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[JACQUES] The 12th annual XXL Freshman list
is here showcasing 11 of rap’s rising stars. [JACQUES] So to rank them, we took a look
at their highlights, and their numbers, Genius style. Let’s begin! [JACQUES] Coming in at no. 11 with more than 400 thousand page views
is Philadelphia’s Tierra Whack. [JACQUES] She had a great 2018 on the back
of her breakout project “Whack World.” And he sat with Genius in February to breakdown
“Hungry Hippo,” a standout from “World” and it’s connection to her fashion style. [TIERRA] I picture myself going inside a jewelry store there’s a bunch of guys and they’re looking like what the hell is
she doing and I’ll get like grills made or some jewelry or something and they’re
just looking like Okay and they ask for my opinion. [JACQUES] YK Osiris is at number 10 with over
600 thousand page views. Over the last year, he’s had perfect ‘timing’
with his breakout single “Worth It” garnering millions of views on YouTube. And he sang it live on Genius’ “Open Mic”
in April. [JACQUES] Next with more than 700 thousand pageviews is YBN Cordae at no. 9. He sat with us in April to breakdown his cut
“Have Mercy,” and revealed that the following slick bars were kinda written and kinda freestyled. [YBN CORDAE] I freestyle all my shit but I
write it down because I be forgetting it. Everybody like to say they freestyle all they
shit. A lot of niggas do freestyle all they shit
but I ain’t afraid to say I write a litlte bit too. [JACQUES] At number 8 is Maryland’s Rico
Nasty. Fans loved her hard hitting recent effort
“Anger Management” with Kenny Beats. [JACQUES] Of the 11 freshman, her 2016 song
“Hey Arnold” off of “Sugar Trap” was the first to reach 10 Thousand page views. [JACQUES] Coming in at 7 with more than 1
million page views is Houston’s Megan Thee Stallion. [JACQUES] One of 2019’s breakout stars,
Genius News pointed out in March how Tina Snow is everywhere and how her fans love her
sexy and frank lyrics on her breakout cut, “Big Ole Freak.” [JACQUES] Next at number 6 is Charlotte, North
Carolina’s DaBaby with over 1.4 million page views. From pampers to the charts, DaBaby’s track,
“Suge” cracked the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 in June, peaking at number 8. His followers love his sense of humor and
it’s quite evident on “Walker Texas Ranger.” [DABABY] That shirt that people be wearing
when you play with somebody [JACQUES] At 5 is Compton, California’s Roddy
Ricch with 1 point 5 million page views. His two projects, ‘Feed Tha Streets’ 1
and 2 were very well received and in February 2019 he graced our Open Mic stage. [JACQUES] Comethazine comes in at number 4 with nearly 2 million page views. In January 2019 he broke down his track “DeMar
DeRozan” for us and it came with a blazing hot basketball take. [COMETHAZINE] Demar DeRozan is way better
than Kobe. [JACQUES] And we’ve reached the top 3, starting
with Seattle’s Lil Mosey at just over 2 million page views. Mosey has been on Genius a number of times
but most recently singing his cut, “Greet Her” on Open Mic with a friend. [JACQUES] At number 2 with nearly 4 million page views is Los Angeles’ Blueface. He currently has the highest performing VERIFIED
out of the Freshman class with his breakout cut, “Thotiana.” [BLUEFACE] “I’m not gonna say I started the word. Thotiana has been around as long as the word
Thot has been around. Thotiana was just catchy. [JACQUES] And finally at number one is Atlanta’s
Gunna. His 2017 cut “Drip or Drown” was the first
to reach 100k pageviews of the 2019 Freshman class. [JACQUES] In February, he joined us on VERIFIED
to breakdown his nod to comedian Martin Lawrence and his character Sheneneh on “One Call.” [Sheneneh] O well it’s real good to meet you Ms. Barbie! [GUNNA] Martin’s hilarious. He’s a real comedian. I always watch Martin, so that was just a
line that came in the mind. [JACQUES] Well, there you have it. The 11 Freshmen ranked, Genius style. Collectively the group has nearly 19 million
page views. What’d we miss? Let us know in the comments. [JACQUES] I’m Jacques Morel with Genius
News, bringing you the meaning and the knowledge behind the music. Peace! Peace!

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