100 thoughts on “Godzilla – NES, SNES – Angry Video Game Nerd – Episode 77

  1. That gameboy game looked adorable. A shame the Nerd wasn't too thrilled about it. Guess I better not bother pointing out Godzilland to him.

  2. I loved Godzilla on NES. I downloaded it to my phone a few years ago and all I could think was how the hell did I play this for hours at a time as a kid lol

  3. 9:37

    Y'all critic mfs saying you didn't want monster movies when reviewing King of the Monsters 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  4. Did you have cushions under the bookshelf when you threw your games on the floor and edit it to where you just dropped them from a very low point in the other frame? Lol

  5. NES Godzilla 1 is still the best Godzilla game I've ever played.

    The modern fighting games get old after an hour or so.

  6. Luckily i was born in the start of the nintendo ds period to the ps4 era
    Only if….
    Nerd would buy a flatscreen tv and get a ps4…
    Then get marvel’s spiderman…
    Or he could just play spiderman 2
    The BEST spiderman game at the time
    Nowadays it’s spiderman ps4 that’s making it

  7. 8 Years later, I still get a giggle from this episode. As a long – time Godzilla fan myself I can agree with AVGN that the original game on NES was as bad as he said it was. I actually went back to the rental store I got it from and complained that the game was broken, and I got to swap it out with another game.

  8. to be fair, the Gameboy game is kinda like the Godzilland cartoon (at least that's what it reminded me of)
    as a kid born in the late 90s and growing up in the 2000s, I had Destroy All Monsters Melee on the GameCube, and I kinda have a love-hate relationship due to it's difficulty (it's like Contra on 3 lives hard) and even in my 20s, I still can't get very far into it (I've never been able to unlock any other monsters without using a cheat code)

  9. 14:30 Nerd, don’t be ashamed of who you are. just say thank God that you were born in the 1980s instead of the fucking 2000s*. seriously don’t be like me I missed out on lots of shit. I missed out on *Y2K*, I missed out on *Janet Jackson’s nip slip in 2004*, I missed out on *GTA 4*, I missed out on *Vince Offer's ShamWow and I missed out on everything so just say thank God that you were born early.

  10. The new (2014) Godzilla looks like my overweight cat Sandy. Haha I've called him Catzilla for so long he responds to that now. Haha
    Great video.

  11. Even though the nerd didn't like the SNES Godzilla I actually did, can beat it in one sitting no deaths the sound track was great too I loved bagans battle music

  12. Yo, Godzilla monster of monsters is actually 750$ with the box and super Godzilla around 200 or 300$ with the box. And so far I went to a disc traders and found Godzilla 2 for the NES for 75$ without box. Sure some of the games are not the best, and we know how bad Godzilla 2 is. But in reality, they are gonna be more rare and expensive. By the way loved the idea when it came over!

  13. I'm a fan of cinemassacre and creepypasta, if you are too you can guess why i was excited for this and polybius (or however you spell it)

  14. No se quien tradujo pero "God(Dios) damn(maldiga) it(eso)" no significa "Dios maldito" si no que "Dios lo maldiga" o simplemente maldita sea.

  15. A Godzilla fan like me I enjoy Godzilla Destroy all monsters melee
    Godzilla Save the Earth
    And even Godzilla Unleashed they were the best…

  16. This video really inspired me to get into Godzilla, and I watched all 29 movies during the summer. I became a huge fan and it's even better to rewatch this video since I actually know and understand what he's talking about. So thank you Nerd, I feel like I'm a richer person. 😀

  17. 14:42 "These games suck Baragon's sweaty ball sack! I'd rather get an electric shock from sucking Mechagodzilla's mechanical wiener! These gamer are shit drizzling out of the Smog Monster's rancid, putrid a-hole! And then, being swallowed and barfed up by Anguirus, while I lay on his spikes getting Gigan's buzzsaw up my ass! While Destoroyah dumps his diobolical diarrhea all over my face!"

  18. Queen of England: William, This is your last play, I forbid you to make any more.
    Willy Shakespeare: Fuck it! (makes another one anyways)

  19. Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee, Godzilla: Save the Earth and Godzilla: Unleased are what happen when you give Pipeworks Studio the permission to make a Godzilla game. Why didn't they give the permission sooner?

  20. Reminds me alot of the "King of Monsters" and "King on Monsters 2" games. I think made by NeoGeo. I miss arcades 😟

  21. I came for the profanity.
    I stayed for the profanity.
    I temporarily left the profanity.
    I came back for the profanity.
    The circle is complete.



  23. I feel like i was born too early as well, but at least we remember landlines and Tamagotchi…smh…fuuuuuuuuuuuuucccckkk

  24. Watching this after watching the whole godzilla.nes creepypasta is like watching scary movie 3 after watching actual saw 3

  25. "Did they just send Godzilla to some shit hole planet that happens to be the garbage can of the cosmos where everything that never existed got thrown away?" 🤣 One of the greatest Video Game Nerd lines in history

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