Furry Things: AIRPORTCON! (How to Prevent Post-Con Depression!)

You know, the one thing that comes to mind with the word “AirportCon” for me is the old saying from my job at Sky Zone, “Have fun, fly safe!” Though I guess the one major difference is that post convention airport meetup won’t result in sprained ankles and bloody noses. 𝘈𝘵 𝘭𝘦𝘢𝘴𝘵 𝘐 𝘩𝘰𝘱𝘦 𝘪𝘵 𝘸𝘰𝘯’𝘵. But hey, on the bright side, we do have a foam pit! Heyo guys, my name is BetaEtaDelota, and today we’ll be talking about some Furry Things. The series where we talk about any creative topics and ideas relating to the furry fandom. And in this installment, we’ll be talking about a special event that you can hopefully partake in to rid yourself of that dreaded Post Con Depression. If you don’t know what PCD or Post Con Depression is, watch this video. It’ll explain how you might feel after an amazing time with far away friends at a furry convention or meetup. But for those of you who do know what PCD is and have experienced it, you might already have an idea of what AirportCon is. The way I’ll be explaining this topic is going to be a bit different from how I normally do it, so bear with me. Ok, so we all know that flying is the most basic method of transportation for most furries traveling to and from conventions 𝘛𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘪𝘴 𝘢𝘣𝘴𝘰𝘭𝘶𝘵𝘦𝘭𝘺 𝘯𝘰𝘵 𝘵𝘳𝘶𝘦, 𝘣𝘶𝘵 𝘭𝘦𝘵𝘴 𝘫𝘶𝘴𝘵 𝘨𝘰 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘪𝘵. In a metaphorical sense, airports are locations for good time to come, but also good times that have ended. So due to correlation, airports and other transportation locations are the final, I guess, “reality check” for furries leaving a convention. That the fun times are over and you might have to go back home to your normal life. But this is where the concept of AirportCon comes into play. After attending my first big furry convention (Anthrocon 2018), saying goodbye to all my friends, and parting from my previous con roomates, I packed my things and took an Uber to the Pittsburgh Airport to fly back home. And as I’m making my way to the gate, I hear my name being called out from a few people off in the distance. Apparently, my friends CandyPaws and Salohcin were in the same terminal as me, waiting for their flight back home as well. I had about an hour to kill before my flight took off, so I hung out with them and the rest of the other furries they had apparently accumulated from waiting there as well. So to answer the question of what is AirportCon, its where you’re able to experience one last hurrah with some local con-goers from a just past convention. Its where because the con is over or just ended, people will go back to their modes of transportation to head home as well, and you just so happen to see them at one of these transportation hubs. And most importantly, its a time to chill outside of the hectic convention environment with some people who you might have wanted to hang out more with. Thats AirportCon. Its easier to call it “AirportCon” than “TrainstationCon”, okay? Now onto the other question you guys might have: How do you make AirportCon happen? Well, for all my cases with after AnthroCon and before BLFC, there were just lucky coincidences. Of course, it was likely that any furry was at the same airport at me for a bigger convention in the area, but again, it was coincidence that they were friends that I knew. But outside of just getting lucky on a trip to or from a convention, you can also plan it with your friends based on what modes of transportation they’re utilizing. If you know your friends or roommates are all flying into a convention, well, talk to them about flight options and when they’ll be arriving or leaving. Now, AirportCon might be such a small and insignificant thing, but you never know, they might be up for it. If you can though, try to experience AirportCon either before or after a convention at least once. For me personally, me getting to see Salohcin and CandyPaws and others one last time before reality snapped back into my life gave me so much hope and excitement for next year’s con and all the other conventions I’ll get to attend. It made me kind of realize that I’ll absolutely get to see them all again and that just because the con was over didn’t mean that good times like that wouldn’t happen again. I mean, look at where we are now. AnthroCon 2019 just happened. But regardless, give this a try if you can! Its possible enough to happen even on a whim and who knows? You might be surprised when you make your way through the airport terminal. And on that note, thank you guys for watching! Let me know what you thought of the whole AirportCon idea in the comments as always. Along with that, what fun little coincidences have you guys had with regards to meeting furries outside of the fandom environment? I’m definitely curious to see what stories you guys have to tell about your experiences. Like I said in the last video, I do have more informational videos planned that are much more in depth and more important than this one, its just that they take time. So if you enjoyed one of these smaller informational videos, let me know if you want more. I”m more than happy to make them! And as for one final thing, I apologize if the audio of any future videos I do in fursuit is a bit muffled or doesn’t sound as clear as this type of audio. I have about five pounds of foam and fluff covering my head, so its bound to sound a bit off. If you don’t really care about the audio quality and just want to at least understand what I’m saying, then please let me know. It may just lower my OCD of having every bit of audio sounding perfect in informational videos like these. But besides that, I’ve got nothing else. Have a good day guys, and as always: Stay life jacket. Take care.

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  1. Just found out there’s local furry meet ups in my area, what the h e c c why didn’t i know this sooner??? But im now excited to go suiting/bowling

  2. Hey beta, hope your having a great day. You were the reason I joined the fandom and I'm happy that I am where I'm at now. I just recently just told my parents I'm a furry and it went, decent… but you helped me through this through all the videos you have posted, and i thank you. You are such an amazing person, and we all love you for that.

  3. Meeting furries outside of the environment…

    So, all I have to say is that I met one IN MY HIGH SCHOOL CLASS… She had all the same classes as me, yet we never really talked.

  4. Your videos always make me happy to be in the fandom and I want to meet you one day just so I can get an autograph from you, Telephone, and Majira. Hope you have a great life and Stay Lifejacket! 🙂

  5. What a great video awesome now that's one sure remedy cure from depression enjoy watching the video very useful and informative lots of love and abundance blessings

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  7. I actually work at a small Amazon warehouse, a bunch of coworkers that share similar work schedules as me are actually local furries, so is Work con a thing? I see them every week and yeah. That is wonderful! We can also be as open as we want at work because literally nobody cares here.

  8. Honestly it was always so exciting flying home from FWA a few months ago and seeing all these other people around the airport carrying fursuit heads, still wearing con shirts or wristbands, with the con poster, holding plushies they bought at the dealer's den, etc. and knowing they were just at the same place as you were! Even if you don't actually know the individuals it's like an instant sense of comradery to know that you were both share this silly interest and were having fun at the same con ^^

  9. Hey beta I want to let you know that yesterday I sent a little sketch of my first protogen (with the help of zillions “how to draw protogens vid”) to your PO Box and I want some opinions on it , also if you could please get it to zillion so he could review it and see what he thinks I should work on to make it better. Please get it to zillion anyway you can and when it (hopefully) gets to you feel free to look at it or maybe even sign it.

  10. I will never be at airportcon bc I'm like so poor and can only go to cons near me, so I take a car. Anthrocon is only 6 hours away from where i live 😂

  11. Regarding fursuit voice, Stormi mentioned in one of his videos that he's EQ-ing the sh*t out of the audio. Maybe that would improve things?

  12. This reminds me of when we were leaving AC last year and coincidentally stopped at the same gas station as PikaPetey. He recognized my fiancé and we ended up chatting for quite a bit before heading back on the road. It was pretty awesome and made our drive home a bit less depressing.

  13. Personally, the audio quality isn't that big of deal for me just as long as I can understand you it's all good for me.

  14. There are no furries within decent driving distance of me. The only other "furry" is a terrible person and I will never purposefully talk to him. Luckily my friends are chill and will go to a con if I ask.

  15. Hey beta
    Just a fyi
    Ryan hill has been on telegram, using your sona and ref sheet to ask for fetish art from the diaperfur community. I have steered him away and kept an eye out for him and any alt accounts. He also had you representing a swatstika so be warned just in case anyone accuses you

  16. I watched the first 9 seconds then paused. Too real. Too real. I need to change out of my sky zone uniform.

  17. hey. i just want to say that this weekend i went to my very first furry convention (and my very first con in general) it was a smaller con in utah called Anthro Weekend Utah 2019 furlock homes. i want to say that the con was probably the absolute best time ever. i know ive said this a hundred times (at my irl stuff with family and freinds) but i still cannot beleive that out of all cons out there.. my absolute favorite of all furries and artist ever, went to the one and only con ive ever been too.

    It was absolutely amazing to meet someone ive never thought i would meet and i will cherish his art i bought from him.

  18. The audio with your fursuit head is perfectly fine. It unavoidable is most cases and I personally fine it odd to see someone talking in fursuit, but their voice isn't muffled at all.

  19. Your audio being muffled by the fursuit head?

    Try wearing a gas mask without a voice diaphragm and see how muffled you are then …

    ((This is not a hate comment or anything …I am just saying ))

  20. I’ve meet some amazing furries outside of cons and it was great. I just went to my first furry convention and being able to eat some furries after and it was honestly great. I’ve gotten that con depression but I’m thankful and happy that I’ll see those friends again

  21. I felt the same way about seeing you again at the airport after AC 2018. It such a nice reassurance you can still be connected to the fandom even outside a big convention. Can't wait to hopefully see ya again at a future con. 🙂

  22. i was at pier 39 in CA i was with my parents and i saw this what i presumed to be a furry wearing a purple dragon kigu with a badge of their character. i didnt say hi due to parental presence.

  23. Man dude seeing you have all these great times with friends makes me sad cause I still looking for friends that are also furrys to hang out with and talk

  24. If humans dress up as animals and it’s called a furry… what’s it called when an animal dresses up as a human? :0

  25. I just sent this message to my friend who doesn't know that I'm a furry: "Trying to find a commission for a fur suit of Mittens. Wish me luck I don't get

    scammed and when I ask my parents if I can buy it (with MY money) they won't give

    me the weirdest look ever and say: "No, I didn't raise no b((((!"

    R.I.P. I don't know how she'll react ;-;

  26. sees twitter post, RUNS TO YOUTUBE TO WATCH IMMEDIATELY, bit gets stopped by an ad (angry wuffderg intensifies)

  27. Every day is an Airport Con day for me, then again it may just be that I work at a major airport. Don't know how many furries I see there by I have a friend who's a Klingon that we've known each other before either of us worked at the airport.

  28. After AC, Ennex, Figgy, Adler, Toad and I all met up at a Starbucks and just had a chat over some coffee and sammiches. Well… a croissant and a matcha frappuccino in my case, I really like green tea :9

    I get really shy in a big group setting and have trouble edging my way into conversations, so just having a nice casual chat before hitting the road like that was really nice for me… probably nicer than most of the convention itself was, to be honest. I'm just not all that outgoing ^^;

  29. My outside of fandom environment mainly includes my close friend (who used to be a fur) introducing me to another furry and we’re trying to uncover all the furs at my school. There are 3 suspects so far.

  30. Can I request something??

    Please read this Beta or Maverick…

    Can you make this a gaming channel too or make another account of gameplay??

    I'm not saying that you're bad at explaining I just want to request this so that if you lose something like you don't have any thing to say or topic in your videos….
    Please give my request or no its okay if you're not gonna do what I said….
    Keep up the good work and "STAY LIFE JACKET!" everyone….

  31. I live in a place where the cons are so far away, but it's WAY cheaper to drive. Like, Furnal Equinox is the only one in my country that's close enough, 4hrs, and even still it's so far

  32. This was a few months ago but i think maybe a little before AC there was an Itty Bitty furcon in my hometown and I was working the last night of the convention at a fancy pizza restaurant. I had wanted to go to the con/hoped my fursuit would be ready in time for it but nope, which was okay! It was kinda slow at work and two guys walked in and they looked a little out of place considering the usual customers. Then i saw their badges! Two wolves if i remember! They were thinking about what they wanted to get and inside i was so happy! I didn't expect to meet any furries at my work and there they were right in front of me! I made sure i was the one to take their order and after it was finished I talked to them about IBFC and snuck a little note with their receipt on the pizza box telling them my telegram and social media saying we should talk! Im 17 and they were adults but it was such a beautiful coincidence! We were pretty awkward at the restaurant and we only talked for a little while on telegram but i was excited to meet some new furry friends! I don't know if or when I'll see them again but it was great lol

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