Headache and Migraine Relief (FIX YOUR HEAD PAIN)

Dom McKay musculoskeletal therapist
today I’ll be talking about headaches I’ll answer some basic questions about
what causes them and also give you some advice on how to relieve them if you
suffer from regular headaches then this video’s for you there are over 300 causes
of headaches and most of them fall into one of the three following categories these headaches occur due to a buildup
of tension in the neck and shoulders they usually present bilaterally meaning
that they’re on both sides and they produce a pressing or tightening type
sensation the reason for the frequent occurrence of these types of headaches
is usually lifestyle factors such as a lack of movement at work poor posture
stress the list goes on neck headaches or clinically known as cervicogenic
headaches are usually caused by a dysfunction in the top three vertebra of
the spine this triggers pain signals to the trigeminal nucleus which is within
the brainstem further complications of muscular imbalances in the neck and
shoulders also irritation to the cervical and/or occipital nerve can also
be a cause of neck headaches they usually present unilaterally meaning
that they’re on one side and they radiate pain from the back to the front
of the head they’ll usually temporarily subside if you place pressure here at
the base of the skull on the suboccipital attachments migraines are
caused by a chronic neurological disorder and are characterized by
episodic unilateral or bilateral attacks of head pain which are usually described
as throbbing sufferers will experience photophobia phonophobia and nausea and
many people will also experience aura symptoms if you
suffer from migraines or headaches then it’s possible that you’re experiencing
one two or all three of the above categories multi-source headaches
feed in to each other in that for example if you suffer from a migraine
the pain of that migraine may build tension up in the neck which then may
lead to a neck condition etc etc etc so even if you’ve been diagnosed with
migraines for which musculoskeletal work will not give relief you may get some
relief from the headache aspect of your head pain by addressing it this way
where there’s a musculoskeletal derived cause or component to your headaches usually
soft tissue treatment is highly effective when applied in the right way
now I personally treat headaches by firstly assessing what is the cause
which is usually a combination of factors secondly I thoroughly treat the
muscles in the fashion in the areas contributing to your headaches which is
primarily the suboccipital attachments at the base of the skull the neck
shoulders upper back and in some cases treatment directly to the head and jaw
forms part of the resolution let’s have a look how you can start addressing your
headaches at home with some simple exercises okay
so if you’re suffering from a headache right now this is one thing you can do
that may potentially help to relieve it particularly if it’s a tension based
headache so what we’re going to be doing is applying pressure to the sub
occipital attachments which are at the base of the skull we’re going to be
using our knuckles for this so it’s quite a harsh pressure you’ll need but
you’ll kind of thank yourself for it afterwards so you want to be lying on
your side and I’m essentially going to prop my head up with my knuckles so I just completely relax my neck here
and just allow the pressure of the weight of my head to dig into those
knuckles and you can kind of move around and find the really icky points and look
for areas that really refer pain into the head because they’re going to be
what’s causing your headache so be careful doing this but if you want
immediate relief and kind of like a temporary solution to your headaches
this is a good way to go so in terms of posture and the effect it
has on headaches one of the major things that will cause headaches is having a
forward head carriage which is basically when your head sits forward in space
this is indicative of various things but one thing that we can work on is the
strength of your deep survival flexors which I want bring your head back in
space so the way to work on that is through chin tucks and I’ll give you a
demonstration of that so sitting on the seat just relax and allow yourself to
get into a normal position now try and feel as if you sit straight by breathing
and straightening the spine and then bring the chin back so you’re
essentially bringing your head back in space at the same time as focusing on
tucking the chin so we’re going to look something like this and then just relax after a couple of
seconds and again drawing the chin in and looking ever so slightly down to
just increase the contraction of the deep cervical flexors and then again
relaxing and again bringing the chin in and relaxing so you’ll kind of feel a
stretch through the back of your neck as you do this we don’t want to be
concentrating the tension there we want to be concentrating attention all at the
front of the neck further to these exercises you’ll also want to have a
look at some of my other videos that address the neck through mobilizations
and stretches and also my rounded shoulder video which addresses the most
likely postural issue that are causing your headaches I’ll link them below I
hope this video has been helpful in educating you about your headaches
honestly the treatment to resolving headaches usually doesn’t need to be
complex it just needs to be thorough feel free to ask questions in the comment
section there’s a link to my website in the description below subscribe for more
great videos and tips thanks for watching

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