Getting a job is RISKIER than Stating a Business Because…

About 5 years after I’ve announced to my family
members that I would never continue with school and become an employee in my life, my elder
brother who is older than me by more than one decade called me and announced to me,
“Look”, he said with an angry face you have ever seen, “If you destroy your life, don’t
ever come back to me because I will reject you.” I smiled and told myself, “If I don’t risk
dying building my business, won’t I eventually die working for another man?” I left my brother that night and went on to
have another three years of failures before my first business breakthrough in the year
2016. In today’s video, I’m going to be sharing
with you the reason why I think having a job is riskier than starting a business. If you’re new here, consider subscribing so
that you won’t miss other interesting videos like this. Before getting started with this video, let
me make it clear that I don’t think everyone should be an entrepreneur. I have been an entrepreneur for 11 years and
I’ll be a liar to say everyone in the world can go through the hell entrepreneurship offers. Instead, I think so many people who can be
entrepreneurs are not because of fear, fear of risks and failures. Job Risks VS Business Risks
Now, let’s try and look at some risks involved in building a business and getting a job. When we compare these two, maybe we will see
how the job is riskier than starting a business. Only about 2-3% of businesses will ever succeed
enough to make their owners rich. The very first thing to scare you away when
trying to start a business is the fact that more than 90% of businesses will never succeed. This is scary but look at it from this perspective;
only 1-2% of employees will ever get paid enough to make them live a good life. While most businesses will never succeed,
most jobs will never give you enough money, so what is the difference? To me, I don’t see how getting a job is better
in this sense. You need capital to start a business but you
don’t need capital to start a job. Well, I have good news for you. Not good news, you also need capital to start
a job. This is what most people in our society get
wrong; they think it’s harder to start a business because you need capital to start a business. Well, the same capital you need to start a
job is the same capital you need to start a business and that is knowledge and skills. Let me explain. I decided that I was not going to continue
with my schooling in the year 2008. I left school and started resuming to the
library. What I did here was very simple. I knew that I needed education but the kind
of education I needed wasn’t the kind that school was built to give. Going to the library and reading books about
entrepreneurship means that I was getting an education, just as most of my mates are
getting an education at the university. So, what is the difference? In the university, my mates were taught how
to be accountants, so that they can have the knowledge that could help them get good jobs. In the library, I was reading books about
human relationships, leadership, negotiation, psychology and stuff like that. Now, let’s compare our results. With the certificates, my mates get out of
university, some of them were able to get some jobs; others get good jobs and a few
get great jobs. With the knowledge I got from studying entrepreneurship,
human relationship, psychology, negotiation, etc., I was able to raise capital to start
businesses. I need to explain something here;
It took me a lot of time to master some of the skills I learned in the book. I had to practice, fail, make mistakes and
get rejected. I started by having little results and with
practice, I began to have some good results and I eventually hit a big break. Yes, the capital you go to the university
to acquire is the certificate. It’s this certificate that will give you a
job. The same capital is what anybody needs to
start a business. Wherever people talk about getting capital
to start a business, what they think about is money. Well, that is the most stupid thing people
believe about business. Listen! Businesses are not started by money, the owner’s
money. Businesses are started with knowledge and
skills. Just as you need to go to the university to
acquire the right skills, which will end up being the capital you need, you have to acquire
business knowledge and skills, which is the capital you need. So, after acquiring the right knowledge, how
do you get money to start a business? Napoleon Hill said, “Capital, money is everywhere
for those who know how to use it.” I’m telling you the truth. The resources you need to start a business
are everywhere if you know how to get them. The reason why most people are not attractive
to the money and resources they need is that most people don’t have the capital they need
which is the knowledge. I’ve gotten money and resources from anywhere
you can probably imagine and that included strangers and people who know me only on the
internet and remember; I come from a poor country, Nigeria, so you won’t tell me that
I was lucky to be born by rich parents. The capital you need to start a business is
the same capital you need to get a job. That capital is called; knowledge. What if my business fails? So far in this video, I’ve been trying to
compare the risk of starting a business with the risk of having a job and to me; both of
them have the same risks. The next thing I want to talk about is; what
if your business fails? Well, what if you get fired? What if you can’t get a job? People get fired every day from the jobs they
have invested several years in, so why do people think losing business is different? In my career as an entrepreneur, I’ve lost
many businesses but to me, that wasn’t different from some of my friends who lost their jobs. When you lose a job, what do you do? You start looking for another one. Maybe you’ll get a good job or you won’t get
on time. When you lose a business, what would you do? The same thing; start looking for ways to
start all over again. Is it more difficult to start again from scratch? Absolutely, but so is looking for another
job after you’ve invested one decade of your life in a particular job. What if the economy is not good? Well, you’re more likely to lose your job
in a bad economy than to lose business. Yes, the profitability of a business can suffer
during a bad economy but oftentimes, entrepreneurs are smart enough to have two or three businesses. Sometimes last year I had a problem with one
of our businesses. Yes, it was painful and few of my employees
lost their jobs but it rarely affected my personal life because I was still able to
earn some money. Job Starts Giving You Money From Day One While
Businesses Don’t. More than anything else, I think the biggest
motivator for employees is the instant gratification. Job starts giving you money immediately after
you get one while business may not give you any money in the next 5 years. This, I think is the only advantage the job
has over the business but guess what? I will rather love to be in prison for one
decade and spend the rest of my life as a king in the palace than to live all my life
as a slave. In other words, I would rather live 5 years
of my life as a poor, stupid, broke individual and then spend the rest of my life with massive
wealth, than to live all my life as an average person who lives from paycheck to paycheck. Again, let me remind you that this video was
not made to claim that employees are less important than entrepreneurs. Instead, we make this video to challenge people
who know that they were designed to be entrepreneurs. If you’re convinced that you were wired to
be an entrepreneur but you have fears that getting a job is less risky, I am here to
prove you wrong. Getting a job is riskier than starting a business
because, as I’ve proved in this video, every single risk entrepreneurship entails is right
there on your way to getting a job. Where entrepreneurship beats job is when you
become successful. Even though both employees and entrepreneurs
have to go through similar risks and uncertainty, when both of them succeed, one is 100 times
richer than the other. If you think you’re wired to build a business,
go for it because the job is riskier than you were made to believe. Do you know about our inspirational channel? We call it HUNT TV and we use the channel
to inspire people like you who want to do great things with their lives. Look at the description box to see the link
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23 thoughts on “Getting a job is RISKIER than Stating a Business Because…

  1. Take risk to find new possibilities. A job has no possibilities.
    Doing business is the best possible window of getting success.

  2. I have something to say about it, getting a job is not so bad idea, cause u get income, and then with your free time, u can buy courses to learn some new skills, like seo, web desinging that u can sell to people, thats why i dont do nothing serious yet, i think i need decent income from job first

  3. Not based on my experience! I say, you can't beat having that steady paycheck with the same amount every week, and the medical benefits, paid vacation, and periodic bonuses!

  4. I have known that you are from Nigeria…Your videos are powerful and I have given myself 6months, because I will act on the videos I watch here and other of your channels. Your channels are blessing to me. I have been practicing some of the things you teach and its working for me. Thanks

  5. It all depends on how we view Job vs Business, i raised money from my paid job to establish a personal business, without the job, i won't be able to raise capital to pursue my dreams.

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