Sometimes people do things that hurt us
and they don’t necessarily mean to but it still makes us angry, frustrated
annoyed and I know I’ve spoken to a few people recently who’ve expressed that kind of frustration with themselves because they don’t like
feeling angry with people they care about but they sometimes just feel
overwhelmed with it now as I always say you know this is kind of things that are
not a major problem in your life if you need to go to see a professional
therapist or a medical professional please do that but for some people
who ask me for help with this it’s been more a general irritation or an anger
just around maybe things that are going on in their life things that they
see online just the kind of things that disrupt your day and make you feel a bit
yucky and not feel good about yourself so I know that Tapping is
something that a lot of us find really useful so let’s do some Tapping on anger
irritation annoyance. You can change the words as I always say to whatever makes
sense to you so we’ll do an EFT one and let’s think about a specific situation where
somebody’s annoyed you we’re going to start on the side of the hand or the
karate chop point and think about the situation on a scale of one to ten how
bad is it? write that down because you’re going to forget later when you start to
feel better. Even though I’m feeling really angry right now I deeply and
completely love and accept myself even though that person has really upset me
I’m quite angry I deeply and completely love and accept myself, even though he or
she has really annoyed me I deeply and completely love and accept myself. Now
obviously I’m not feeling particularly angry right now so I don’t have that
emotion but you will have, so make the word make
sense to you if you want to say something quite rude about that person
at first that’s okay because we’re going to tap it away right? so even though she
really annoys me it really pissed me off really made me angry whatever the words
are then it’s ok to say them, you don’t have to do it in public ok so that is
the Setup Statement. Once we’ve done the setup statement then we do the reminder
statement now most of you have done some tapping before if you haven’t please go
back and check my Tapping for Beginners but I will just remind you we do eyebrow
side of eye, under eye, under nose ,chin collarbone, either side under the arms
top of the head and you can do these points on either side of the body but I
think you get a bit too confusing to do them on both. So we did the setup statement and the reminder statement where we tap on the points is whatever is going to
remind you and keep you focused on the problem. Tapping works when we actually
tap on the problem and think about the problem because what we doing remember is we’re tapping so that we can separate the emotion from the event so
eventually we can still think about whatever it was that irritated and
annoyed us or made us angry and it no longer causes that feeling to emerge ok,
so what would be a useful reminder statement for you? it might be I mean a
reminder word it might be this emotion this irritation it might be the
person it might be the situation so whatever it is that’s what you’re gonna say
so let’s start with this anger this anger tap five to seven times this
anger this anger this anger this anger this anger this anger. So you’ve Tapping
while you’re thinking about the issue and saying that word and this is where
people often get a little stuck because they say I don’t know what to say, What
would you say if you were explaining the story to me or to somebody else? I can’t believe she did this I came in and he’d done this or
she’d done this or they said this or she annoyed me or it’s not fair
whatever it is that the story is that is the thing that you should tap on. so a
big one that people talk about being angry in a car suddenly cuts you up and
you get a little frustrated because somebody was going too slow or going too
fast so if you think about that when i’m going to give you a few examples so that
driver that driver I’m so angry with that driver he was so stupid he cut me up, he
nearly caused an accident that was so wrong I wonder if he can even drive I wonder if she can even drive that was ridiculous I can’t believe he did that I
can’t believe he drove like that he shouldn’t be on the world he made me so
angry he made be so frustrated and that’s just one example so if you were you
were talking about that you would keep talking about the issue and you would be
tapping on it and you will be describing it to yourself as if you were telling it
to someone else or as it you were saying in a mirror or reciting it so you keeps
tapping and then what happens is as you begin to tap the emotions hopefully and
usually begin to lift so let’s go back to the anger that was just another
example but let’s say I can’t believe you said this I mean really as if I’d
done something wrong, that was so unfair and so angry, I’m so angry, it’s just not
right I’m so angry. and then as you feel the emotion begin to leave you and you
start to feel so much better then you’ve start to change the words around how do i need to get angry over this it’s really silly it’s not good for my health it
ruins my day it’s not the end of the world
I’m gonna choose to let it go I choose let this emotion go I’m gonna let
it go. Then do another round make it so that he’s more positive. I don’t like being
angry I’m going to make an effort to be less angry cos that situation although
it was annoying and it was unfair maybe there was part of it I could’ve handled
better. It certainly wasn’t worth ruining my day, so I’m gonna let it go. So that is
just one way of doing it and again the more the more you do it the more
creative you get and the easier it becomes people who say well I don’t know what to say again what would you say if you were telling me about that
particular problem recite that and when it’s really real you might be tapping and
you might be angry you might be crying you might be really feeling it that’s what
we want because then you tap it away and you say now where are the emotions? So do that and then ask yourself where am I on a scale of one to ten now? and
hopefully it will come down dramatically if it hasn’t come down by at least two
then I would say you need to kind of rethink it maybe think about the think
about the words that you’re saying and whether you really want to let that
emotion go and maybe try a different technique I do have other ways of
handling different kinds of emotions but try that one let me know it goes post
in the comments and if you’ve got any problems with the kind of things that
you say the go you with your instinct go with whatever the problem is and I”m sure
you’ll find it helpful. Thank you

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