He Just WOULDN’T DIE! Hypnosis Sleep Gun

: Hey guys. This is Marc.
Normally in my show, I shoot people with the sleep gun.
You know, with the hypnotic bullets and they fall into deep, deep sleep.
And it’s supposed to look like this. Now in the particular footage that I’m about
to show you, this guys wouldn’t die. I don’t know if he was superman or he was
part Chuck Norris; but I had to resort to heavier artillery.
I think you’re going to like the video. Check it out.
: I don’t know. He’s like a
cockroach.: Thanks for watching the video.
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96 thoughts on “He Just WOULDN’T DIE! Hypnosis Sleep Gun

  1. Amazing. Better and better every show makes the next one even more perfect. Love it, Bro. How do you do those cool edits with the links?

  2. OMG Marc!!! Too funny. You should have a disclaimer that we shouldn't have liquids in our mouths when watching ANY of your vids. My laptop thanks you… But moreso, me for having quick reflexes. My dog, however… eh… Yeah, a story for another day. As always great vids. Keep 'em comin'. I'll keep the Dr. Pepper away. LOL. P.S. DUDE! You don't shoot someone in the "Boys" with a sleep gun!!! Funny as hell though.

  3. How do you become a registered hypnotist? I would love to start doing professional shows, but not in Vegas. Don't worry, I'm not going to steal your show =P

  4. The look on his face on the final shot is priceless!

    Anyone watching these vids should see Marc live. The show is great (signed, "Fun guy from Ottawa")

  5. Oh yeah i love that site! Heres another good one: TotallyNotFakeLinkThatHasAVirus.srsly/justclickanddownloadbitch

  6. I have watched so many of your videos this one is by far my favorite after the show that I saw live. You are a riot and I hope to see you in Vegas again some day

  7. OMG I love u Marc ur so friggin funny I have watched almost everyone of ur videos and nearly die laughing XD I LOVE everyone of ur videos cant wait to see more of them in the future πŸ™‚

  8. when you realized all shots failed so you take a cheap shot in the groin for pissing you off hahahaha

  9. This is what makes being a hypnotist FUN. You just never know what's going to happen, so it is always entertaining, plus you get to develop mad improv skills!

  10. How often do you put up new videos.? Love watching the stuff you're so funny if I ever get the Las Vegas guaranteed to go to one of your shows thanks for sharing

  11. hahaha when you shot him in the nuts I died!!!
    Gutted I live so far away from Vegas. do you ever tour Australia?

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