I’m max Dealing with frustration, feeling like I am wasting years in captivation of anger with me facing backwards, walking straight into a nightmare’s chamber caved in on me screaming, waiting impatiently I see myself in paintings plainly being in pain, I think these paintings say basically these are the future days for me, my main campaign and shamefully cause maybe it’s my destiny to be destitute and not rest in peace, the best of me has ceased to be ending with no victories, an entity that was meant to be nothing but a dumb youtuber. Basically what I am saying is being a youtuber or even just an average human being in general that isn’t doing anything really great in life. It’s kind of frustrating and makes you want to swallow a frag grenade sometimes, but listen guys, don’t swallow that frag grenade. Frustration is fleeting, maybe you’ve got a test or an exam and all your studying material doesn’t make a lick of sense. It makes you want to pull your eyes out. Or you are working for a job that you’re terribly overqualified for and getting underpaid at even though you could do your boss’s job infinitely better than they could. Or you’ve got a dying youtube channel that’s too more of it and serious for casual viewers to want to watch and when you try something different you begin to alienate your hardcore fan base and then when you try to appeal to them people tell you that you’re boring and you don’t do anything different to where no matter what you do you’re always failing at something so hard you’d rather be giving 50 cent blowjobs to big black men with cock so huge your mouth splits open whenever they go balls deep down. Hey, sorry the video is so short. I had another video prepared but I completely scrapped it and had to make this one fresh out of the womb because I am starting to find I keep spending a lot of my time writing huge long scripts with over 20 minutes of content but then whenever I read through them I realize I am starting to repeat things I’ve already said in other videos or I am not really doing anything entertaining in them I’m just talking and not just talking but talking about things that aren’t even interesting. There’s nothing about video games, movies, music, TV shows, news, drama, or anything even remotely amusing about them unless you can a hundred percent relate to my experiences which you can pretty much do with any friend you talk to, so what’s the point of watching a youtuber if you can just talk to a friend. I guess unless you have no friends then maybe, I’m okay. But my videos are not tutorials, reviews, cover stories, skits, or shitposts. It’s literally just like listening to some dude voiceover a transcript of a therapy session. At least that’s what I found. Now I will try to mix them with stories or philosophy or science or motivation or even creepy ARG-type performances. But every time I do, I’m always seeing comments claiming “It’s just filler.” or “Get to the point.” or “This is too real, it’s unwatchable.” and every time I ignore those comments my views drop. So then I finally take the advice of those comments and whenever I release a new video with the hopes that it’s going to be better because it fixes the problems people had with the previous one. It just causes even more problems, and views continue to drop, fluctuating differently every time it’s still reaching nowhere near my goals. So then it’s like “What the heck am I doing wrong” and then of course I continue to take different kinds of advice, always changing something and always failing. I do want to apologize, by the way, I know I make a big deal about views when it seems like I shouldn’t. I should be focusing on just making the greatest piece of art I can for both you and me, but I can’t quite explain how detrimentally important they are, not just financially but specifically inspirationally, like even if I was getting paid enough to live with the bare minimum, which I’m not that still doesn’t take away from the fact that I’m essentially pouring my life into something that doesn’t feed fuel or reward me creatively. It makes me want to go off and do something else that will. Like let’s say you create a masterpiece that can substantially change every single person that watches it, but it only gets ten views and then let’s say you release a ten-second shitpost of filming yourself on the toilet that took a minute to make and upload and it gets 10 million views and then the next week you make another masterpiece but this time it gets 9 views and then you make another shitpost the week after that and it gets 20 million views. You’re not gonna wanna make those masterpieces are you? You want to make those shitposts because that’s what you’re being rewarded for. Now of course it’s not actually that insanely ridiculous for me but it surely feels that way. Like I put up an 18 second video telling my Dad I love him and it has more views than any of my last 5 uploads with one exception, the one exception being a video of me responding to comments See, what I mean? That’s of course not to say those other videos are masterpieces but I did spend 30 to 40 more hours on them than I did the 18 seconds it took to make the video with my dad or the afternoon it took to make a video responding to comments. That’s one example. There are so many many many more, but it doesn’t matter anyways this channel is relatively irrelevant. It’s like to go is a much better quote-unquote “depression channel” than this one.
In fact MamaMax was never supposed to be a “depression channel”, it just turned into that because my videos with depressing topics got the most views so I just made more of them.
I wanted this to be more of a channel that shows how stupid something is, like jobs or money or capitalism or terrorism or mosquitoes or loneliness but then after my loneliness video blew up. It’s all like, “hey can you make more loneliness videos” and I was like “yeah alright” Because people seem to watch it. I’ve gone too long not knowing what I want to do about it. Until now, I want to make hentai reviews. toodles Just kidding, I’ll just try to make good videos and hope you like it. Thank you for watching.
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  1. What I like about your videos is the brutal honesty of the human condition. That is what people want, or at least those who want to face this stuff. I thank you for your work. I don't know what to tell you about "views". I hope for one.

  2. I personally think you make great videos already. I love and recommend them to friends depending on the topics. A few of them were helpful to me personally.

  3. I'm sorry I haven't been able to watch your videos lately Max. I've just had my own frustrations to handle. Still, your videos are good, love ya.

  4. Mama bless! Your number of views is my goals lol. And you know the saying, "all you need is 1000 true fans, and you'll be successful" or something like that.

  5. I'm not a YouTuber so I'm not really sure how much value my input on something like this could possibly be…. But my advice to you would be, as glib and unhelpful as it may be, to try your best not to obsess about what you think the audience wants. Make video's you like making, videos that make you passionate about making them. Even if it's just shitposting.

  6. I relate to what you are saying. I hope that fact has some value to you because that is probably the best you can hope for in life in the end. We want rewards or payoffs for our "greatest" work right ? I have struggled with these ideas my whole life and I am old now. Nobody gives a shit about my greatest work. Sad truth. You are more talented, but don't bet on it. And even if people cared about your greatest work in the past it would become pathetically empty to you, for it would not be who you are now or were ever. Do I have an answer? No, but You keep talking because I sense meaning in there.

  7. i really really love psych2go and your channel and i frequent them both but i feel like the videos you make are more relatable and have more "depth" or emotion, although psych2go does a good job explaining similar topics, yours seem to be more relatable and personal and i love the videos you make❀❀

  8. After watching your videos, I feel like we have the potential to be good friends. So genuinely, drop a message if you ever wanna chat

  9. lesson to Quran it will make you feel so calm and start thinking about what's your life really about and what your expected to do

  10. Frustration.png

    Frustration.exe is running. Its also taking up 95% of current memory and processesing capacities…

  11. I love you, Max. You are beautiful and I love your content, no matter which content you make. Because you are important to me and somehow I’ve attached myself to you as a person, though not knowing you personally.
    You provide a family with your fans and I hate to come here now like this:

    I need help

    I need help saving someone close to me that I love. I’ve never felt like this person has and I don’t know how to help them…anybody who is willing to offer an ear could very well help me save a life. I don’t know what to do and I’m desperate.
    Much love, thank you.

  12. My opinion is to do what you think works. Discuss topics that you feel need to be discussed. Because I don't think i'm just speaking for myself when i say that i'm more inclined to click on a video with a more relevant title, rather than a short video with a half assed appearance. And I'd like to think that thats enough to bring up your views but i know its not so I really hope you find what works. All I can say os what I like or think. Your videos have touched me by being comforting and bluntly honest, which isn't very common. So I hope my small contribution helps. Good luck.

  13. I'm sorry to feel that you're feeling this way. But, just remember that worth isn't determined by internet points. What matters most is that you enjoy your work and that you're putting your passion into them.

    max please keep being real it makes my day
    when i heard that it made me very angry being real is rare on youtube so thank you for being yourself

  15. Your content is great…just my opinion πŸ˜€ I can totally relate to this 😐 the worst thing about frustration is…it'll be there for a lifetime…which totally sucks

  16. Your videos are great. Do what makes you happy because there are people out there that can relate. If you try to make everyone happy, you'll make no one happy.

  17. βœ¨πŸ’ŽπŸ’Žβœ¨πŸ’ŽπŸ’Žβœ¨

  18. Hey man if you there… I found this channel some mounts ago this channel… even though I never can fully understand you… but you made me understand me… and let go of my past depression
    My life view is that no matter how small or big you’re you can always effect people life in small ways that has a big impact in the long run…
    you can be the difference of millions of people enjoyment in the future… maybe because of something small you did or say…

    Well I’m maybe just talking rubbish… anyway I hope you have something that keep you mood up!

  19. don't change stay real to yourself and your real fans that understand you those are the most loyal fans you will have

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