Generalized anxiety disorder and coping strategies

So you know this video is about anxiety
but what exactly are anxiety disorders? These are disorders that share features
of excessive fear and anxiety and related behavioral disturbances. Although
both fear and anxiety are closely, related fear elicits an immediate
fight-or-flight response to a real threat that has already presented itself.
For instance an encounter with a wild animal.
In comparison, anxiety is more of a hyper vigilant state where an individual is
extremely sensitive to detecting potential threats that may never occur.
For instance, an individual may be anxious about public speaking because
they anticipate that they will embarrass themselves. Like most mental health
problems, anxiety disorders appear to be caused by a combination of: biological,
factors, psychological factors, and challenging life experiences. all anxiety
disorders have irrational and excessive fears apprehensive intense feelings and
difficulty managing daily tasks. Other symptoms include anxious thoughts,
predictions and beliefs, avoidance of feared situations, subtle avoidances such
as talking more when anxious to describe oneself, safety behaviors like having a
cellphone on hand for help, and physiological responses such as
increased heart rate. There are many types of anxiety disorders including
generalized anxiety disorder which is one of the most common types of anxiety
disorders in older adults. It affects 2-5% of the population with
more women affected than men. Over an individual’s lifetime chances of
developing generalized anxiety disorder are as high as 9%. With respect to
ethnicity, people with European descent are more likely to be affected than
people of non-European descent and anxiety disorders occur more frequently
in developed countries than non developed countries. Generalized anxiety
disorder is characterized by excessive uncontrollable worry about everyday
things including social situations. This excessive worry occurs for at least six
months and often interferes with one’s daily life. This worrying can be
manifested in physical symptoms including restlessness, fatigue,
irritability, muscle tension, and difficulty concentrating and sleeping.
The severity of the generalized anxiety disorder can vary with those having the mild to moderate form being able to function socially with treatment and those who
have the severe general anxiety disorder finding it difficult to perform simple
daily tasks. Although anxiety can be daunting, there
are many ways to cope with it. First and foremost, it is important to realize that
you can’t control everything. You must avoid placing pressure on yourself to be
perfect in everything you do. Additionally, try replacing negative
thoughts with positive ones most importantly identify what triggers your
anxiety and focus on tackling this issue. A helpful tip you can do is by writing
in a journal when feeling anxious and then looking back on your journal
entries to identify a pattern. There are some small lifestyle changes you can
enforce to help cope with anxiety these include: exercising daily, getting
at least eight hours of sleep per night, eating a well-balanced meal three times
a day, and limiting alcohol and caffeine. To cope with an immediate panic attack
it can be helpful to relax your muscles and focusing on slowing your breathing
by taking deep and slow breaths. Take control of your thoughts and remind
yourself of the times you had overcome your anxiety. Although they’re helpful,
these tips are often not enough. Do not be afraid to seek professional help via
psychiatrist, therapist, counselor and among other mental health professionals. Here are links to some resources that can connect with you with professionals.

100 thoughts on “Generalized anxiety disorder and coping strategies

  1. I’ve had a constant anxiety of death due to the question of what is it like
    My thought process is:
    Can I live forever before I die
    I don’t wanna die
    I need to talk to someone otherwise I’ll break down
    God can I live forever?
    When will I not be sad
    (I usually fall asleep by now)
    I hope I live long
    F it I’ll live to my max
    But what is it like?
    F it imma forget
    (If I’m still awake I watch something till I pass out and sleep)

    Also whoever liked it
    U suck

  2. Winner of a video, I been tryin to find out about "natural ways to beat anxiety and depression" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Hanincoln Nanlivia Framework – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my cousin got great success with it.

  3. The biggest mistake of my life was that I met with psychiatrist for my little anxiety and he prescribed Wellbutrin and made my anxiety 20 times worse I lost my job I became disabled than I had to stop it and I took Ativan 3 months and Finally I decided to go free medication I didn’t take anything since January 1st.. still on disability trying to cure myself naturally..

  4. He said 2-5% as been common? That's not common at all! Dating somebody shoots my anxiety through the roof! Even if its like the 5th date!

  5. Phrases like "replace your negative thoughts with your positive ones" and "take control of your thoughts" don't help anyone with actual anxiety. If we could do that as easily as you make it sound we wouldn't have anxiety.

    Also, did this idiot just admit that anxiety makes it very hard to get enough sleep at night and turn right around and say that we should get 8 hours of sleep to help cope with anxiety?

    Also also, who needs all these demographical statistics? Who cares? That's not helping anyone! This guy is a total quack

  6. I strongly believe that I have an anxeity disorder but I feel as if I cannot get any medical help becuase my dad just doesn't believe in anything like that.. what do I do?

  7. Im in that 2% – 9% . They tried giving me Lexapro that made me feel crazy. now i play videogames so I'm in control of something and my mind goes there instead of worries. It gets easier to control as I stabilize my money and weight but something always triggers it. Sometimes so bad I go into depression. I am putting this here for my fellow 9% to know you're not alone and there will be better days.

  8. I have anxiety and deppression. Every day I always sit alone thinking about things like death and loneliness. I can't stop thinking about it because my life was perfect back then. I don't want that to end but what if it continues forever, and my life is ruined. I want to have kids of my own. I want to see my children graduate, but who knows. Most likely I'll just be crying alone.

  9. I’ve got this , if anyone is feeling bad txt me I’ll try my best to yak you through whatever it is ur going through (260) 750-5277


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  11. Ok, I need some help, and I'm hoping any of you would know what is wrong with me.
    I feel like I have severe anxiety, but I am not sure because I have never received help.
    I have panic attacks at least once every month about stupid things, cry at least twice a month, and I'm really self conscious. It's really hard to make friends, and I never have the courage to ask anyone basic questions. I get angry very easily and it's hard to maintain friendships. I usually have a feeling where I'm invisible and everyone would be better if I was gone. If I hear anyone laughing or talking in a rude tone to me, I cry. My feelings are really easily hurt.
    So, this is all that has been wrong so far, and I can't really tell what's happening.
    It would be appreciated if you take a guess at what is wrong.
    Thanks for taking your time to read my comment.

  12. The only thing that has helped me is meeting my boyfriend who then I got a doctor and she put me on metropolol. It is a blood pressure medicine that slows down my heart rate so I freak out less and my mind is calmer.

  13. Anxiety is hitting most people due to the frequencies of the planet going up… Peoples flight or fight responses are on high and this creates the central nervous system to be on overdrive.. Energetic healing might work really well for some of you and regular salt baths with help with the electrical impulse overload because our brains when on flight or fight puts out a massive surge of electrical impulses and this can cause the overload and brain fry after a big anxiety attack. So salt baths and then feet in the ground afterwards so you can ground the energy… Then add in a healing video for anxiety and do this for 21 days and see how much your body has changed.. So much love to you all ❤️

  14. No anxiety any more . Want to get back your free life ?
    only three months . Wash up your negative thoughts , anxiety , depression , phobia within 90 days . No medication .
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  15. yeh nah… i don't think anyone who make these videos understand what it's like… especially when negative behavior in our world these days is a common denominator and it's towards PEOPLE that we are anxious about which makes us associate everything with expected danger and someone starting something as as someone who's always targeted by bullies i'm never wrong either eventually no matter WHAT you do it will grind you down to this anxious state and there's nout u can do about it cos we affect each other with negative energy it's NOT just about "oh you think negatively" we're only responding to our environment and with our world because SUCH a negative environment these days with SO much darkness around us we feel it and we feel how the people in this world are feeling it's a lot more spiritual than "oh it's your thoughts" and anyone that denies it's not about each others energy doesn't understand life and who we are as humans.

    I'm sorry u were always "that cool kid" that thinks u never get bullied or negative behavior towards u and maybe ur parents taught u how to deal with these situations properly but most of us we were never taught how, ignorance is bliss won't eventually help u either when u one day wake up and realize how much control others have had over ur life, how much they held you back through negative behaviors and u get near the age of 30 and realize you haven't gotten anywhere then u try SO hard to make it out of that box you've been trapped in and out of square one STILL without much success THEN you'll know how it feels to associate everything with anxiety. Then when it's genetic problems like PCOS NO working out or diet plan will help you 😛 just some thoughts.

  16. Sometimes u CAN'T control ur mind is so hard to socialize with people I can't talk to my family that live far away and I can't see them in person they only way to talk to them is by the phone when I used to live with all my family forever I didn't had any of these anxiety issues I was a happy kid that liked to play around all day outside but now I became more sad and lazy not wanting to do things well it's not that I'm lazy it's just so hard to do things normal people can do but anxiety is affected me in daily basis I can't video chat with my family anymore cuz of it it's just too hard I've been thinking about how I'm gonna react when they come to our place and if I'm gonna embarrass myself idk why I'm like this now it's so so so hard to explain how I feel or my thoughts I tried telling my mom about this but she said "ur the one who controls ur mind" Like no one understands what I feel, people ask me (why did u changed) and I just say eh puberty changed me I won't tell the truth because they're gonna think I'm weird and stupid if I say the truth I just really hate myself sometimes I wish I was never born.

  17. Thanks for this video, I think its great how you broke anxiety down into the different sections rather than it just being one size fits all. I was just looking into hormones and their affects for people in their post 40s today for a client in re to anxiety. Such a complex area to define to just one thing.

  18. Logic don't work in anxiety.We should be utterly busy and active everyday going different places, connecting with different people and enjoy most of the time.Its about breaking the pattern of negative thought/thoughts.By not having much time to react to thoughts we can heal overtime and discover our true self.

  19. i have anxiety and it’s really bad i can’t even go places alone or do a simple task like order food without getting anxiety and i want to seek help and get a therapist but i’m too scared to ask my parents for one and afraid to worry them what do i do

  20. Question whenever you go in a message board and someone rebutts you rudely and deep inside you have an all consuming need to shred the person limb from limb as so far stating death threats and graphical disgusting dismemberment fantasies but you kbow it's wrong and you have to stop yourself.. that conflict that's very stressful plus the scenario running through your head that the person will never give up on the argument and you HAVE to stop yourself again since it's a bash war that will get very ugly and won't end but if you do you are denying yourself of what you "Truly Feel" aka what your instinct demands of you regardless if it's right of wrong and there's a struggle again..

    If you continue to argue and wait for your opponents rebuttal while gnashing your teeth salivating to debunk that as well is that anxiety..

    But if you do stop yourself and feel the pain of your instinct screaming internally telling your gut endlessly to respond to your opponent is that anxiety as well..

    Since they are very very stressful either way

  21. I'm college now, first year, and my anxiety ruined all my life, I'm afraid to talk or at least meet with people, I'm always hide from crowd, and now i don't have friend

  22. I thought I didn't have anxiety because I didn't know what it was.

    But I seem to have everything in this video but I don't wanna believe it because y'know..its a video.

  23. people say not to say u have anxiety if youre not diagnosed but do i have to wait to say i need helpz

  24. i’m judged a lot so now i worry that every time i hear my name or if someone sees me then i think they are judging me secretly behind my back

  25. I won with anxiety by changing my lifestyle and my way of thinking- you can all do that <3

    I share my story and stuff that helped me:

  26. I have anxiety tremors in my neck legs and hands any tip on controlling them ? I'm only 17 and it's hard to control while in school and other public places.

  27. I have a blog where I talk all about my anxiety and struggles with my everyday life. If you want to check it out the link is

  28. When I get this it lasts a few days maybe a week or so and if I have an episode I feel like I'm on the verge of a heart attack I'm terrified ill stop breathing or my heart will stop. I do drink alcohol mainly on a friday/Saturday and smoke 20 cigarettes a day no more than my friends and weed is the cause I think which I stopped a few months ago, I'm on 10mg propanalol but yesterday I had a 2 hour flight and thought I was going to die tight chest, can't get my breath and heart pounding, cold sweats. This disorder is not a joke, I have no stress in my life I'm a day truck driver in the UK with a pretty chilled out life and no more worry than any one else all I worry about is money and my health but nobody I know has gone through this and if they have it has been mild. I'm a 27 year old man and this makes me just want to cry. I want to exercise but getting out of breath terrifies me that I could have an anxiety attack, I'm not very fit and probably slightly overweight. I think I'm going to try and quit drinking at weekends but that is hard because all of my friends drink and smoke (they don't have anxiety though and they drink and smoke more than me). I wouldn't wish this shit on my worst enemy. My grandma is 92 been through world war 2 and smoked like a chimney since 18 years old and has never had this in her life which baffles me. If anyone has experienced anything similar to what I described and has beat it please help.

  29. Great video. I found this series really helped me. Check it out. Simple and effective.

  30. I cant present in front of a class without starting to shake or stutter or sometimes even begin to cry it sucks

  31. everything in this video… easier said than done. Ive had numerous hospitalization, twice in 2017 and thrice 2018 which was 2 weeks apart in each of them and bec of that I developed this fear of going out in public or leave our house basically. 1st few months was really brutal for me and killing myself was constantly in my mind. I crave night time because you feel nothing when you sleep. There was this one time I have to go to a relatives house just 2 blocks away and my neck and hands are sweating like sht and have gone cold. I was hospitalized the day after and my Psychiatrist gave me tranquilizer meds. It was reaaaaally a big help. I remember my doctor said that my condition usually takes 8 months to cure but we're over a year now and am still taking anti depression and tranqulizer, if needed. Anyway, I just hope people will be more understanding and be sensitive to this matter. God Bless All and let's spread mental health awareness 😊

  32. My story :-

    Ive been on :-

    Vitamin B Complex
    Omega 3 Fish and Flaxseed
    Vit D
    Vit K2

    The one thing that stopped my anxiety and is working so well for me is Vitamin B6 200mcg in one swallow with water, i truly feel like my true self again, feel like the vibrant me i once was, i can now concentrate without feeling sick or anxious which is super duper awesome as ive had this thing for 2 years

  33. Is it weird that watching this reminded me that my doctor is on maternity leave so now I’m just freaking out about what will happen the next while till she is back? 😯 I only really trust her with my medical stuff because a different doctor might not get it and will mess it all up. And I agree with other comments. I hate being told to just think positive more or keep control of your thoughts. If it were that easy I wouldn’t have to worry about it and could be asleep right now. I find that only works with someone having an anxious moment not so much with someone that has GAD

  34. Good ideas but only help superficially. Ive spent last 20 years trying to live free of my daily anxiety. Even feel it when safe at home! Think its gonna be with me forever. 😢. What a sentence when i feel overall im a kind hearted good person.

  35. Thanks for this. I found this series really helped me too.–YHMlDJINjfMnhEYQ

  36. I have severe anxiety … I’m pretty sure. I can be doing anything and out of no where my heart starts beating super fast and I feel nauseous. It’s not as bad as it used to be when it first started 8 months ago . Chewing gum helps combat it happening but I still havnt found another way to combat it ☹️

  37. Numbers like 3%-5% might sound small but those are worldwide data
    In Greece, 5/10 people experience stress on a daily basis while 1/5 students show some sort of anxiety disorders
    It depends from the country and the ethnicity.
    Good thing about anxiety disorder is that there is cure

  38. I have social anxiety and when in a smallish room full of lots of people I have anxiety attacks and have to get out

  39. I finally came to the realization that I have a small case of anxiety as well, Check me out here and if you have ANY advice please feel free to comment 🙂


    I think its very normal to have anxiety if no anxiety than … ur in danger?
    but its just how u control.
    I mean its pretty normal to be scared out of your skull "ike Jordon Peterson once said"

    yah hope it helps.
    it helps me…. kinda… a little bit of this and a little bit of that~~~ dumbfunded O_O

    Jesus is the messiah O_O
    ? Mhhhh 😛

  41. for all of those watching this video you may have anxiety or you may know someone with anxiety.. i know it is hard but i just want you to know that someone is there for you someone is loving you from above.. it is hard to be unique and experience this kind of pain and sadness but please put yourself back together and spread love to those people who believe in you.. we are not supposed to be pity at it is hard but you are unique..

  42. i feel like im constantly dying, it's awful. has been this way for 3 months. Every day I panic. I do random jogs and pushups just to convince myself I'm going to survive the death that's about to happen. It's like a mix of fear and anxiety because it's a fight or flight response (FEAR) triggered swiftly by anxiety. Not a drug user.

  43. Wow 2:32 Avoid pressuring yourself to be perfect was something I've been pushing myself to be! I was always trying to be better to impress my father and I took it to heart on that one. Thanks I needed that one!

  44. All these vids talk about groundless anxiety…. having fear for no reason … fears and anxieties are real from real things not my fucking imagination…. useless to me

  45. I thought that this was what I had until I heard ( 6 months ) … I been goin Through this for years since I was 6 and it gets in the way of EVERYTHING. I’m 21 now and it’s only gotten worse..

  46. I have GAD, panic disorder and depression and this video was a load of crap! I have to dope myself up just to sleep and I never ever leave the house so these “helpful” tips are not only not helpful but they sound like they are coming from someone who has no idea how anxiety works

  47. It's been 3years and I still suffer my anxiety , panic attack and trauma. It completely ruined my life. 😢 so hard for me to live anymore. I want to live again like a normal person. It breaks my heart. 💔

  48. “You can’t control everything”
    “Avoid pressuring yourself to be perfect”
    “Replace negative thoughts with positive ones”

  49. Im scared of being alone with a lot of people.. does that mean I have an axiety?
    Also.. I have a fear of some normally big things while slowed or not slowed idk why Im just scared.. every time I imagine them.. I sweat idk why eighter.. please help me find out my condition.. idrk what this means..

  50. You can’t just decide one day like ya know what I know I can’t control everything and I don’t have to be perfect and then poof anxiety gone

  51. Guys I see people going through this a lot in the comments. So here are my real life solutions to getting over panic/anxiety heaviness and attacks.

    Medicine obviously helps.
    Panic attacks which can't be stopped and you just have to leave the area, for that medicine is the best option. Ask a doctor it's not that hard as medicines are extremely fast acting and really realxing. Just don't overdo them, they can be quick in addiction.
    Really cold water helps when you drink it. Releases anxiety heaviness. Just keep drinking.
    And always try to keep cold water on you.
    With this I have found out hot showers really help in decreasing heaviness in the head for anxiety.
    Alcohol should be cut completely. The slight and even very minimal hangovers are a direct path to anxiety.
    Now if you are new to anxiety then running and or jogging for an hour helps you focus on that and subdues the feeling of helplessness.

    10 year veteran of anxiety/panic attacks.

  52. I keep trying to find out what is happening to me and I was wondering if it's anxiety. Whenever there is a public or someone who I like, I always try to act normal but I sometimes fail on doing normal tasks that mostly include moving around as I worry if I move too smoothly or too fast. Also, my head can go stiff sometimes when I'm not sure if I should be moving or not because I don't want to bring attention. I've been coping pretty well and never really looked into it. I would like to find out if this is a disease or anxiety or something so I'm asking you to help me.

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  54. Some people here are exaggerating a bit about this video, this is just a video to help, small tips. The guy said that these tips aren't enough and you should seek professional help. ANYBODY will tell you that because It's just common sense.
    I know It's extreemly difficult to take that first step but dude I swear once you do it, you can be proud of yourself, cross it off your list and move onto the next step.
    I personally have pretty bad anxiety, I can't even go to the bathroom without having a panic attack over going in there and someone already being in there.
    You just work at things one at a time, life doesn't have to rush you, no one is rushing you.
    There's always a solution to everything.

    I understand the feelings of anxiety is painful, It's a very odd kind of pain that's impossible to ignore and it won't just go away with some breathing excersises, but after all it's still that first step to calming down.

    Step by step, that's extreemly important with anything you're anxious about. Even if doing it slowly is helpful though, I sometimes get that burst of confidence that help me just jump right into it. If you get that feeling, don't brush it off, take advantage of it as long as it lasts and that single experience alone can help you do it again or something new again.

    Also avoiding constantly searching the internet and bumping into shit like ''these traits make you unattractive'' ''nobody likes a shy person'' ''this is acceptable this is unacceptable'' blah blah blah…
    Take this for example:

    I plan to take a trip to germany with my parents for a week or two.
    I'm extreemly anxious, even if this event isn't going to happen until two years ahead of me but I still take time to prepare.

    Firstly I tell myself that the first step is getting our passports done, I had the idea that someone else would have to take our pictures and it would be really awkward- but no. Instead of worrying I just asked how it worked and all we have to do is take our pictures inside one of the booths at the shopping place.
    If I don't know who goes in first, I just ask. If I don't know how it works, I just ask.
    Having someone you trust go with you that also understands is great, someone you aren't afraid to ask for help.

    So after that I think about the airport, I'm afraid of security and the metal detectors you have to walk through. I'm scared I'll mess up and make myself look stupid.
    But It's a simple task, one at a time people walk through, If I don't know when to go through I'll just study how others are doing it and ill just be told anyway. Or again, I can ask.
    The feeling will ease, of course not go away, but I should never let a feeling stop me from doing something I know I'll enjoy.
    It's best to think about every little detail that worries you so you can find a solution to it or sit yourself down and try to think as realistic as you can about it, sometimes it's okay to just say ''fuck it man, it's gonna be fine, I can do this, it doesn't matter.''
    Even joking about it can help you out so much. Nobody said it has to be all serious, no matter what it is. If the event is exciting, then be excited! If it's not, then find the humour in it or just tell yourself it either won't be as bad as you think, or it won't last forever and it'll eventually be over.
    Like I said, it'll ease the feeling. Not cure it. ''Curing'' it takes many years and the help of a professional. If you're afraid of what treatment holds, just remember you do not HAVE to do anything you're suggested. Nobody has the right to force you or pressure you. This is anxiety treatment, not anxiety bootcamp. 🙂

    Imagination can also be a good thing just as much of a bad one, so instead of imagining the worst possible senario.. make up a character, an OC or somebody you love from a show.. this can be a positive, negative, tough or moody teen person, anybody at all that has a lot or a good amount of confidence.
    Taking this character and pretending to be them and being in their mindset can really help you get though some situations or just day to day life, it's fun after all. Nobody has to know you're doing this.

    Anyway, the plane trip.
    It helps me to look for videos online of how airports work in my country or area, it helps me see that it's not so bad and how to better prepare for it.
    Germany, I just look online of places I want to go, make sure we know how to get there, I watch videos on how life works in germany and how to respect others properly there, since some countries are different to others with what people expect of you.
    Though everyone should have basic manners and common sense, I understand anxiety can make you seem rude. I've gone through that, but a quick ''please'' ''thank you'' ''excuse me'' and ''sorry'' with a smile, will get you through just fine. Learn how to say these basic phrases in the language of that country. I'll be learning these in german, after all most people I'll be around or interacting with will speak english anyway as they expect tourists. 🙂
    Nobody said I had to interact with anyone anyway, but I'm talking about if youre going alone or plan to go into restuaraunts for example where it's required to speak to somebody to order food or ask for help, learning how to ask things like ''Excuse me, where are the toilets?'' can be really helpful too in another country.

    For every little achievement you can be proud, even if it seems silly.

    I'll stop here, but I'll be sure to enjoy my trip. I know I have the things that need to be under control, under my control. 🙂

  55. Honestly the only thing that kind of helps is knowing that so many people feel the same as me! I remember I had a interview at a job once and yes mostly everybody is super nervous when it comes to interviews but when you have anxiety it’s 10 times worst. And I remember answering the questions I have no clue what I said lol and I remember after answering. The manager was trying to figure out this new interview method they had and she apologized for being unorganized and not really knowing and there I was shaking and nervous thinking she noticed and she was worried about something else. So what I’m trying to say is that you’re so focused on thinking someone is judging you when in reality they’re probably thinking about their own problems.

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