15 thoughts on “Funny Beach Hypnosis – Post Hypnotic Suggestions

  1. Hey Tetrisfan, I usually stay clear of them because they're a little cliche, but yes, they are real. I'll see what I can do 🙂

  2. I am aware that Hypnosis is a fetish, however, that's not the reason I upload these videos or do Street Hypnosis. People can watch them for whatever reason they like, but I do it because it fascinates me.

    Trust me, there are much easier ways of meeting guys than posting Hypnosis videos on youtube.

  3. Is there any chance you can go back in and supply captions? With the noises from the camera person and incidentals from the wind, most of what's being done can't be heard.

  4. That really helps tremendously, Amy. I'm guessing from this and your other videos that you're primarily using the built in mic in your video camera. Unless you have total control of your environment, like a closed, indoor set, those things seem to pick up every sound that you don't want them to. 🙂 You might want to add a shotgun or boom-mic with a wind cover when you're out and about. Your YouTube audience (and any folks who buy your DVDs of this footage) will truly appreciate it.

  5. I actually have a mic on the way, so hopefully you'll be able to hear me in future videos :). Thanks for your advice Michael!

  6. Amy you need to come to america and do this inseattle , inwould drive all the way to seattle just for you to hypnotize me !!

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