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Hi! Hi Sunaina! Come! Come! You are an young mother right?
How are you so happy without being frustrated? I will get frustration with
these kinds of talk only. I do not get it just like that. If I am a young mother
Should I be frustrated? Come inside! You all come inside. You came? Come! Here! Take tea. Come here! Come Mahesh. Cameraman Bhasha, you too take it. Drink it! In the last episode, when
I made my son sit here, my boss said ” if you make your son
sit near the gas I will kill you”. That’s why I put my son to
sleep inside and I sat here. What did you say? Should
a young mother be frustrated? Why should she be? So, just because the baby
has come into your life, everything is new, everything has changed,
in that thought should we get frustration? If something is different from
routine should we be frustrated? Why should we be? How peaceful the time of planning is the
baby will be that peaceful in the 9 months. Yet, these gangs which are around us, they will leave us frustrated. They discuss if it is a girl or a boy. That is one frustration. Are the developments good monthly? Is the child kicking properly? How many times is she punching you? How many times is she sneezing inside. They will frustrate us asking
these kinds of silly questions. They say don’t eat too much,
eat healthy, eat very little. First you get a clarity. Should I eat more or less?
Should I even eat or not. Spoiling our brains with half knowledge. Crossing all the hurdles we
will come to the 9th month, those scanning, doctors, etc.
between as those chaos. In that 9th month they will show
colors saying it is a normal delivery, in the end they will cut it
saying C Section. How much trauma would there be? Still she would not get frustrated. After the C section postnatal
depression would come for sure, already the young mother is in
so much pain, The people around us are like, It is a girl. Oh! is it a girl?
We thought it would be a boy! If it is a boy, Oh! Is it a boy?
a house should have goddess Lakshmi! It’s not even 21st day here, You are already talking about
the second or third baby. You give birth and raise you will know,
you give birth and raise you will know.. how difficult it is. Two or three, they need to have
someone to accompany them.. To the social insecurities we already have,
saying accompaniment, crap, etc. We are making them
dependents since childhood. Why should kids have a company? Why
should they have each others company? In this order if we grow their dependency, tomorrow if they want to stay
alone, they will get scared. Won’t they get that situation? Do all the siblings stay united
and do..? How many of them fight like crazy? Don’t spoil young mothers
brain with half knowledge. I am telling to you people only. After delivery, with so much
hardship we will raise our children. If the child drinks too much
milk it is a problem. if she drinks less milk too,
it is a problem. They will say hit her, wake her
up and make her drink the milk. How will we hit an infant
I don’t understand? Should drink milk these many times, should
pee so many times, go to potty so many times. Are there certain rules?
I did not study in any book. Why do you push your
half knowledge on us, on young mothers. On the other hand she is not
even 3 months old and you are already having discussions
about the mothers physique. Oh my god! you have become
very fat after delivery. What else will I become after delivery? In which country immediately after delivery
they will become thin, I don’t understand. Here, there, everywhere they
will get fat after delivery. It’s common. To reduce that fat, we have to
struggle a lot. Look at me, before video and
after video, you will know it. Like that after delivery,
months will pass by. Here, due to lack of synchronization between
the mother and the baby,it is a trauma, that is an understanding gap. How? She doesn’t sleep in the
night, she sleeps in the daytime. How will she drink milk or else
what if we start outside food. It’s an impossible task after
6 months outside food. One says feed rice cereal another
one comes and says give Dal rice. Another sister will come and say.. Hey! For kids you have to start
all the vegetables, you know? If you don’t start now, they will not eat at
all.. like that, they give free suggestions. Few will say mix the rice tight, few say mix the rice loosely. Few say give healthy and organic food only. Few others will give another suggestions. Whom should we believe?
Whom should we follow? To know if that infant likes
any taste or not, first we should introduce
taste to that baby, right. That is one headache. After that, if the children
are not eating properly, Children who eat nicely are different. If they don’t eat properly
that is another tension. For young mothers, rather than their own
tension, the tension which people give.. “Did your daughter eat today? No, she
did not eat much today I don’t know why. Really! Didn’t she eat? If she
doesn’t eat one meal, they will lose 100 grams of weight
do you know that? Telling that, they will
give free suggestions. What will happen if she
doesn’t eat one meal? If they don’t have two
meals what will happen? After one year, I am telling you.. Kids, if they don’t eat one week at a
stretch still nothing will happen. They have that inbuilt capacity, resistance. First of all we don’t have much knowledge. It’s known from 10 different places. Those doctors will also
give one opinion each. In addition to that these neighbors. My daughter started walking
in the 7th month only! My son started running in
the 9th month, you know? My daughter in the 8th month itself
she started saying mom, aunt, grandpa she will speak all the existing languages. What else? Get her married in her 10th
year, she will give birth to kids also. Why that comparison? My daughter coughed so many times,
my son went to potty so many times, my daughter went to pee so many times. Oh God! Your daughter dint go?
Then there is some abnormality. If she doesn’t sit, do we
have to make them sit forcefully? If not the 6th month in 8th month
the baby will sit, what is there in it? Unless and until the mother feels the baby
is normal, everything should be normal. If suppose god forbidden if
any abnormalities are visible, doctors are there to treat. Day before yesterday I went to a hospital. I should share this. I saw it very interestingly. Don’t trust! Saying so, they gave
the name os a website, a search engine. Don’t trust that. Instead
os that, trust doctors. Don’t search in that.
Instead of that, ask doctors. If everyone becomes a doctor, we
can do our deliveries ourselves. Comparisons, if it is a boy or a girl. From looks to personality.
If the baby is thin… Your daughter is very thin, make her a bit healthy. She doesn’t
look like a one year baby. Why? Doesn’t she eat anything? Another four times.. another four,
six, eight times how will they eat? Don’t you have a conscience? Do you know because of this
pressure we shout at the infants? That is a trauma for them. If they don’t get the mother’s touch,
father’s touch and happiness. That is the trauma for them not
the food. Do you know that? Get to know that first. Before giving suggestions to someone else. Let’s think the baby is bit healthy. For example, let us think the child born to me
is a bit healthy since I look a bit healthy. Oh god! I think your baby
is on the obesity side. Please you should consult the doctor
or tomorrow she will have obesity. Why will it come? She is a little chubby. Once she starts walking, she will run
and reduce or something she will do. When the obesity has to come it will come.
Why are you tensed from now? Few people say don’t restrict
and feed everything. From now only you have to restrict.
What is that proverb.. If it doesn’t bend as a plant,
would it bend as a tree? From now you have to restrict otherwise
you will have a problem in the future, say a few others. For everything it’s a problem. If they cry it’s a problem, if
they don’t cry it’s a problem. If the baby is dull and calm, they say
your baby looks very dull and silent. If she throws everything here and there, oh god! your baby is very hyperactive
how are you bearing her? You decide first, how should one
be, what you want to talk, you and your silly suggestions. Young mothers who get frustrated
by their own self are very less. There are many who get frustrated
because of the situation, influence and nonsense
words by people around. Motherhood is not meant to be frustrated. From the day we conceive, we stay
relaxed, we do talk to the baby as well. If we do these things the other
sisters and elders say Didn’t we raise our children in our days?
What will that 3 months old understand? How do you know? If she
is able to understand or no? The mother knows and the daughter knows,
I am not doing anything wrong, right? I am not showing any
dramatic episodes, right? I am talking properly only, right? Then what is the problem?
What’s wrong if I talk properly? When you watch stupid movies
in front of kids that is not wrong, Talking to the baby when it’s in the
womb and teaching them good words, after the baby comes out, to
then raise the infant properly, for that going to a course, thinking
about it or taking a step ahead that is wrong. That is why our country is
like this not just like that. And who gave the definition that after being
a mother you should dress traditionally? That’s why I wore this wantedly
Do you know that? Why? Don’t we have rights?
You will write on that too? Which rule is that way? Who said it? What are you comfortable
with, you should wear that. I am not even saying to wear short clothes. I am not even saying to
cover yourself totally, what is your personality
you should be like that. The advise I am giving young
mothers is that If you are yourself, then only you can
raise your child the best. Thinking I should change for the world,
if I change only I can take care of my baby. In that frustration you might
even end up hitting your child. Just be yourself, be happy,
to hell with the world. Just go with your instinct
you have a brain right? Listen to your brain and heart and do that. But, do 100 percent justice
to your motherhood. Don’t cheat yourself and feel guilty. Then why would you get frustration? Your baby and you know how to raise. Who is that experienced person
who will come and say? And, every kid is different. If ever again, you compare
your baby with others or if anyone tries to say about
your baby and you listen to them. I will have to come to
your house and hit you. Now, you will put abusive
comments on this? Fine. I am seeing everything. The fuss
you are doing under every video is.. The people who encourage and keep
positive comments, I salute them. The people who keep negative
comments I will not even care. Still you will keep? Fine. Do whatever
you want, but like share and subscribe. Enjoy motherhood. I do not know if you will become a mother
again and again but, In these situations if you become
a mother at least once, that feeling of enjoying the motherhood and
being with the baby is entirely different. First, 5-6 years leaving everything
and only enjoying with the baby, that bonding itself is different. What do you say? As far as I know in frustrated
woman episodes, this is the second or third
episode I am smiling in the end. Tea is amazing. Bye!

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