Get Your Mind Ready With Mind Yeti

[ birds chirping ] NARRATOR:
Your mind is amazing! It’s filled with all kinds of thoughts, feelings,
and sensations. Thoughts that help you
figure things out, like your homework. Feelings that can change
your mood. [ inhales deeply ] And sensations from your body
that tell you things… [ stomach growls ] like you’re hungry. We call these thoughts,
feelings, and sensations “hubbubbles.” Sometimes, though, the hubbubbles can get
pretty distracting! Isn’t that right, Yeti? We call this The Hubbub! The Hubbub makes everything
harder than it needs to be. [ sighs ]
Yup. The Hubbub can be a real pain
in the brain. But it doesn’t have to be
that way. You can settle The Hubbub
with Mind Yeti. [ music plays ] Listening to Mind Yeti
can strengthen your mind and settle The Hubbub. [ Yeti exhales ] [ inhales and exhales deeply ] You’ll learn to calm
your mind… focus your attention… [ crowd cheers ] and connect better to the people
and world around you. Settle The Hubbub… and get your mind ready
with Mind Yeti.

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