Healing Depression and Anxiety Caused by Unhealthy Familly Dynamics: Raise Your Consciousness

Hello Everybody Lisa A. Romano the breakthrough life coach. How are you? I hope everything’s well I’m really excited about this video that I want to bring to you today I had an amazing conversation early in the week with what I think is a pretty incredible soul. And Such wisdom and such clarity and such understanding came out of the conversation It uplifted her but it also uplifted me and I just wanted to share it with all of you who? come to my channel who have subscribed and Who follow my work on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and whatever all over the place that I am? And because I believe that the message is just so truly truly Inspiring right? So let me preface this video by saying that I am of the belief that the there is a war between light and dark on planet Earth and The war I believe is an emotional war and I’ll tell you why When I was at my worst with anxiety and depression and codependency and Below the veil as I like to say and I didn’t even know there was a veil Mm-hmm. I didn’t even know that The mind was both conscious and unconscious at the same time, no clue no awareness that because my parents were a disordered passive-aggressive codependent narcissistic adult children of alcoholics that were unrecovered Control freaks. They just were you know, they didn’t know they were but they just were right they were very stringent and You know, my father was very militant And he he actually still to this day will brag about how soldier like we were right He didn’t he didn’t get it. He had three children that were in survival mode that were terrified He has no acknowledgement that we suffered from complex PTSD because every day we walked around in our house like we were like the floor was made of glass and you know, we were afraid of any minute of my mother raging and Becoming completely undone over something as simple as leaving a sock on the staircase or whatever and so I didn’t know that all of that stuff being raised that way and Feeling so invisible and living in a state of survival and it’s important that we recognize as wounded adult children tried to heal that when We feel arrested When we feel like we are in survival mode we are not thriving We are surviving and it’s not the same thing So, you know an organism has to just decide you know am I gonna grow in this woman mine or am I gonna you know be on high alert and and Clumped down because I’m afraid of where the attack is gonna come from and I have to be on guard all the time I didn’t know that I was living in a state of survival I didn’t know that I was downloaded with this blueprint, you know and scientists are moving closer to believing that this so-called junk DNA You know that scientists have called this this DNA that it they didn’t know what it actually did It wasn’t responsible for the color of our eyes or the color of our hair or the thickness of a fingernail But scientists are moving closer and closer to proving that that chunk DNA is that actually where we hold up programs? Right. So where we hold our language programs where we hold our beliefs and our downloads Fascinating. Oh my god a little mind-bending when you think about this idea that we are unconscious and consciousness at the same time and We can live our lives thinking that were conscious but we’re really not that’s like what like seriously that blew my mind I don’t know about you but blew my mind and so, you know, I didn’t know that there was this veil and On my journey the more I started to Investigate childhood homes and understanding what I miss versus what somebody from a functional home what they received, right? You know things just started to come together for me when I realized I was codependent I was like that’s a program being codependent is a program and When I began to understand that The anxiety that I had and this sense of low self-esteem that I had and this depression It was like a darkness within me and what it did was it separated me from myself. It separated me from my god-self It separated me from Christ consciousness, right? I Was so far moved from believing that I had any worth I grew up being shamed My mother would actually say you should be ashamed of yourself You know, we went to church on Sundays and I’m sorry to all the devout Catholics out there But we were shamed, you know, you are a sinner You know if I reached for a potato, you know at dinner My mother’s response was why do you want another potato? You should think about someone else maybe somebody else wants the extra potato. It was this overall Message to me that I did not matter that I was here and I was supposed to worry about everybody else but myself and that’s the way I ran my life For it for decades, right? So I’m on the healing path and I’m recovering Okay, I get this above the veil below the veil I get this on awakened self and this awakened self this awakening self I’m beginning to understand it and as I move forward I began to realize that darkness is the the battle for the soul is happening on the field of our emotions and anything any idea any false belief any Situation any trauma that happens in our lives that separates us from the self in my opinion is Dark, it’s a dark energy. And it feels like there is a war waging cross soul Right and that this darkness within that separates trust us from the self There’s a danger that if we don’t grab onto the light within we’ll lose our soul That we will decelerate that we will not grow that we would de-evolve. We will not evolve if We are not evolving mentally emotionally cognitively. We cannot evolve spiritually So this idea idea came to me that? For in order to survive to survive when I only survived but evolve spiritually We have to evolve emotionally and to evolve emotionally we have to involve psychologically and cognitively so what this essentially means is it means a lot of things but it means that we have to begin to Address what’s happening in our lives? from a higher state of awareness We had we have to be willing to look at the self and find out how have we contributed to this dynamic? Otherwise, we’re gonna stay stuck. So in this conversation with this young woman who I think is absolutely fabulous if I do say so myself She’s explaining to me that she feels stuck in her relationship with her. Mom. Her mom in her opinion is narcissistic and through Conversations I would have to agree with her The mom was very judgmental. Very critical. There was only room for one opinion in the room, and it was moms This young woman would go to her mom crying and saying, you know Don’t you see this don’t you see when you say things to me like, you know? I would brag about you if there was something to brag about when you say that to me you make me feel unworthy and The mom just can’t see it right The mom is not willing to have any empathy for how her feelings have affected her child you know, the mom is rude the mom is aggressive and there is no empathy and there’s no respect for her child and So definitely the mom is in my opinion I don’t know her but sounds like she’s more narcissistic than she is and you know empathetic for sure and You know this young woman said, you know, my mom sees me as the problem. She has just identified I’m the problem. You know, I want too much. I am too needy I’m never happy and she’s my mom seems completely okay with that perception and It got me thinking and through the conversation with her. I said well that I think that’s the problem You know, your mom has no cognitive dissonance over this She should you know you’re her kid and there should be you know some compassion for you And there should be some divine female energy coming for you coming in your direction where even if your mom doesn’t agree with you She’s able to hold that space for you, right? I get that. It’s not happening And I’m so sorry, you know, but she doesn’t have any cognitive dissonance She’s totally okay with thinking that you’re the problem and that’s why she’s not suffering In in this young woman’s case. However, she is stuck because she is not happy With how she perceives her mom She wants to be loved she Wants to be embraced. She wants to be understood she Wants to feel connected to her mom. She wants to feel like when she speaks her mom’s like I get it. I’m so sorry I hear you. How can we make this better? She wants to feel like her mom wants to meet her halfway, but her mom doesn’t want to meet her halfway Her mom wants to believe that she’s the problem. Her mom is in competition with her, you know The mom does not celebrate her accomplishments Accomplishments and in fact, she suppresses them and she downplays them. It sounds like mom is arrested in like maybe adolescence 11 or 12 years old And I and I told her I said, you know It sounds like there’s two Mean Girls are having this conversation Like they’re trying to hurt one another, you know, and that’s not going to work. That’s gonna keep you stuck that’s gonna keep you below the veil and That’s that darkness I was talking about where I think that the war for our souls is happening in the emotional realm and We are all going to be challenged to win the war against darkness within ourselves in our relationships with selves first and when we are able to accomplish that That is when we can go out into the world and spread our light in amazing ways But until that happens We’re gonna stay stuck but they’re stuck because this young woman doesn’t want to accept that her mom is unable to give her and love her the way she needs to be loved and Which she absolutely deserved to experience? she’s struggling because she’s not willing to surrender to what is Now here’s the thing. She’s experiencing cognitive dissonance again, you know, it’s what I was talking about When we want to heal and evolve spiritually It just doesn’t happen in the spiritual realm. It happens in our DNA, right? You know, we become more light body activated There are actual DNA changes in our body as we begin to heal right our brain changes. There are actual changes happening in our brain when we heal and we let go of resistance when we the Amygdala calms down when the amygdala is highly activated We are stuck and we were living in the past and whether we realize it or not We are walking in the shadows we are walking in the darkness down the path and we have come to rise above the past and to shine brightly and to Overcome any idea or any false belief that has once held us back so in this conversation What’s beginning to resonate is this pattern with this young woman being stuck? you know battling these issues out with her mom and what’s really happening is below this anger is the fear of abandonment and She coined it eloquently. She says, you know when you say that when you say that I have to accept her for who she is Then that means that I’m alone That means I’m never going to be able to have that connection with the person that brought me to planet Earth and if I let go of my anger for her I Feel all alone. I Feel all though myself. I feel terrified and So she even has cognitive dissonance or her letting go of the anger because it helps her feel safe Right and also in this in in the locking horns with her mom and this interaction with her mom You know there is a dependency going on because if she lets go of that then She has to feels like the next step would be for her to move out of the house and she’s old enough to do so She’s afraid of actually living on her own. So as long as she’s engaged in this dialogue then She doesn’t have to really face being alone and face her oneness, right? But here’s the thing Everything that’s happening in our experience is a teacher Her mom is teaching her teaching her what teaching her to let go? Her mom is teaching her to appreciate free. Will you have a choice? You can walk in the past which is the darkness or not You can pick up a hot-stone or not You can leave this dynamic right where it is and let your mom evolve on her own path or not her Mom is teaching her how to let go and how to fall into the great I am how to merge with the Christ consciousness and how to let go of any limiting belief That is rooted in the subconscious mind and think about the subconscious mind as a basement It’s being dark and some us tea and moldy and laptop grabbed of that who wants to live in a moldy basement? but when we are reactive Right when we are acting out When we are trying to punish people and she’s trying to punish her mom and her mom’s trying to punish her when we are locked inside that dynamic we are stuck and Yet to evolve the whole purpose of being a human being is to evolve spiritually to evolve consciously and to walk in love and light and What I was able to help shift in her was her perception of the arguments that she was having with her mom and I helped her I’m hoping that what Transpired was her understanding of the whole the whole reason for being born is to overcome The shadow self is to overcome any darkness is to overcome any trauma Anything that happened to us is an experience, you know And with the right tools and the right mindset and with the right goal You have to know that your goal is abundance. You have to know that your goal is equanimity You have to know that your goal is peace. Your goal is Christ consciousness your goal is to be able to walk in love and to walk in light and to be able to Take your spiritual gifts and and bring them to the world in a big way That’s the whole reason for being born, but when you’re stuck in the past You’re not doing that. So, you know, I love the quote by Marianne Williamson. I’ll probably botch it up, but it sounds something like Until you, you know wrestle the monsters or the darkness within you Feel like you’re wrestling people outside of you, right? And so this young woman feels like she’s wrestling her mom, but really what she’s really wrestling is with herself Which is her lower self, just let go you are enough You can live that on your own. You can make your own money. You can bring your gifts to the world You can’t but you can’t attract what you want with a lack mentality You can’t you can’t attract what you really really desire because what your desire is on a high frequency, you know you can’t attract light and love and abundance and merge with Christ consciousness if You are hell-bent on trying to prove her wrong You can’t do it not be I don’t think we will not be completely merged with spirit until we transcend and we and we we become one with The the one consciousness the creator of all that is up until then We’re gonna stumble and we’re gonna fall I’m going to bump into walls right but that’s where a community like this or YouTube or a Facebook community or an ACO a group or a 12-step meeting, you know, whatever a group meeting you know work with the therapist whatever that’s where we can come together and learn how to be vulnerable and Learn how to say this is this is where I’m at. Where are you and help one another up because There is in my in my opinion there is a battle between light and dark on this planet and it’s happening in the emotional realm and it happens on the individual plane first between me and me and Think about all the people that we’ve lost to suicide Think about all the people that we’ve lost a drug addiction and drug overdoses think about all the people that we’ve lost You know in unhealthy dynamics, alcoholism. You name it? Bulimia. Anorexia Think just think about think about our prison systems, you know, think about the shame and the guilt and the anger and the resentment that Prevents the soul from being able to merge with the Christ consciousness Just think about it and so the battle for light light and dark Israel in my opinion It is happening within each individual. And the reason we are born is to overcome the shadows within Everything that happens outside of us is for our benefit everything especially the prickly stuff, right? Because it’s an opportunity for us to say no. I’m not that I know who I am No, I do not wish to engage with this. I wish to engage with unity consciousness No, I don’t want to pick up that hot stone. I’ll leave it right where it is. I want to I want to live In love and enlightened. Peace. I want to live in that space. I want to live Merging myself with higher self so that I can continue to be a beacon of love and light energy That’s the whole purpose and so we have to learn to heal the darkness within and we do that by learning how to let go By becoming wiser and wiser and wiser more rational less reactive More understanding of self more understanding of others we do all work and we do it Humbly we do it because we know that it’s helping move us to a Christ consciousness and it’s helping heal the planet That’s a whole purpose. That’s the whole big reason for Being born is to help move humanity’s consciousness forward This is what Eckhart Tolle day’s work is all about very much Oprah Winfrey what she talks about? Deepak Chopra summit Wayne Dyer Louise, Hay, you know Jack Canfield, you know, all of these greats are talking about moving Conscious brené Brown another one moving our consciousness forward and evolving and so I hope that you are encouraged to You know when you think about the darkness that’s within within whether it’s anger resentment depression anxiety You know eating disorders addiction or whatever. I hope that you see it as an opportunity to overcome the darkness I Hope that you were inspired to say wait a minute. Wait a minute. Nobody is going to be the boss over me Darkness is not going to win. I Want to move towards the light. I want to live in. Peace I want to evolve spiritually and emotionally consciously and cognitively I want my body to be a beacon of love and light energy. I want to help move consciousness forward That’s what I want to do. That’s what I want to do And in the doing of that you will absolutely attract abundance and abundance just isn’t about stuff right that’s Abundance is you’ll attract abundance of love abundance of peace abundance of joy abundance of bliss You’ll come up with creative ideas on how to move yourself forward maybe a business idea the right people will show up at the right Time that’s abundance. You’ll notice more hummingbirds. That’s abundance. You’ll notice more butterflies. That’s abundance You know, you’ll make money you’ll make profits It’ll be almost impossible for you not to once you get to that point once you’re really shining in love and light So the goal is to merge with the unity consciousness to merge with the Christ consciousness to merge with the I am that I am every cell of your being Every cell of your being holds the essence of the I am that I am Right, but when we are codependent when we are attracting narcissistic people into our lives, you know when we’re in difficult relationships You know when we’re being emotionally manipulated or abused it can be difficult when the amygdala gets triggered to remember that you are an extension of the I am that I am and That you have come to overcome the darkness and when you overcome the darkness within you Have an opportunity to shine so brightly and infect so many other people so I encourage you to be fearless and To don’t worry about what other people think do your own stuff Do your own journey doing your own walk pay attention to you? This is between you and your God self right between you and creator. Nobody else everybody else. They’re just teachers Try to see what’s happening in your life is an opportunity to remember that you are enough That you are enough that you absolutely are enough and I promise you in a short amount of time You will feel better. You will feel lighter. You’ll have more mental clarity than you ever had in your life. You’re gonna have more energy You’re gonna be you know, there’ll be a spring in your step when you overcome another aspect of the darkness we have the ability to win as beings of love and of light and those of us who speak the language of love and light we have the ability to win and I’m so grateful that you were here, and if you heard this message missed this message was absolute for you So let me know what you think in the comments below and keep your questions coming. I love hearing from you This is your channel. I want to serve you I want to know what you need the most so whatever you’re struggling with I want to know I want to be able to serve you Please feel free to follow me on Instagram on Facebook. You can find out more about my membership site at HTTPS dot slash slash Lisa – eh – Romano dot Michel Jarre be calm It’s a monthly membership Subscription they cancel at any time. I just like the idea of providing a membership site that is full of tools healing tools Because I like the idea of people having access to healing information like that It just helps us stay on the healing path. I listen, I’m surrounded by healing books. I have my own library of healing books I know that I’m a human being and I know that I’m here to continually continually evolve So I never think that I know everything Never I’m always looking to learn and to be a student and I want to pass along what I learned to all of you lovely Dear ones, so thank you for showing up. Thank you for being here and thank you for being being willing to overcome the darkness within To let go of the attachments to stop Expecting people to be what you want them to be and to recognize that when somebody isn’t what you want them to be It’s your opportunity to resonate with something much greater and much much stronger a much brighter So I hope this information has helped you feel better about yourself and your journey dear ones Namaste I bow to the love and the light that is absolutely within you. Bye for now

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  1. Lisa you're so amazing. Honestly this video came to me at such a perfect time. And I mean perfect. I have been coming to terms with a lot of truth in a short time frame. I am becoming aware, finally, of all my unconsciousness-ness. I have been getting synchronicities that something huge was coming and this is it. Another huge breakthrough. It hurts so much but I know that I have to trust my feelings.. It's the darkness that keeps trying to take me away from a place of self love and self acceptance.. And the brutal honesty includes the fact that i find myself time and time again slipping away into it. Sometimes I wonder it's because I am weak, but now I am learning to shrug that off and remember each experience is a teacher and lesson being provided to me by the universe, (I like to think of it as 'strength training' in a sense) but ultimately it's up to me to take on the challenges ahead of me and walk through the doors. I am scheduling lifestyle changes as we speak. No more living for other people thinking I am doing the right thing. No more unconsciousness. No more making decisions that disconnect me from my divinity. No more letting the others, no matter who it is in my life, friends family parents siblings even strangers take advantage of me and suck my energy dry. No more living in denial. No more saying no to truth and yes to lies. No more allowing myself to slip into places where i am acting from the past and only the past. No more living from the amygdala and the hippocampus and he's living from the prefontal cortex. And Yes Lisa of course it is absolutely amazing that we can be unconscious while thinking we are conscious and I am learning that now. Oh so many signs and truths I ignored. Oh they all come at me relentlessly. Yet I am learning to let go. It's all in the breathe. Thank you thank thank you so so much Lisa you have saved my life. I don't know where I'd be without you. Time and time again you speak directly to my soul and allow me to experience and face truth and shed lies and hence I become free; I grow my own wings and take for the skies (I have been seeing beautiful birds of all shapes and sizes everywhere I go, I guess this what they all were pointing to, it's quite amazing really, thank you universe) I have been following you for a while but never commented before, I don't know why, I think it's because I was just in a dark place all the time and was directing all my energy inwards cuz I honestly don't know why I haven't. But Lisa please when you read this I want you to know you have completely transformed (and and are *transforming*) my life at such a young age. I'm writing all this while im so so so much pain but I'm opening up my arms to it oh lord save me I'm trying. Let's just say I think all these lessons and this integration is both a blessing and a curse when you haven't even reached 20 years being (physically) alive yet.. curse because of my environment being so insecure and unstable (of course, it all being a true reflection of inner reality yea spirit guides I get it now thank you haha) (wow I just cracked a mental smile and a chuckle, healing faster than I thought perhaps) but a blessing because I am frankly being blessed with so much love and character and expedience and love and light and beauty and consciousness and freedom and liberation and most importantly UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Thank you so so much Lisa, I hope anybody reading this can inspire themselves, including you Lisa I hope you read this and it brightens up your day ❤️ you deserve to know how much your efforts are helping people all around the world. Infinite love and light from England ❤️✌🏽️ (btw sorry if I wrote a lot and rambled a bit, this was a huge break / release for me, thank you haha). ❤️😇

  2. One of the best videos you did. And yes I do believe as you said that life is a war between light and darkness, Good and Evil. However the experience is there to teach us something so we can grow.

  3. Wow!!! This is the story of my life, I have ppl pleased so much that I moved in with my mother to help out with her bills. I didn’t want to move in with her I’m 44 y.o and my mother hasn’t loved me since I was 13. My sister passed away and my mother became my niece and nephew became her children while my brother and I became just financial contributors for her. With that being said she threw me out and for the past 4 months I have attracted the most evil heinous ppl. I have given so called friends a ride and 1 had drugs which resulted in me to spend 5 days in jail, I’ve had kids steal my clothing and make up and act like I was the thief . It hurts so bad and I’ve bought friends to the point of homelessness and after never missing a car payment now I am 5 months delinquent. That’s how my young cousin was able to steal my belongings, I have so much money owed to me that I will never see. I pray I can end this trauma and find peace, take my spiritual gifts and not remain stuck !!!! Please Lisa and community keep me in your prayers

  4. Knowledge is power. Letting go of NPD family is hard but when you KNOW what is happening and KNOW you’re not crazy and then you read stories that are almost verbatim the same as yours from other daughters who have lived through the same thing…then you can begin accepting…and when you are ready to be done suffering over it…you will let go and that definitely coincides with finally wanting to TAKE ON YOUR LIFE. The development of willpower was denied growing up, never allowed freedom of will. You are correct Lisa, they are young children in adults bodies. Sick young children.

  5. Love this ending of this Uber positive message Lisa. ❤️ “Make everything an opportunity to remind yourself that you’re enough”. I’ve been dealing with a lot of annoyances that have been draining me down but at the same time attracting wonderful things in my personal and professional life. I’ve been really trying to take the little health ailments I’ve been experiencing as those very reminders! Won’t knock me off my path – “you’re not the boss of me” as you put it. 👌🏼😂 Thank you for sharing your love and wisdom as always. Blessings to you.

  6. Lisa first off THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING SO OPEN & HONEST. Its helps so much for people who feel "stupid" for staying in a relationship with a narcissist when one knows better but is to co-dependent (thanks to my abusive Mom/Sperm Donor-Dad) to let go and hell bent on saving "his" soul. I know now I am far from stupid in fact found myself telling myself I need to save my soul get away from this man. He has also told me I am his "lighthouse" in his dark life which also confirms even more so that I am a light in this world (not that i need confirmation from him). Well this video you made resonates in my soul, I too have been given many gifts & I have known this for many years…"you are easy to talk to, I don't know you yet i have told you my life story" I realize I have been a "go to" person for so many women through my life due to my experiences. What I have been through has made me stronger. Now I find myself on a path of enlightening but still find myself struggling at times. I also appreciate the woman who let you share the story about her & her mother. I feel that was me and my ex husband/Narcissist relationship. It helps me to understand why and what I am doing in my moments of "struggling". All your videos have helped me understand so much and I just signed up via email again Thank you so much for being a guide in this crazy world!!!! I agree we are all transcending well most of us 🙂 Love, Light & Peace!!!

  7. Lisa, your soul is a beacon of light. Your work is pioneering. I absolutely love what you are discussing here regarding the emotional war between light and darkness. We are here to heal.

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  9. No amount of theraphy can substitute for this Lisa. Truly healing. I listen to all of your videos whole day and whole night and meditation to sleep.

  10. Yes, this message from you had come in a very right time, a;most as an answer to my question. `s`after an abusive relationship, and family, there is a smear-campaign going for a very long time. I cannot be myself around since there is always this opinion projected on me how bad,abusive and hireable person I am, at the time i am loving caring and compassion person. I wonder all the time, how this possible???? Trying to investigate how those narcissistic people accomplish this… it is really ruining my personality. Instead of joy I feel like I am in a prison!. So thank you, I will try you approach instead…!

  11. I love you, your teachings & videos. But I'm finding it hard to see the white lettering against your light shirt. Lol! Or is that me just getting old? 😂

  12. I'm a daughter of a narcissist mother. I have been no contact for about a year. A few weeks ago I broke no contact and told her I was not in a place to work on things with her at this time. I'm about to have a baby boy in 2 weeks and told her she was more than welcome to come meet him. Exactly a week ago my mother died suddenly from cardiac arrest. It's been difficult and confusing to cope with. I am also needing guidance on how to make sure my abuse doesn't affect my children.

  13. I so needed this right now!!! I was feeling so codependent all of a sudden after thinking I was healing so well. Thank you for the reminder of why we are here and that I have a choice.

  14. I love your energy and the way you explain…ITs just very hard to let go,when you end up with debilitating chronic illnesses after childhood of abuse and neglect,to the point of disability…no way to leave the narc parent, I dont feel I have ever had free will. The moment I finished high school and could move out, I became very ill

  15. I just had a very frustrating talk with my 85 year old mother I am in my 50s. I have been chasing connection with her my whole life.
    I came at the disagreement this time in a different way with my mother I try to explain to her, she was a superior court judge for many years helping with child abuse cases… She used to explain to us the crimes committed against these children some of them were sexual crimes against little girl babies it was so awful as a child to hear these things and I am empathic. But I realize that my mother even though I told her "please don't share those stories with me Mom they keep me up at night as a child you used to do that and I still remember the stories and I still am up at night because of them I feel so much for other human beings"
    She would not except this she said if I'm crying emotional being then I cannot make change in the system to help the people so she does not accept me for who I am
    I am starting to evolve and see some of what you are saying here but it seems like this coaching session here I just listened to was made for me personally. Thank you very much you are generous and a giving person.

  16. I love watching you talking inspiring me, opening my mind and my heart. I have a lot resentment, shame, fear came from my parents, I know that. But I am still in the dark energy. When I catch my attention on it I can see. I must let it go. It is so hard, I am always reacting with angry with almost everybody and every situation. I keep watching your videos to give me some how power to my inner child to grow.
    Thank you to be here for me.💕

  17. Blessings Lisa,……I listen and my vibrations go OFF the charts! Have a mountain of darkness to walk out of again,…but I am taking steps now once again,…no longer stuck. Thanks so much soul-sister!

  18. Nobody wants to be a narcissists. Nobody wants to be gay. Nobody wants to be the black sheep. Something has control of people. Jesus wouldn't create narcissists, gays or Muslims. Something did. Seriously. There is more than one creator. They are Secretly living in us, in control of us. Against our will. Don't believe in control? Go become gay or become a narcissists. How about both. Can't?why? What happened to your free will. Narcissism comes from our creator within. Is it a creator behind the mask. I was seventh day Adventist for 50 years. They had me fooled. Our creators are behind the church, school, nightclub and concert shootings. Our creators can make good people do terrible things. I.e…. pedophile priest, o.j. Simpson cuts off wife's head and woman runs over her husband three times and claims accident. They have control over us . We were lied to about Christ. Our purpose in life is actually Theirs? We are their pawns? Are we all wearing a mask to hide our creator within? This changes everything we knew. It was never about good and evil. It was actually about control. Theirs vs ours. They are winning, using us to do it! Strange but true. Wake up people!

  19. How do you get your kids away from a narc husband? They have been so damaged by him, his coldness and disconnection. Now they're early twenties back home and I cringe when he fake talks to them cause I know the damage it causes in their psyche. I try to make my daughter aware, but my son is harder and he's the one hurting worse. They're both in counseling from anxiety and depression.

  20. Omg! My parenting was so similar! I love my mum but I was the eldest and got the brunt of an adult raised by an alcoholic, extreme anger and myself had an alchoholic dad. I ended up just like him, as my mother said I would, a useless addict. I try to parent from a much more present and loving place, so desperate to break the cycle but how much have I damaged my daughter already by being addicted and not present. I guess I only have today! Thanks Lisa for helping me clarify things. I have been in the battle between light and dark all my life, so over sensitive, so hurt and stuck. It's time to break free xxx

  21. There seems to be an epidemic of narcissistic personality people…I was a child of a narcissistic mother and now have a narcissistic 43 year old daughter…I am a empath with a high functioning autistic brain.
    Here is an obvious difference and almost polarity of evolutionary process of humanity.
    I truthfully think there is something greater going on here..a evolution of humanity.
    I had to accept my mother and let her go in and love her and myself…I am now letting go of my daughter by loving me enough not to be apart of her "darkness"…letting go in love and light.
    We may feel alone…but that is the greatest illusion here on this planet.
    We are all evolving here and in this wonderful process together.

  22. This is great coaching 💖🌹thank you for this message, I am in the recovery stage 2. As codependent from narcissist abuse as child and in my marriages as well. This is very helpful. Thank you , I know I am enough . That’s the reason I left the narcissist family and marriage. Love your anergy and kindness!

  23. You are just not best Youtouber I have ever seen. You are also explaining these topics in the best way I have ever seen. Thank you very much Lisa!

  24. Hello Lisa! Wanted to say such a beautiful speech once again. WE are the light and we are worth it. NO one should ever feel like that and pray we all can heal with giving out love more in what this world needs. Yes it hurts like a bee sting when others hurt you or even family members but we have to remember its not a reflect on who we are its a reflect on who they are and maybe in what they are going through. Sometimes we have to save ourselves and love some people from a distance to help us grow and maybe later on in our lives they can come back and things can be much healthier too.Its hard to let go sometimes but its does get much easier knowing the weight is off! You have freedom and giving that gift to you from knowing you feel much better. I know I'm worth it but i have a heart and always talk from deep down and i reflect out positive to the world and love but some yes get jealous and what can you do. I wrote my brother that i forgive him on July 20th and nothing until this day. So not sure should ask him whats up and chase or just let it go more? I ask how things and i thought at least get back and answer. I feel its so rude when some do that by not answering back. Not sure why but I guess no respect for others. I know my brother as a lot of issues. I pray that everyone sees they are worth it and lets make a difference in the world! Thanks Lisa for a great video again. Your such a beautiful soul and grateful to know their is someone like you. Much love always! Hugs!! God Bless! 🙂 🙂

  25. Hi Lisa, thank you so much for this video. All of my childhood I’ve been told not to cry, be happy, be pretty, be nice or the church ladies will talk badly about you…and it’s no wonder my self-worth had been low. It’s no wonder that I’ve been dependent on others for financial abundance. It’s gotten to the point where I found out some dark things about someone close to me and felt extremely betrayed by them to the point of needing to run away. But I couldn’t runaway because of specific circumstances where I needed to stay. Ever since then I’ve been meditating everyday and practicing extreme self care. It’s still challenging when those feelings of betrayal come back and all I want to do is control and blame. But it has gotten much better. I stopped alcohol, I stopped smoking pot, I stopped eating sugar. I told myself NO MORE!!! Codependent no more!!! I’m letting go and asking Archangel Michael to help. I’ve only listened to 3 of your videos but I’ve gotten sooooo much out of them. Thank you, gracias, vielen Dank for all that you are giving out to us empaths and lightworkers. Please check out my YouTube channel as well. My latest video is about how to heal your relationship with money and basically it’s a video for me because I need to heal this part of myself. So many blessings to you and lots of love and light. 🌟❤️😊

  26. Dear Lisa, thank you so much for your free youtube videos. I've been following you for years, since my psychologist suggested listening to you. This video, went straight to my heart. (and so did many others) I love the many aspects you are always aware of, and how you collect so much knowledge and build it together, into a healing and meaningful journey. Love from Denmark <3

  27. Totally stressed with mum living nearer to me.Feeling upsetting my mind really anxious feel so on my own feel like she is really trying to pull me in it's really hard I feel like I don't want to see her it's getting worse can you do another you tube video on how I can make things been and be stronger really fed up she moved her😔

  28. I am very new to your channel. I wanted to thank you for putting this video and topic out there for us to hear. Your message is very powerful and resonates with me. It's interesting that even as an adult we may not even realize that darkness is hindering ourselves and we are in cognitive dissonance.

  29. Namaste! I'm still learning this truth. So, I know that "I am the vehicle. I am the radiant of the Spirit." (Joseph Campbell). And, I am well aware of the battle between the light and the dark.

  30. Lisa, I’m so grateful that I’ve found you. I’m currently separated from my husband of 25 years and am starting to see the codependent, narcissistic behaviors. I’ve struggled with not being enough for him for years and have felt helpless to ever “get it right” for him. We do have a deep love for each other, but need some time to heal from the unhealthy essence of our relationship. I’ve been listening to you daily for about 2 weeks now and am starting to feel myself change internally as I let go, just the way you’re talking about in this video. Thank you for being vulnerable and real❤️

  31. I appreciate how you connect emotional pain to energy…it brings up a question for me. I noticed that for the last two months, as I’ve been entangled in my narcissistic persons drama, that I’ve lost physical strength. I began having trouble keeping up with my hiking group…I’m tiring out so easily. Is it possible that when my narcissistic person is getting supply from me that I don’t just get tapped of emotional energy, but of physical energy as well?

  32. I was wrong Dr Lisa. I can only Spiritually clean up but it hurt me worse. Especially your inner child. All I can do is be brave and face this and I'm not to criticize or would I want. I have to get back to my trauma work. God Bless You Lisa and the little girl within you. It won't happen again. I had some kind of psychotic break so I'm off the pot now. Bob

  33. Your grown up is very like mine..,you telling my story now Lisa..
    I am so glad for you crossed my path,so I could start to HEAL insted continue to live a life in coindipendencery..💑

  34. Yes dear Lisa,its a war between light and dark on our Mother earth and in us humans..
    So GRATEFUL for you cross my lifepath..💓🌷💓
    My NM was excactly as yours..,dad who is died sept.75 years old in 2015 was a borderliner.
    He too as NM came from an dysfunctional toxic family..,so it is lots of TRAUMA in my genes and DNA from other ancestora.Ita was many male and female NARCS there..
    Yes,you are very AMAZING dear Lisa☀💓☀

  35. Hmmmm. 12 dislikes? 157 thousand subs , do the math! Lisa is amazing, she's so understanding and she talks in a way that is so relatable and it makes a person feel not alone, and she reminds us we are not alone in this. Shame is such an awful feeling and an awful way to feel about ones self. People die from heart attacks and cancers but truly and im pretty sure what the root cause of ones death is toxic shame. The stress is the beginning of all disease. We must educate ourselves and cut off the sicknesses from the stress and then the following diseases. Self medicating in order to cope with our shame = disease. Its a vicious circle.

  36. Lisa, thank you for sharing these wonderful lessons of love with us. I'm a 56 year old woman – recovering from a narcissistic, ultra-religious household – almost cult-like. I have anxiety issues, which is what brought me to the point of searching for healing within. I'm just getting started, but your videos are like a bright light for me that I start my day with. Thanks again.

  37. I was heavily condemned by my mother too – awful thing. I'm still detoxing but choosing love all the way. LOVE your videos – listening to you is pure therapy 💜

  38. You're right accept what you cannot change but don't accept what you can I am incarnated Center Jesus reincarnated Buckminster Fuller seven 1283 is my birthday Bryan Harold Fuller Richards of the lineage of both families of John Proctor and Thomas Fuller of the Mayflower Trace back to the Knights Templars of the original armor armed guard of David Protectors of the bloodline of the Grail plural get it many members of the family

  39. Bucky Buckminster Fuller born July 12th 1895 died July 1st 1983 I was born 11 days later on the cusp of the 12th and the 13th July 13th is the Zodiac alignment of Lucifer and the alignment of the triangulum Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies

  40. Pastors in dark there's plenty of light in the past there's plenty of dark in the past there's plenty of dark in the future right now to come light and dark are spectrums of light not good and evil there is good light of white light and evil light of light light good line of dark lighting even Lighter dark light wake up people

  41. That is why I Archangel of Adam and here as the angel of the revelation of the Apocalypse you guys are not going to be destroyed and if you follow the lightworkers into their light body form you are doing exactly what Jim Jones did with the whole Kool-Aid incident and they're trying to make you all commit mass suicide note send out of order don't buy into it

  42. No I'm goal is to keep the human race live the race descendant of the angels in the gods of all the days they are coming some of them are soul vampires be careful

  43. Thank you and Namaste dear Lisa💏,now today I crawled up from that DARK rabbithole i was in after my nm on team with goldenchild NARC ATTAC-electronically….(horror/nightmare)🙄It was a HELL..,I was separated from my true self and dissonanced/stuck in the shadow an darkness.
    So yesterday was DARK, I was in a survival mode..
    Today I saw it CLEARLY, I see some GOOD recovetyvideo about C PTSD /NAS/PTSD.
    Now I see some GOOD recoceryvideos before I leave the COCOON and move FORWARD..💪🙋‍♀️🤩
    And I am GOOD enough.☝️🤶,I repeated and write down that MANTRA today💙🤗💙

  44. Lisa I'm just now seeing this video and this is my time to hear it. And wow! I appreciate you sharing this..I have been in survival mode and it is ugly! You already know this. Thank you very much again!!

  45. I have to admit something embarrassing. I have been told by friends that your videos are awesome and think you are wonderful. I had tried to listen to some but I couldn't get past the reference "dear ones" that you said all the time. I know that sounds trivial to most and that you were not meaning it in any other way than in a caring way. However, I am 59 years old and when I am called hun or dear one, I feel like it is condescending even though it isn't, just my perception. However, I have to say I have listened to your videos for several hours now and don't recall but once hearing "dear ones" and most of the videos didn't even have those words. Without those words, I have been able to hear you and know what my friends are talking about. You are amazing and you show in your videos that you know what you are talking about because you have been through it. I am a life/wellness coach for trauma injuries and your videos resonate with me. Now, that I have been able to hear you and not focus on a couple of words that are most likely triggers. Thank you Thank you for doing what you do and having the understanding way of sharing your knowledge. Blessings to you

  46. Excellent I identity with alot of this I have to listen to again..I scrolled through your videos this evening'..i believe I picked the one that I needed to hear this so resonated thank you for your work right on time as usual

    There gonna be war, between light and darkness, where each of u gonna get inside the dark world and get some challenge
    then ya'all should becareful, just dont get into the darkness, dont seek power !!! Those demon know ur heart, so dont think about seeking strengh at all. Seek for LOVE and PROTECTING humanity. NO one can help us in this situation, even our CREATOR
    IF U SeEKING STRENGH u gonna be mosters on demons side. WE NEED HEARTS TO BEAT IT. I KNOW u guys wondering about this comment, IDK about this too. But i used to experience it. But idk when i feel it i dont think im real alive/sleeping/dreaming.
    IDK someone tells me idk who when where. Just dont feel so weak at this war. IF WE LOSE WE BE DEMONS.JUST SURVIVE AS WHAT U CAN TO DO. Think about humanity life and keep fighting, i debt you'll be scared when seeing the darkness power, VERY POWERFULL THO!!! DONT BE SHAKED OK !!! We will fight the demons with only our power and hearts of humanity WE ARE ALONE WItHOUT GOD at these moment, but dont worry keep thinking good things and fight as hard as u can !!! 🙁

  48. Lisa I’m So thankful you are here on YouTube. You have saved my soul. Ty for sharing you and what you’ve been through bc it’s so much of what I’ve been through and for all those years of pain and feeling no one gets it but you do and I just want to ty and share how grateful I am for you. You truly are a blessing and a shining light in my life. ❤️

  49. Wow what an awesome example about how letting go of that anger and resentment towards her mother is like officially letting go of that relationship with her mother and admitting that she’s under the veil and that connection will probably never be. Even with going no contact, we can still have those emotional ties to our parents and not realize maybe even on a subconscious level that we still want a relationship with them and we are holding on for that reason! Thank you for such insight! I always find it in your videos. 💖💕🌸

  50. Thank you so much for putting this out there. Your message hit me to the core, I have just come out of one of the most intense relationships which I knew to be unhealthy but could not/would not break it. Eventually it has dissolved with much pain in my heart but I do know and realise just how much of a codependent I have been my whole life in adulthood. I also know that this is down to my dysfunctional childhood growing up in what would be deemed a strong family unit but was devoid of love and compassion. At 50 years of age I am finally learning what I need to after this biggest teacher has shown me what I no longer wish to have in a partner. Thank you so much I AM ENOUGH 💕🙏🏻💕

  51. Hi Lisa… Your videos are awesome. I have come to a place where i am so stuck because i am tired of sabataging myself. I am 51 and i'm tired. But i also know there is something there……somewhere else to go i just dont know where 💕

  52. I can’t thank you enough I really needed to hear this message. While I grew up in an eggshell environment my dad is an Italian Catholic control freak not a narcissist but my current issue is what I’m going through with my ex narcissist. I was attempting to do some self-care and get in the tub and wanted to listen to something that would be helpful but feeling so lost lately tired of the power and control dynamics thrust upon me and approved of by the Family Court of incompetence. Struggling with horrible and demeaning emails from the ex who thinks that I am now a slave and do not deserve the title of mother. I needed to hear this because this is what I am struggling with the most right now. I need to learn to let go and not stay stuck. It’s a fruitless battle with someone disordered who is incapable of any growth or love. Thank you so much.💜🙏🏾

  53. I need to let go of the hope that my parents will ever see what horrible things they did to me. They will always say that I am the problem as they are kids in grown up bodies. It’s their poor mental health that made me suffer so much. It just frustrates me so much that they live their life while I am sitting here with anxiety and depression and still they ( and everyone in our family) says I am the problematic child and deserved to be abused and beaten up.

  54. YES! I am learning to be observer. Of myself and others. And observing is learning. I am finding things that I can change!!!

  55. THIS VIDEO WAS LITERALLY MEANT FOR ME!!! I'm going through the EXACT same situation with my NMother!!! The fear of abandonment. you nailed it!!!

  56. I finally just realized this about my sister and mother in the last few weeks. They will never get it and never admit they have any issues. I'm at peace now that they are out of my life and I have stopped trying to change them. Thank you for this! <3

  57. I live in complete inner torment anger fear sadness isolated alone addictions guilt shame and it's destroying me so badly mentally and emotionally it is a war within a spiritual war your video has uplifted me I want inner peace I want to win this battle within I've taken notes from your video which are wise and will do my best to apply them as I can't keep going on like this thankyou so much lovely person keep up the good work zak from Glasgow Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  58. Hi Lisa

    I am really struggling with my nassistic mums death I feel so bad and I feel I am attacking my self inside I hear her speaking saying you should have done this for me no one likes you you should have helped me.
    Can you help do you have any meditations or material on your website that would REALLY help me. 😭

  59. Thank you, Lisa, I've been listening over hundreds of your videos, but this one stuck very much into my mind and heart. It is easier to be angry and to be wiling to change other person than to realize, that he/she is not able to do that, to give us what we need the most. To let go means to turn around and look into our insecurity – to be alone, to master all by ourselves… To admit, that other person is incapable meaning other steps – something have to change. And this change needs extra efforts to face our deepest fears.

    We are to much attached to people, situation and past. I always knew there is a deeper meaning to all of this in life. I agree that this is a battle between dark and light energy, and this battle starts from within us somehow. But as we have difficulties to introspect within, – it is easier to see all the things from outside.

    God bless you. You are a Light, Angel, Sun. Thank you for all what you are doing and wish you all the best.

  60. It's unfortunate that narcs who are heavily under the veil view my recovery and awakening as an offense and a threat. I will not be narcissistic supply. IMO all this narc abuse boils down to their own self hatred.

  61. This made me cry. Because to my unfortunate discovery I woke up recently and discovered my mom, who was my world, has only left me in darkness.

  62. Sadly that's very familiar situation to me. I'm not sure still if I want to just go no contact with mom or draw boundaries. If I do draw boundaries she's still not getting it, being manipulative and critical. But I'm not having that either because I don't have any more energy to interact with the energy being that is my mom

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