100 thoughts on “Ghostbusters – NES – Angry Video Game Nerd – Episode 21

  1. It was exactly the same on the Sega Master System…actually never mind. The Sega Master System was better. You can use your proton pack in the building BUT you have to sneak past Stay Puft

  2. No. No, no, no. Yes, a childhood friend who turned out to be a douche later in life introduced me to this game, in my early teens where the n64 and ps1 were available. Yes, this game is bland, and starting over from the beginning when you fail the endgame is a major bummer. Yes, ghosts don't eat food, so yeah…wait. This game sucks. It always sucked. I never could beat it due to the practically impossible endgame. I never saw the marshmallow man, the marshmallow mans in this game?? Man fuck this game

  3. WAIT. We don't HAVE a culture, congratulations isn't spelled conglaturation, you haven't completed a great game and these are computer sprites, not human heroes!!!

  4. I had the proton pack that was a flashlight and it projected pictures of various ghosts on the wall, including Slimer. You had to be really close to the wall, though, because the flashlight was ass lol

    As for the reason they used the name Zuul, it was probably because Sigourney Weaver played that character. She was pretty damn popular after playing Ripley.

  5. I borrowed this game decades ago. I played it and got to the map screen. I hit all buttons to see what I was allowed to do. 3 mins later i called to return it saying Hey the games broken! I gave up on it before having the chance to see how tedious it would get. I would have had a better chance of beating nes turtles than it

  6. The C64 version of this was THE most popular game of my childhood back in the 80a. Everybody had it. You could buy other cars, and the graphics were better, but really there was no difference

  7. I had this on Spectrum… and, once you understood the game, there was a kind of trick to it. It was hard to play for a while, but at a certain point it became insanely EASY to complete! Took a while to get your head round as a 7year old, but I fuckin' did it!

  8. How do i view the version of these Ghostbusters reviews that have movie clips? Because according to Wikipedia, it says that both the DVD and YouTube releases omit the film clips, and even going to Cinemassacre.com’s site doesn’t help as it just has the YouTube version!

  9. I remember having this game on gameboy,and I never figure out how to play it,I always thought that I maybe too stupid to realize how the game mechanic work,thank you for making this video explaining this game is bad.

  10. Dude!!!!…. I just started watching you and you keep it real as shit!!!! And your freaking hilarious 😂😂..imma do some catching up from time to time…but keep em coming!!!

  11. Classic AVGN. I'm nostalgic about the days when YT didn't suck. I'm nostalgic about my nostalgia. Nostalgia inception.

  12. It seems like the game developer's had their head's in the clouds, while taking a shit and came up with these bullshit piece of shit games.

  13. What were they thinking?:
    "Don't spend too much time on this game because these dumb ass kids are going eat it right up"

  14. I loved Ghostbusters so much as a kid and bought this game and I recorded the song on a tape so we could listen to it in the car

  15. For the record there's a slightly better version of this game on the Sega system I played it when I was little.

  16. I had a lot of those toys when I was little. Ahhhh the better days. And i know I’m watching this like 10 years later

  17. I had to go get my moms money back for this horrible piece of ish game then bought another horrible game called ninja turtles 😩

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