Guided Meditation: Boost Your Immune System (Self-Heal All Disease) – Marisa Peer

– Hi, this is Marisa, and today I’m making a
really important meditation. It’s a meditation to
boost your immune system, to understand that when we
can’t get drugs or viruses or medical help, our last line
of defence is our immunity, and there’s a huge amount that you can do to boost your immune system. You know, many years ago the
Rainbow Children’s Hospital in Cleveland did something interesting. They showed children a puppet show, and they had policemen puppets and then they had virus puppets, and the policemen puppets came along, and they knocked out the virus. They attacked it. They locked it up. They took it away. They did lots of things that
you’d imagine a policeman would do in a children’s puppet show, the good cop policemen,
and the bad, bad virus. So that was all very interesting, but what was fascinating was
that before these children watched this puppet show,
they took some swabs, and then they had them lie down, and they had them all
imagine this puppet show was going on in their body, and what happened is that
their immunoglobulin levels went right up immediately
after watching that show, and then just closing
their eyes and imagining the good cop was in their
body fighting viruses, fighting germs, and their
immune response showed that, that their immune response
cells went to work and started to fight any
viruses in their body just the way they had
seen it on a puppet show. Now that’s a very simple proof
that thoughts are things. When we think a thought, it creates a physical reaction in the body and an emotional response. Today, I’m gonna show
you how to think thoughts that will, without question,
boost your immune system. We’re going to do something
called the Healing Vortex. It’s going to boost your immune system, and all you have to do is close your eyes, take it in, play this over and over again. Meditation is, by nature, shown, proven, to boost your immunity, and this specific immunity-boosting
meditation is created, designed, written by me to
massively boost your immunity, and all I want you to do is
listen and know it will work, even if you don’t really
believe it’s going to work, because those children watching
the puppet show had no idea why they were watching it. They didn’t even know what
an immune response system and immunoglobulin levels
meant, but it still worked, and that’s the beauty
of the power of thought. Even if you don’t really believe it or don’t fully understand
it, it still works. So close your eyes, and
let’s get ready to begin. So just make yourself
completely comfortable. Just make sure you’re lying or sitting. I like to lie or sit in an open position, so your hands and feet are not crossed, and you’re more receptive,
and this meditation today is going to be called a
Healing Vortex meditation, and that means you’re going
to see above your head a vortex of energy. A vortex is kind of like
a child’s spinning top, like an inverted triangle,
like a tornado if you like, but a good one. So I want you, before we even begin, to imagine a vortex of
powerful energy spinning and rotating above the top of your head, and I want you to imagine
this vortex is wider than the widest part of you,
so wider than your shoulders, wider than your hips, and it’s about to go through your body. It’s going to keep your body
completely within its sphere. It’s going to rebalance
and realign your energies and massively, powerfully,
boost your immune system, and it helps to see it as
rather like the rotating brushes of a car wash. Those brushes rotate and
move and find old stuff, and they move it away from the car, and this vortex is
going to find and remove old limiting beliefs and
remove them from you, but it’s also going to install in you an awareness of seeing the
magic, the beauty, the power of your immune system. Your immune system is
your line of defence. Your body can give you a
phenomenal immune system if you know how, and today
you’re going to know how, so you can pick the colour
of this vortex of energy. You can see it really in your mind’s eye. Please don’t get consumed
with, “I can’t really see it, “I’m not sure what it looks like.” You see, if I said to you,
“Don’t think of orange snow, and do not think of an orange snowman,” you have to see, to not see it, and the way I work is I
use very descriptive words, because the way you feel about everything is down to the pictures
you make in your head and the words you say to yourself, or the words I say to you, and the words I’m going
to say are designed to form pictures. Every time you hear a
word that I am saying, your brilliant mind has no
choice but to act off the words, act off the descriptions. Just hearing the words I’m
saying and thinking the thoughts will cause your mind to
picture it, to act off it, and it’s going to be all good. So with your eyes closed,
now is the time to begin. In your mind’s eye, just picture a powerful, beautiful
vortex of healing energy. Pick a colour like pink or blue
or gold or white or silver, and I want you to see
this vortex of energy rather like a children’s
top, just spinning, spinning and turning
as a clockwise motion. It has a little tail at the
bottom just like a spinning top. It’s wide at the centre, and
it’s bigger than your own body, and as it goes through your body, the tail part will move through your head, and then your body, and then your legs, and then the mid-section will follow, and then the top will follow. That means you have three times
to boost your immune system, so right now the very tail
of this healing energy vortex is touching the top of your head, touching the very crown of your head, starting its journey into your mind, and as this healing energy
vortex moves into your mind and moves into your thinking, it is allowing you to
consider the possibilities of believing that you have
a phenomenal, incredible, amazing, dependable,
reliable immune system. So I want you to imagine the
job of this vortex of energy is to go into your body and
to find your immune system, to find your nervous system,
which is your immune system, and to massively boost your
immune response, your immunity. You see, your nervous system
is your immune system, and even now, this vortex,
like a laser, like a magnet, is moving into your body,
moving into your throat, moving into your armpits,
moving into your groin, moving into what I call
your immune response sites. So I want you to think of this vortex, and I want you to think of your bones, and I want you to focus your attention on your entire skeletal system,
starting with your head, your spine, your skeleton,
and I want you to imagine that you can see not only your bones, but you can see right through your bones. You can see the marrow
inside of your bones, and most of us have seen
what bone marrow looks like. It’s the kind of jelly
that’s inside bones. And you see your bone
marrow is in fact a factory. It’s a factory that keeps
your blood nourished and fluid and balanced, and just as your blood
nourishes your whole body, your marrow nourishes your blood. It’s like your marrow is
an underground spring, feeding the rivers of blood that move through the landscape of your body, and you have a beautiful
body, an amazing body, an incredible body, and
all it ever wants to do is its perfect job of keeping
you well, keeping you alive, and as you see this beautiful landscape, your blood nourishing your body, your marrow nourishing your blood, these underground springs
feeding the rivers of blood that move through the
landscape of your body, nourishing every organ
and keeping you well, and one of the ways to
do this really well is to imagine that your
blood is full of richness, full of nutrients. Your blood is full of all kinds of cells. There are T cells and B cells and C cells that flow through your blood,
travel through your body, and they are rather like the military. You see, your immune system has a job, and its job is to keep you alive. Its job is to keep you well. Your immune system’s
job is to find enemies, to kill those enemies, to communicate and interact, so that your immune
system keeps you perfect, and if you can imagine right now, that circulating through your blood are more and more healthy
white blood cells, and these white blood cells
boost disease-fighting cells in your bloodstream. If you can imagine that, already, even now just thinking about it is causing your immune system
to react to your thought. You see, we know that
when we think of blushing, sometimes we blush. When we think of eating, we
create digestive enzymes. When we think of sex, we often get a very
physical reaction indeed, so as you think about your blood, your blood being so
healthy, full of nutrients, full of cells who are like sentries travelling through your
body, finding disease and then becoming like
troops devouring it, if you think about that, that thought is having a real effect on your immune system right now. So right now I want you to imagine that you can see in your mind’s eye every single T cell and B
cell strong and brilliant, so powerful, so committed
and disciplined and ready to make you well. You can see healthy T cells
and all the B cells you need flowing through your blood,
and they are like troops. They are on guard,
looking for any disease, any foreign agent, anything
that shouldn’t be in your body, and as they find disease,
they know exactly what to do. They’re on guard; they’re
like sentries, troops, looking for something
that shouldn’t be there, and when they find them, they
recognise them immediately, and when they recognise, and
the T cells just like Generals, whenever they discover
any foreign invaders, they instruct the B cells
to produce antibodies, and these antibodies flow into your blood and eliminate anything
that shouldn’t be there. So right now, just imagine, just imagine these T cells
flowing through your body on guard, looking for foreign invaders, recognising them and destroying them, and as they destroy them,
antibodies are being produced, and these antibodies are
sent out into the blood from the B cells, and they find any virus that
shouldn’t be in your body, and they can get rid of it, and it’s actually rather a beautiful thing to see on a slide. You can watch this in action. You can see all the healthy
cells surrounding a virus and gobbling it up, eating
it up, chewing it up and getting rid of it, because that’s what white blood cells do. They chew up and destroy invaders. And then they help the body to remember and to destroy any future invaders. They also fight bacteria, and
you can see this on a slide, and sometimes when the virus is bigger they snip off bits of it. They snip off corners until it’s smaller. Then they surround it and devour it again, and if the virus is bigger still, they just send out for more troops. So let’s imagine that
all together right now. You have all these
healthy T cells flooding through your body, looking for a virus. They’re looking, in this
instance, for the Coronavirus, and they will find it, because these are like
crack military elite troops, highly trained to find a
virus, and when they find it, they call out for more troops, and they surround it, and they devour it, or they snip off bits of it
until it becomes smaller, and then they surround it and devour it, and if it’s bigger still,
they call for more troops and more troops, snip off bits,
surround it, and devour it. And just as your lungs breathe
and your blood circulates without any help from you whatsoever, just as your heart beats without
you having to do anything, your immune system can do this on its own, but your ability today
to watch this going on, to watch it like you’re watching a show, to go, “Oh, yes, look at me. I’m just closing my eyes and imagining the T cells locating a virus,
the B cells fighting it, devouring it, and as I imagine
it, I’m making it happen.” This is true, so just
continue right now to see. Just imagine these T cells, these smart, highly-trained Generals, discovering a virus in your
body and instructing your armies of B cells to kill off that virus and then to produce antibodies, and these antibodies are
flowing into your blood, eliminating viruses. The T cells are flowing
through your body on guard, recognising any virus,
producing your own antibodies to the Coronavirus. You see, the placebo means the
physician that lives in you, that can find any virus and create an antibody, create the good medicine that you need. Your body is a miracle. It knows how to fight infection, and you know that your
body knows what to do, and all you have to do to
help your body is to see it, to watch it like a
fascinating, compelling movie, and to let your body do exactly
what it was designed to do. The monocytes are now
travelling through your body, cleaning up debris. So first of all the T
cells find the virus. The B cells destroy it, and
then monocytes come through. The monocytes are also in your blood, and the monocytes travel
through your tissues, and they clean up all the
debris of the dissolved cells. You can imagine right now that
T cells have found the virus, the B cells have destroyed it, and now these beautiful
monocytes are coming along, travelling through your
body, cleaning up the debris that was left behind by the
successful fight of the guards, the antibodies. The monocytes are keeping the landscape of your beautiful body
clear, and that means that all of the cells in your body, in every area of your body,
in every part of your body, are able to do their job perfectly. You have lymph nodes throughout your body. Your lymph nodes are like sentry posts, and that’s where the T
cells and B cells live, and as the lymph nodes
clean your lymphatic fluid, they immediately know when
more T cells and more B cells are called for, and whenever
more are needed they multiply, and they go back out
into the rivers of blood, out into the landscape of your body, getting rid of any virus, and again you can see these sentry posts, and you can imagine that you
can see these lymph nodes, where the T cells and B cells
live, where they reside, where they multiply
whenever more are needed. Whenever any infection
appears in your body, these cells flow out of your
lymph nodes in great numbers. Armies of cells flow through your blood, going right to wherever the infection is. Antibodies are produced
to destroy an infection, to destroy the Coronavirus, because your body knows
how to destroy a virus. Your body is intelligent beyond belief. It knows how to make antibodies. It knows how to kill a virus. It knows what to do, and
you need to have faith in your body, to see this
beautiful scenario unfolding right in front of your eyes and
to know that as you see it, just seeing this taking
place in your body right now as I speak is causing your
brilliant mind, your genius mind, to go ahead and create
what I am describing. Just thinking these thoughts
and seeing these images is causing your brilliant
mind to create, to manifest, to reactivate exactly
what I am describing, so you can see this right now. You can imagine it. You can feel it, see it, sense it, know that seeing it,
sensing it, and feeling it, is causing your body to create it. Your body has powerful,
impressive, phenomenal healing abilities, and your
T cells and B cells are there to guard you well. Every cell is healthy
and strong and intact, and I want you to imagine
each and every cell is surrounded by such a strong membrane, and that membrane keeps
your own cells healthy, but meanwhile destroys
the membrane of viruses. Your body knows how to keep you well. Your body knows how to keep you in order, and as this vortex moves through your body and moves through your lymphocytes, it is installing more T cells,
more B cells, more monocytes, so that every cell, every
tissue, every nerve, every organ, every gland, everything
is in the right place at the right time, doing
the right job perfectly, exactly as nature intended it to. So I want you to imagine
this vortex travelling down to your throat, travelling
down to your armpits, travelling down to your lymphocytes. Your immune system is
your line of defence. It is your immune system, and you have the most
phenomenal power to instruct it, to compel it, to give
you phenomenal immunity, and as this vortex of energy
continues moving, twisting, spinning, knocking out viruses
and installing more T cells, more B cells, and more monocytes,
there is something else that you can do, something so powerful. You can command, compel, direct, instruct, even code your body to give
you phenomenal immunity by saying these words
in this tone of voice. I command you. I compel you. I direct and instruct
and code my immune system to work perfectly and properly, exactly as nature wants it to. I command you, compel you,
direct you, instruct you, and code you, immune
system, to work perfectly and properly, exactly
as nature wants you to. And even when you’re not
playing this recording, when you’re cleaning your teeth, when you’re taking a shower,
when you’re combing your hair, when you’re watching
television, reading a book, every hour, every ten minutes, you can take a minute and say it. Say it with conviction. Say it with certainty. Say it with authority. I command, I code, I compel,
I instruct and direct my immune system to work
properly and perfectly, exactly as nature intended it to. Take a minute. Say that now, using the
voice tone I just said. Go ahead. And now do it again. Command your body to do its job, and notice how good it feels
to do something proactive, to say something with passion,
to know that as you say it, your mind must act from it. You see, your body is run
by a network of intelligence which is influenced by your mind, and every time you play this recording, and every time you say
these commanding words, you have dropped into that
network of intelligence. You’re in that network, the
network of intelligence. Your body is run by a
network of intelligence, and your mind influences
that network of intelligence in your body, and you, you have the power to
influence that network, to command, compel, direct,
instruct, and code your body to work perfectly. You see, I like to think of cells as like a classroom of children. They know what to do, and they
certainly know how to do it, but children respond very
well to an authority figure. They say, “Sit down, pick up your book, go to page two, read the first line.” If you command children
in a commanding voice, they jump to attention, and
your cells are like children. Command them. Compel them. Direct them. Instruct them, in a loving,
powerful, passionate way, and you know what? They’re responding. They’re responding right now, so as you go deeper and drift deeper, I want you to imagine seeing your wonderful white blood cells chewing up and destroying invaders, and then helping your body to remember how to continue chewing up
and destroying invaders, and creating an immunity
right now to this Coronavirus. If you have it, they recognise it. They fight it. They destroy it, but you’ve
also created an immunity, and that’s a wonderful thing. And now you are able to fight bacteria. The monocytes are coming along,
clearing up the landscape of your body, so all is well. All is healthy. Your tissues are healthy. Everything is healthy. Everything is in the right
place at the right time, keeping you super healthy. Your immune system knows what
to do, and you command it, compel it, instruct
it, direct it, code it, to call for troops, to
go through your blood, to send out T cells, the
Generals that find infection, like the scouts in a
cowboy and Indian movie, and then to send out all the
troops to fight the invader. You can command the T
cells to find infection, the B cells to fight infection, the monocytes to clear up the debris. At any time, you can look beautifully, deeply inside your bones,
and oh, look at that. Look at how beautiful that is. In my bones I have
Generals that are T cells. I have armies of troops that are B cells. I even have a cleaning team. They’re the monocytes that
come along and clean it up, and you know you can help
your immune system even more, because you know what it loves? It loves rest. It loves calm. It loves positivity. It loves action. It loves power. It loves doing its job, and it loves you loving it
doing its job, willing it on, watching like the most
exciting action movie where the goody wins,
and the baddy’s defeated. Your immune system likes
rest, calm, positivity, action, power. It also likes to be hydrated,
and it likes good food. You know what it doesn’t like? It doesn’t like stress,
doesn’t like worry. It really doesn’t like fear. It doesn’t like doom or negativity. It doesn’t like to feel it has no power, because it has so much
power, and so do you. So one more time, imagine this vortex as the tail of the vortex is
moved through your throat, through your armpits. It’s gone deep into your
stomach, deep into your gut, and all the time, it is
travelling from your head, from your shoulders, from your neck, travelling down the spine, looking at every bone in
your entire skeletal system, looking at the B cells and the T cells that start in your bone marrow, and as this vortex of energy travels down your skeleton again,
from your head to your neck to your spine to your
shoulders to your upper arms to your elbows, down to your
wrists, down to your pelvis, down to your thighs. It is looking at every bone, from the large bones like the thigh bones, to the tiny little bones,
and looking all the time at your beautiful bone marrow, and looking at this body’s
military intelligence, the Generals that find
disease and lock onto it, the soldiers that come along
and destroy any foreign body that the intelligence has located. I want you to see this beautiful symmetry. The intelligent cells find foreign bodies, and then the troops come along, and they fight this foreign body, and then they make an
antibody just like a vaccine, so that you are now protected and well, and you see it as always
a conversation going on with your cells. Your cells communicate with each other, in between each other, and as you imagine this
beautiful work going on in your marrow, in your
bones, in your immune system, what’s happening is now every
cell is in the right place at the right time, doing the right job. Your immune system is
doing its job perfectly. Your immune system’s
job is to kill enemies, to communicate and to interact. Your immune system knows
how to fight any infection and to make antibodies
that allow you immunity, and so one more time, as
this vortex travels down from the midsection of our
body to your large thighbones, as it travels down to your knees, I want you to imagine one more time, more circulating white blood cells, more Generals, more
troops, more monocytes, boosting disease-fighting
cells, installing more of them into your bloodstream, and now you have wonderful
immunoglobulin levels that are there to fight infection, so just let yourself go
deeper and deeper and deeper. Allow this vortex to carry on, and as this vortex
moves through your body, there are so many ways for you to imagine having
phenomenal immunity. You can imagine the troops,
the Generals, the soldiers. You could imagine the
fleet of beautiful dancers flowing through your
body, doing karate chops, fighting off invaders in any way you like. You could imagine your
immune system is rather like lots of jellyfish, and
these jellyfish are strong, purposeful, directed, passionate. They are commanded, coded,
compelled, directed, instructed, always consistently, constantly
go through your body, finding infection, fighting infection, leaving you with immunity,
and then swimming off, and just constantly being on patrol. You can see them like
boats, like torpedoes, because you have so many choices. So for you just another moment or two allow this vortex of
energy spinning, twisting, turning, this beautiful vortex
of powerful healing energy to travel from your
head down to your toes. As it starts in your
mind, it installs in you a powerful belief that you
have the power to give yourself a strong immune system. As it travels down to your eyes,
you see the good you can do for your own body, and indeed,
you can share this technique with other people. You’re beginning, as
it moves to your ears, to hear how often you
say, “I command, I compel, I code, I direct, I instruct
my body, my immune system to work perfectly and properly, exactly as nature intended it to.” You can see yourself saying
that you can hear it. As this vortex moves into your throat, it gives you the most powerful voice. You say with purpose
and passion and power, “I command, compel, code, instruct, and direct my immune
system to work perfectly and properly, exactly
as nature wants it to,” and as you see it, hear
it, install it, code it, you can now imagine all the
Generals, all the B cells, all the monocytes, all the
rivers of healthy blood, flowing through the landscape of your body doing a phenomenal, awesome,
impressive, perfect, stellar job of boosting your
immune system all the time. And now you are fully equipped
to fight any infection, any infection at all, and to do wellness. Your body is a wellness-producing machine. You are doing wellness. And as you think about the fact that, yes, your body is a wellness-producing machine designed to do wellness,
you focus on wellness. You talk about wellness. Every time you eat good food and hydrate and sleep, you
remember, “I’m doing wellness. I’m helping my body, and
my body is helping me.” Then I want you to think
about collectively sharing this audio, helping more and more people, giving this to everyone,
sharing it, liking it, then sharing it, so that
we can all collectively do wellness, and allow our lives to go back to normal
quickly and powerfully, because of our collective
decision to do wellness, to boost our immune
system, to command, compel, instruct, direct, and code our
awesome body to be awesome, to have an awesome immune system. Our phenomenal body is
doing phenomenal things and allowing you and I and the
people we love and care about to have phenomenal immunity. So now, you can stay, allowing yourself to enjoy this state for
as long as you like. You can touch the space
in between your eyebrows, and you can impress upon yourself, “I am doing wellness. I am coding in phenomenal immunity.” You can call in and code
in powerful immunity, and finally, you can
just move your shoulders from side to side, just rock a little, and as you do that, you
are erasing, eradicating, eliminating negativity and fear, and coding in, calling in,
installing in positivity and powerful immunity. Take as long as you like, and then when you’re ready, you can just imagine opening up two valves in the soles of your feet
and letting this vortex leave your body, leave your mind, knowing anytime at all
you can recreate this. The one thing we all have now is time. Use that time. Use this healing vortex. Boost your immunity. Command your immunity. It is your immunity,
it is yours to improve, to influence, to direct,
code, compel, instruct, and demand that it does its perfect job of giving you perfect wellness. Do it every day. Do it many times a day. Do wellness. So now just allow the vortex to move out through the soles of your feet, and you can stay in this wonderful state for as long as you like, or you can calmly, easily,
wonderfully open up your eyes, noticing how much better you feel when you do something positive, and feeling committed to sharing
this with everyone you can, so that we can all do better now. Thanks for tuning in, and I’ll see you tomorrow, ’cause we’re gonna do this every day. We’re gonna take action,
fight back, and do wellness. You know why? Because we can. See you soon.

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  17. I've been doing your healing vortex video on mindvalley and I've also, so has my husband, kept saying, I'm not going to get this, I've got a healthy, strong immune system that will fight off anything. My body wouldn't dare get sick. All learned from your video. Again, can't thank you enough Marisa, you should get a knighthood. An inspiring, caring, humble and loving human being, you're the best! I know you tell other people that so I'm paying it back, much love xxx

  18. Loooove ur vids! I really appreciate that you specifically addressed this new bug. I was jolted by the mention of cowboy/Indian movies though, as I'm Navajo and my ancestors fought off foreign disease carrying invaders for 300 years. We had amazing scouts and evaded Spanish, Mexican, and American troops until being betrayed by Kit Carson. I'm hoping you meant Natives fighting off all those nasty greedy Colonizers…. and we're still here in spite of everything. Our generals were called war chiefs and some were even women. We're resilient but many Navajo, n other Natives, live in the boonies in poverty and our clinics don't have the resources to handle a pandemic. It's pretty scary, as our elders are precious to us. But our prayers are strong.

  19. Words cannot even express my gratitude for all your educational,kind and compassionate videos, you definitely give me hope. I am at probably the lowest point in my life, Ive lost everything because of addiction. I am now in an inpatient program that treats mothers and their children, and I tell everyone-even staff, about your videos. Little by little I am emerging out of my deep dark hole into the light-all because of your words!I am hoping that maybe even just one staff member, does your RTT program, so we can get that therapy in here. I cant help but imagine the transformations that could take place! Once I get back on my feet,I am saving up so I can take your course-I feel I am kind of like a therapist since Ive been a hairdresser for 20 years lol! This way I can be an inspiration & shed the light of hope on my clients and others in recovery. I pray I get to see you one day-Thank you, namaste

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  21. I love the meditations that you offer Marisa. And I have massive respect for what you do. Your simply amazing. But this meditation I just couldn't resonate with. For me it felt as if it was subconsciously encouraging a virus in your body for the immune system to deal with and overcome. As opposed to just focusing on a phenomenal immune system and not encouraging anything beyond that. Just my thoughts. Peace X

  22. I am extremely grateful for this meditation. I was sad to let my beautiful vortex go. Thank you Marisa. Very powerful.

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  24. This is great. I have been doing something similar for years, derived from Chinese meditation practices. The narrative there is more stars, planets, inner landscape, inner smile,… I'm going to take on your method for a while and see where it leads me :- )

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