’re also going
to be picking up some more tips today. If you do some of these
poses at your office, close the door, you’ll find them
very effective. Okay. It works so well for me too. Okay. Let’s begin with Cow Cat. We come down onto all fours, and the hips and the knees
and the feet are in alignment. The fingers are spread wide
apart and the hands are a little bit forward of the shoulders. Then, you can have your toes
turned under to give you a little bit more stability, or if you feel like placing
your toenails down that works well too. Next time an out breath comes
along we take the sit bones and tailbone down and we arch
up like a Halloween cat. Inhale. Let the sit bones and
tailbone come up and arch up into a sacred cow, and we’ll just move back and
forth in time with the breath releasing the spine. When we’re feeling angry these
emotions lodge deep inside all of our muscles, and especially
our belly organs. So,moving into cows and cats
can be a wonderfully effective way to release some
of those emotions. Now we’re going to extend
the left leg and get long. Spread the
toes nice and wide. Press through the heel and
then let that knee come down. Opposite leg comes up. We’re going to be
extending out to the front hip. Spread the toes. Engage the heel and
press away and then let that leg come down. Then we’ll just go back and
forth between these two legs pressing the femur
out of the hip socket. The leg feels like
it’s coming out of the hip. This is a wonderful way
to release tension in the low belly. When we feel angry we have a
lot of sensation of tightness and discomfort in the low belly
so these moves are opening up the front of the hips and we’re
getting a little bit more breath as well because the
diaphragm is also expanding. Now we’re going to use
opposite legs and arms. So,right leg comes up, left arm comes up. We’re going to get
a balance going here. Turn your toe pads under if
you need that extra support. Let the palm face midline. Press through the
heel and spread the toes. Give the back leg an inner
spiral so that the toes are pointing down. Then we’ll come back to
center and the opposite leg coming out. Right arm coming out. Press down into the base of
the index fingers here on the grounded hand. Spread the fingers
wide of the free hand. Extend. Bring the arm out of
the shoulder socket. Bring the leg out of the hip
socket and really press the heel away. Then we’ll come
back to center. Now we’re going to
come into Lion’s pose. We’re still in Table pose, but this time we’re going
to be using the breath to move energy up the
front of the spine. Let me demonstrate. We inhale and then we exhale. Ahhhhh. Inhale. Exhale. Ahhhhh. Inhale. Ahhhhh. Lion’s pose is an excellent
pose to take when you’re dealing with anger. We have all this excess energy
that is trapped in the body, and it’s also trapped in
the throat and the jaws. We feel like we want to say
something but we can’t so all of that energy is stuck here. Lion’s pose helps move all of
that energy out of the cells, out of the body, and it’s very refreshing to
be able to express yourself that way in a safe environment. Now we’re coming to Child’s
pose and we’re going to rest the forehead. We come to Table pose again
and we get our bolster or a rolled up blanket
or towel handy. Knees come apart. Feet come together. Then we bring our buttocks
back to a comfortable place and we rest the forehead
down on the bolster. Let your hands rest on the
sides of the bolster to give you a more secure feeing. We’re using the breath to take
the sit bones and tailbone back and we’re extending
through the spine. The spine is getting longer. When we’re resting the
forehead it’s a wonderful feeling of safety
and security and care. Now, please continue
to enjoy Child’s pose for the next few minutes, and when we come back we’ll
have more yoga solutions for anger. Healing Yoga. Yoga for Real
People with Real Problems. For more yoga,
go to visiontv.ca/healing-yoga Healing Yoga. Yoga for Real
People with Real Problems. I’m Anita Nickerson. I’m 46 years old and I’m
experiencing some anger issues where I have lost my temper. So,some of the issues
that I’m experiencing at work, it is deadline driven. However, it’s mostly
due to colleagues that I have been experiencing
some temporary issues with. I heard great things
about yoga in terms of having a meditative state of mind, to calming the person down, to helping people keep
their reference in terms of an awareness of now. So,I’m hoping that I can do
a full mind/body experience with Yoga. Welcome back. In today’ episode we’ve been
dealing with yoga solutions for anger. So Anita, what does your body feel
like when you feel angry? I feel very tense. I feel very anxious. I feel on nerves and
I feel like my chest is really heavy at times. I can really
identify with that, and especially at the workplace
where you have all these deadlines and pressure
and, you know, we don’t have an outlet to
release some of that pent-up energy so these poses that
we’re going to be doing next are phenomenal for releasing and
grounding anger and making space for us to have that sense of
joy and loving kindness which is really what yoga is all about. Now, let’s go into
Janu Sirsasana, Head to Knee pose. We’re sitting on our bolster
so that we can get the hips a little bit higher than the
knees which is wonderful for the low back, and then the left knee is
going to stay bent in and the right leg is going
to come out long. We have a tie on standby. A bathrobe tie will work
or your husband’s tie or a yoga belt, and we place the belt around
the ball of the big toe and the ball of the baby toe taking
the horse reigns as it were. Now, we’re just going to
see how the hamstrings are feeling here. You can press your foot into
the belt and resist back with the belt against the foot to
just see how things are going, and if you have any tenderness
then you can just bend your knee at any time. We’re going to take
a long, slow, smooth in breath lifting the
front of the spine and a long, slow, smooth, complete
out breath is going to help us ground. Yes. In breath. Lengthening the
front of the spine. Out breath grounding the whole
leg and then allowing the heart to come forward. We’re bending
at the hip crease, not at the waist. We’re moving the sit bones and
tailbone back and down so this is creating this beautiful
forward motion in the top part of the body, but we like to keep the front
of the chest long and open so we can get lots of oxygen. If we come down into a curved
spine we’re not going to have access to nearly as much
breath and that’s just going to exacerbate our
emotional issues. We let go of the jaws, we let go of the whole face
and we use the Ujjayi practice. Very soft constriction
at the back of the throat. This is going to
energize the fifth chakra. This is the chakra of
purification and detoxification so we’re detoxifying ourselves
of all of the lymphatic waste products that are sitting
in the backs of the legs, and we’re also
detoxifying the mind. We’re detoxifying all of these
negative emotions and moving them down into the
ground engaging apana, this downward flowing energy. Alright, let go of that leg
and we’ll switch sides. We bend the right foot in
bending the right knee and allowing the ball of the big toe
and the ball of the baby toe to be connected to the belt. Now, using the belt to resist
against the foot and letting the arms be nice and long it’s
creating a little bit of an isometric action here. So,we’re engaging
the quadricep muscle, the top leg muscle. We’re going to squeeze and hug
and then we’re lengthening the hamstrings. We’re lengthening
the back of the legs. Inhaling and lifting
everything on the front part of the body. Exhaling and taking the heart
forward moving the sit bones and the tailbone behind. Okay, let’s move into a twist. We’re going to be using the
bolster to help us and it has the effect of lifting the ground
closer to us so we don’t have to go quite so deep
into this twist. It’s very soothing
for the spine. We take the bolster
right up to the hip. You could use a blanket
or a towel rolled up here. Then figure out a way that
your legs and knees can feel comfortable. Then we’ll inhale,
lengthening the spine. On exhale turn on the axis
of the spine toward the back of the bolster. When another in breath comes
along we lengthen the spine and then we exhale and let ourselves
descend down without losing any of the length that
we’ve cultivated. When working with these
gentle twists we’re engaging the third chakra. This is the solar plexus, the energy of fire here, and this is where we
feel a lot of anger. We get hurt and we feel this
ball of heat deep in the gut. With these gentle twists we’re
wringing out and isolating all of these negative emotions and
we’re using the out breath to brush them away, to move them down into
the ground where they can be transformed into
something else. This is the area
where we do our digesting. We’re transforming
food into energy, and we’re also using the energy
of the third chakra to digest emotions and
experiences into wisdom. That is the power of yoga. We’re using the
breath to move energy, to release energy,
and to transform energy. Now, let’s switch over
to the opposite side. This is a different side so
you may feel like placing your legs in a different position, but take two
breaths to get down. We want to inhale and lengthen
the front of the spine creating lots of room for the discs
and exhale on the axis of the spine. Then we inhale
again and exhale. Come forward. Let the temple rest down. See if you need to move
the bottom hip away from the shortage of the bolster. If we move breath down into
the back bottom parts of the lungs we are actually seeing a
much higher density of those air sacs that exchange
oxygen and carbon dioxide. So,we’re going to be
alkalizing the body. Anger has a way of making
acidity happen in the body so we’re going to be oxygenating
and alkalizing ourselves. Let the elbows be complete. Feel the belly come
to the front spine. Pause. Enjoy that peaceful feeling. Then the in breath comes. Now please continue to enjoy
this wonderful gentle twist for the next few minutes, and when we come back we will
be enjoying more yoga solutions for anger. Healing Yoga. Yoga for Real
People with Real Problems. For more yoga,
go to visiontv.ca/healing-yoga Healing Yoga. Yoga for Real
People with Real Problems. Using a yoga journal to help
express your feelings in a safe way, and to chart your
progress lessening anger. Inject humour at every
opportunity to maintain a healthy attitude. Today we’ve been with yoga
solutions to manage our anger. We’ve been wringing out a
lot of energy of these powerful emotions. We’ve been grounding that
energy and creating space in the body for freshness, for fresh lymph, for fresh blood and to open up
to the knowing that we have joy at our core at all times no
matter what is going on around us. A yoga practice brings us
back into the present moment. One of the most effective ways
to come into the present moment is with this breath
practice called Brahmari, the Bumble Bee breath. We take the thumbs onto
areas in front of the ears, those little tiny flaps
right in front of the ears, and we press back a
little bit just very gently. We take the index fingers and
the middle fingers and we place them above and
below the brow line. The ring finger is going to
come just on the outside of the nostril and then we’ll try to
get the pinky finger down into the area on the
either side of the mouth. Then we take a
long, slow, smooth in breath, and then out breath is
like a Bumble Bee sound. Mmmmmmmm. Inhaling. Mmmmmmmm. Inhaling. Mmmmmmmm. Let your hands come away from
your face and just rest here in this beautiful energy
that you’ve created. When we use Brahmari we are
eliminating any external stimuli from coming in. It’s a very soothing pose, and when you’re feeling anger
rising this is a wonderful way to get on top of it. Now let’s move into Savasana, our final tranquility pose. Just come right
onto the ground. Let your shoulder
blades come down the back. Broaden through
the collarbones. Let the legs come a little bit
apart form each other and wrists down. Allow the whole backline
to get wider and flatter. Let the in breaths open up the
whole frontline of the body and expand. Picture any negative energy
that is still inside coming down with the out
breaths and grounding. Let the out
breath be complete. Touch that beautiful peaceful
place at the end of the out breath and then let the in
breath come in filling you up from bottom to top. Let your mind
completely rest. Feel the front brain
drop towards the back brain. Take a long, slow,
smooth in breath into the whole body breathing in
light and spaciousness and exhaling tension,
exhaling holding, letting yourself
surrender completely. Please continue to enjoy
Savasana for at least another 20 minutes, and we’ll see you again
next time on Healing Yoga. Namaste. ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪

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