Funny guy makes Royal Guard Laugh at Buckingham Palace

yeah, yeah you might go around him, yeah. You just cant touch him We’re in this thing together, right? Dammit. (Cameraman) Little closer. We were together in school, me and him, He went his own way. *Laughs in background* Instead of standing here. (Cameraman) Okay. I’ve known him for a couple minutes. (Cameraman) So how long have you known this man? 30 years. (Cameraman) 30 years you’ve been together and you went to school where? At school? Kensington. (Someone behind camera) Hogwarts
*laughs* (Cameraman) You visit Kensington together? Yes. (Cameraman) and uhh, (Cameraman) You learnt, (Cameraman) Did you learn martial arts together? Yes. (Cameraman) and…
(Man) He had a nice sword. (Cameraman) Well? I know him. He was.. He was never talkative. I remember at school, he used to sit by himself and read books. I was just this guy fooling around and having fun. He was just reading. You would.. You would ask him questions and he would answer with his head. Yes. No. Yes. No. What’s your name?
NO!! What? Is that a name? The shake of his head is not a name! Please say your name. And by recess, you know.. He was just this guy that was hanging out. Came his mother always picked him up from school. You know what I’m saying? The type of guy, until he was 20. His mom would pick him up from school. *crowd laughs* HA HAAAAAA!!! HE JUST LAUGHED!!!! YESS!! YEEAA!!! *various shouts and claps* *still laughing…* Yangle! Yangle! Dance for the camera! Yangle, dance for the camera! *more laughs* *royal guard resumes patrolling*

100 thoughts on “Funny guy makes Royal Guard Laugh at Buckingham Palace

  1. 1. He does not laugh, he smiles.
    2. Am I the only one here who is strongly reminded of the scene in MONTY PYTHON'S LIFE OF BRIAN where Michael Palin aka Pilate tries to make a centurion laugh?

  2. Why tf are people getting so mad about this fuck everyone including the queen if y’all find this offensive, we’re humans and are born to live and laugh, people are treating these soldiers as if they’re machines, they have a sense of humor. That’s what makes us humans so nobody should be getting mad for doing what humans do by nature, laugh.

  3. RIP this queens guard cause if they get caught laughing they have to lay big fine like hundreds of dollars

  4. Fairly average looking guy probably never had so many women comment on how handsome he was until this video. I guess showing your human is sexy. Hope he got laid from it.

  5. I know him in real life. He isn’t a guard anymore as of a couple months ago (March 2019). As a result of this video, all that happened was his pay being cut a good bit for a month.

  6. The queen chopped his head off for this ☹️

    Then ate him 😢

    Poor guy…

    He’s was faithful and devout to the queen for years
    All he had to do was act like an Android and give up all humanoid emotions like laughter,
    for just one more day to get promoted to the west wing,
    but he failed 🙁

    All because someone made him smile 🙁

  7. You are NOT allowed to get that close to the Palace Guards. If anything, the guard would have been fired not for breaking character, but for letting someone get so near. When I was in high school, the school band went to London during a summer trip, and they were talking about it when they came back. One of the girls got too close to one of the guards, and he treated it as an attempted attack (as, being security, they are required to do, as their duty is to protect the royal family at all costs).

  8. To those saying he got fired or something, not true. The penalty if they do something like laugh is they lose a week's pay over it if caught

  9. You Know He Can Be Kicked From The Guard Or Lowe His Pay Or Even In Some Case Made To Attend Changing And Do Guard Duty With Out Pay.

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