GarageBand’s Irritating Intros – Quick Tip #9

if you want to add extra space at the
very front of your already recorded and or mixed project in GarageBand for Mac
OS it’s not immediately obvious how it can be done in this quick tip I’ll show
you how okay so this one is pretty straightforward we essentially want to
move everything every region in this project across the timeline by say one
bar if I click on and then select any region
in the project and then hit command and a every region will become selected then
I need to click on and drag all of these regions along to the desired position on
the timeline now it’s depending on the size of your project what track types
you’re using and your Mac specs this may be quite a juddery laggy procedure so be
patient especially if this spinning beach ball of death shows up I find that
moving the playhead to the position I want to move my regions to can help you
be aware though any automation points you’ve created while mixing your project
won’t move along the timeline with your regions you’ll have to move these along
and line them up with their original positions manually that’ll about do it for this quick tip
I’ve been Patrick from the bye for now you

6 thoughts on “GarageBand’s Irritating Intros – Quick Tip #9

  1. Good one, Patrick. I forget who mastered my first album… But, I do remember they wanted a certain number of seconds of silence in front of and after each song. Thanks, as always. 😊

  2. Brother Pat you must be psychic,I was just thinking last last night how I wanted space at the start to do a long cymbal roll for one of my atmospheric guitar instrumentals. YOU are 'Da Man!" CHEERS!

  3. Hey Patrick, good tip, but you can move the automation points with the regions. Tick the "Move Track Automation with Regions" menuItem from the Mix menu

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