2 thoughts on “‘He was in pain’: Dad frustrated that ambulance was slow responding to 8-year-old son

  1. Im a medical professional….I can understand EMS not being able to find them depending on the size of the park, BUT…since they werent on a hiking trail, and if they were just at the playground they should've been found easily. And theres no excuse for going to the wrong hospital. UNLESS the family didnt tell them a hospital. At that point theyd just go to the closest one that would take kids. But if the family DID tell them what hospital theres no excuse for going to the wrong one. AND…theres no excuse for not giving that poor boy some kind of pain reliever. Ambulances had IV pain meds stocked so they COULD have given him something to help with the pain. Was there not a parent riding along with him? If the patient is an adult EMS doesnt like somebody riding, but with the patient being a minor a parent could have rode in the ambulance, and SHOULD HAVE rode in the ambulance. If a parent was riding that shouldve stopped the whole going to the wrong hospital problem, AND they couldve gave permission to treat the son with pain meds. So….did a parent not go with the child? :-/

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